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Google Map & Satellite Maps

Updated on May 11, 2011
Tokyo Google Map Marker
Tokyo Google Map Marker

Google Mapping

I know there are many hubs that already talk about Google Maps in good detail but I wanted to share my knowledge of this free service and also promote my own website for satellite maps. Google Maps is a great way of getting detailed street maps of any location because it is compiled of accurate data received from images beamed back to earth from space via satellites surveying the landscapes and taking multiple photographs.

Although the maps created by the Google software are not real time they are constantly updating and markers such as the one shown in the Tokyo photograph above need to be in place to help the satellite navigate around the globe.

Even though you can access the Google Map function directly from signing into your Google account many people are not that internet savvy to have registered an account so they use a Google Maps mobile app or simple type or search for the address. The traffic niche for people still searching manually for Google Maps means that people struggle to find what they are looking for and this is why I created my own satellite maps archive linked here: Gopgle Maps

Photo courtesy of heiwa4126

Hybrid Overlay
Hybrid Overlay

Google Street Maps

A new addition has been added to Google street maps that combines the traditional map with the satellite maps and creates a 'hybrid' overlay which I believe is useful because you get to see the surrounding landmarks but also get a clearer route for map directions.

Photo courtesy of telendro

MSN Satellite Images
MSN Satellite Images

MSN Satellite Maps - UK Maps

Since chairman of Microsoft heard about the success of Google Maps he also wanted to improve the MSN functionality for satellite mapping services and in 2005 announced the release of MSN 'Virtual Earth'. I logged into my hotmail account in anticipation of trying the Microsoft version and it is in fact powered by Bing Maps which provided me with equally resolute satellite images of my street map, although the photo looked around a year old!

One thing I will say about the navigation of Bing maps is that it wasn't overly clear where to find the satelite images because you only had a tiny tool bar button that popped down when you clicked on Birdseye to change the viewing method.

Photo courtesy of telendro

Google Maps Mobile

If you have a Google account you can sign in, navigate to account settings and scroll to the bottom where it says 'Try something new'. Select 'Go mobile' in the bottom right hand corner of the page that appears, from here you are given the option to send any Google app to your phone, include Google maps mobile.

Additionally you can checkout the mobile version of my satellite mapping directory, it has travel hubs from some of my favourite hubbers including Free Camping Aussie and Ken R Abel.

Photo courtesy of puatron

Google Map Street View

When I first used Google Map street view functions to find a potential employers headquarters it returned results with a panoramic view of the houses in the street, however Google have now released the '3D map street view' that has rendered representations of buildings in well populated areas and above we can see an example of San Francisco Bay from the Island of Alcatraz.

Photo courtesy of Simone Riccardi


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