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Grand Cayman Hotels, Resorts & Condos

Updated on August 28, 2011

There are many choices for where to stay in Grand Cayman; it really comes down to your budget and the type of vacation experience you are looking for.

The most developed area in the Grand Cayman is along Seven Mile Beach where there are endless resorts, hotels and condos to choose from. For example, the Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman and the Marriott Grand Cayman Beach Resort are two very popular, high class hotels along this stretch of beautiful beach.

Boutique Hotels provide a charming alternative for accommodation in Grand Cayman. The Reef Resort, situated on the East End of Cayman, is a perfect location for a destination beach wedding, and it was the perfect setting for my beach wedding in February 2008!

Vacation Rentals, such as the Sea Lodges at Cayman Kai, are becoming increasingly popular for families or couples on a budget who might be looking for a “home from home” beach vacation. Located on the North Side of Grand Cayman, the Sea Lodges really are situated perfectly to experience pure relaxation in the Grand Cayman, although being about a 45 minute drive from Georgetown, a rental car is an absolute must.

For anyone considering a beach vacation on the beautiful island of Grand Cayman, here is some further information on these hotels, resorts and condos, including my personal reviews of The Reef Resort and Kiwi Kai Vacation Rental. I have also included my personal review of McCurleys Car Rentals.

Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman
Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman

The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman

The Ritz-Carlton hotel provides luxurious hotel accommodation to visitors seeking relaxation and escape.

Surrounded by first-class restaurants and splendid views of the Seven Mile Beach, the Ritz-Carlton is popular for it’s luxurious spa and exceptional resort ambience.

Discover more about the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman, by watching the clip on the right.


The Marriott Beach Resort Hotel Grand Cayman

The Marriott Beach Resort Hotel in Grand Cayman is particularly known for it’s charming Caribbean feel and an incredible Customer Service that you would expect from Marriott Hotels. Also located along Seven Mile Beach, the Marriott Grand Cayman is a luxurious hotel that offers an unforgettable island escape.

Discover more about the Marriott Beach Resort Hotel, Grand Cayman, by watching the clip on the right.


Accommodation at the Reef Resort, Grand Cayman
Accommodation at the Reef Resort, Grand Cayman
Feed the fish off the dock at the Reef Resort
Feed the fish off the dock at the Reef Resort
My wedding bouquet, lying on the white sand at The Reef Resort
My wedding bouquet, lying on the white sand at The Reef Resort

My Review of the Reef Resort, Grand Cayman

"We couldn’t have asked for a more spectacular Wedding Day, the weather was perfect and we had the beach almost entirely to ourselves! All of the staff at the Reef Resort were very friendly and went out of their way to make our Cayman Island Wedding so special. Linda took care of all the details and put everything together for us, walked us through possible locations to perform the Wedding Ceremony, and arranged a meeting with Rev. Meghoo, such a nice man, very friendly and sincere.

Our small beach BBQ in the evening was a great success; with our own Chef and Server plus the attention of the Reef Resort's Restaurant Manager to ensure everything went smoothly. It was a great setting with candles and tiki torches lit as the sun went down... for us it was simply the perfect Cayman Island wedding!

The Reef Resort itself is spectacularly clean and well maintained. We stayed in a Ground Floor Deluxe Studio which was perfect for the two of us; we walked straight out onto the sand. Although we expected a full maid service just twice a week, we were pleasantly surprised that our Maid visited every single day and left our room spotless each time. She did such a wonderful job that not a grain of sand could be found on the floor! The Air Conditioned Room kept us nicely cool, as the temperature ranged from about 24-29 degrees Celsius each day, but it was so pleasant to walk out of our patio door and feel the immediate warmth of the sun with a cool breeze, and to enjoy coffee and breakfast on our balcony, overlooking the beautifully romantic Caribbean Sea.

For the most part, the Reef Resort was superbly quiet and tranquil, with light entertainment at the Beach Bar in the evenings. We didn’t see the Barefoot Man but our friends went to see him and enjoyed the show.

We were so pleased that we rented a car and had the independence to explore the island. We were excited to try out the restaurants which we had heard so much about! Our first taste of local Caribbean food was Rankin's Jerk Center. It is located in Bodden Town very close to the school, and looks just like a house with a sliding window where they take orders. There are no signs outside but it can be recognised by picnic tables and a ceramic cow in the front garden! However, it must be tried if you want to enjoy the local food. The Jerk Chicken was so good we went back there a second time. The Lighthouse was by far the best Restaurant in our opinion, and we ate there on three occasions including Valentine’s Day. It was an amazing setting for our Caribbean honeymoon! The service and food there were impeccable, with a magnificent ocean view.

There are several options for eating less expensively; the grocery store across the street from the Reef Resort is well stocked with all the basics; coffee, cereal, fruit, milk etc. They also have a hot buffet – for C.I.$5.00 you can load up with Jamaican Patties, plantains, BBQ chicken…whatever happens to be available that day. They also have cooked rotisserie chickens available. Also, you can use the barbeques located on the beach to cook your own food. Especially good if, like us, you don’t have a full kitchen with stove. There are also larger grocery stores nearer to Georgetown but we didn’t feel it necessary to go there.

We ventured up to Rum Point one day but after the seclusion and relaxation of the Reef Resort, we found it a little overcrowded with people! It was certainly a beautiful spot with crystal clear water, and what looked to be some interesting places to eat. However, we journeyed down to the marina for lunch at Kaibo’s which was quieter and more relaxing.

The snorkelling off the dock at the Reef Resort was very easy and lots to see. We found that if you walk to the resort next door and then snorkel back to the Reef then there is little swimming effort required as the current will gently take you back, giving you chance to take in all the sights. One night we took dive lights and did just that; it was incredible what we were able to see it was just like lighting up an aquarium….caribbean reef octopus, moray eels, crab, tarpin, puffer fish etc.

We had a great time shopping in Georgetown one day. It was very busy with people from the Cruise Ships so be sure to check with the front desk before you go and they will tell you how many ships are expected each day. We didn’t go further up to Seven Mile Beach – we decided to go back to the Reef and enjoy a beautiful beach all to ourselves!”

We had a professional DVD slideshow made of our Cayman Island Wedding by the wonderful team at "Make Me a Movie". A sample of our fantastic movie can be viewed on their website.


Home from home; Kiwi Kai is the blue one
Home from home; Kiwi Kai is the blue one
Our View from Kiwi Kai Sea Lodge
Our View from Kiwi Kai Sea Lodge

My Review of Kiwi Kai Sea Lodge, Cayman Kai, Grand Cayman

"We are planning to go back to Kiwi Kai Sea Lodge for a second vacation because we loved it so much the first time around.

It is a condo-style vacation home situated on the North Side of Grand Cayman Island. It does take about 45 minutes to get to the sea lodge from the airport in George Town, but we wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle of George Town and stay in a quieter location. Staying at Kiwi Kai gave us the perfect relaxing vacation that we were looking for. It has one bedroom with a King-size bed that was so comfortable, a full kitchen with all the amenities we could wish for to make it a home-from-home vacation, and a comfortable living room with a sofa bed that would sleep an extra 2 guests if needed. The living room was loaded with books, games, dvds and cds to to really enhance our stay.

The great thing about Kiwi Kai is that it is location just steps away from a gorgeous beach that is hardly ever occupied! At most, there was only 4 to 6 people on that stretch of beach at any given time. Now, the beach isn't quite as pristine as Seven Mile Beach (which is the most popular beach, located in George Town) but it is still very beautiful indeed. I preferred to give up the crowds and go with the quieter stretch of beach. It can be a little bit rocky in places so it's advisable to wear footwear on the beach. The snorkelling is just incredible right off this beach and one of the previous guests had even drawn out a snorkelling map to show the best spots to get in and out of the water.

The property managers and owner of Kiwi Kai did a great job of making us feel comfortable and were always on hand when we needed them. In fact, for $20, on of the ladies on site will do your grocery shopping for you if you give her your shopping list. We actually emailed our grocery list before we went on vacation and arrived to a full stocked fridge and pantry! Staying at Kiwi Kai was just like being home from home, and we can't wait to go back again."


Enjoying a drive around the island
Enjoying a drive around the island

My Review of McCurley's Car Rental

"We have used McCurley's Car Rental twice now, and are planning to use them again for our next trip to the Grand Cayman.

McCurley's have a fleet of basic cars, mostly Nissan Sentras, which are just perfect for getting around the island. The service that we get from McCurleys is exceptional; Beth Ann (also known as B.A.) greets us at the airport on arrival to Grand Cayman. She is a very happy bubbly lady and goes out of her way to make sure that you have everything you need, including maps and other local information. B.A. explained that driving is on the left in Cayman, and helped us to understand everything we needed to know to drive around the island including speed zones and the roundabout system. She also points out places of interest to go and advises on good restaurants.

After doing the paperwork and collecting our keys, McCurleys take us to our accommodation where our vehicle is waiting for us. They also offer to make stops along the way, such as the liquor store or a grocery store to pick up anything we might need. On the final day of our vacation, we simply leave our car at our accommodation and then they pick us up and transport us back to the airport. They don't charge anything extra for any of these additional services! Of course, we do offer them a nice tip because these services make everything very nice and easy when on vacation.

Overall, McCurley's offer the best car rental service on Grand Cayman and are absolutely the best value for money. We wouldn't want to book with any other car rental company on the island."


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