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Grand Country Inn: Branson, Missouri

Updated on June 9, 2016
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Ronna Pennington is a newspaper editor, journalist and freelance ghostwriter and adjunct instructor.

A thousand gallons of water pour over the indoor play set every eight minutes.
A thousand gallons of water pour over the indoor play set every eight minutes. | Source

Inexpensive Family Package Has it All

Looking to take a short family vacation on the cheap? If you are within driving distance to Branson, Missouri, here’s one you can’t pass up if you have children under age 10. The Grand Country Inn offers a variety of vacation packages that are very reasonably priced. Most importantly, it has its own indoor water park. We chose an affordable two-night stay for $318.

For about $350 after taxes, we got a room with two queen size beds adjacent to the hotel’s indoor water park, Splash Country. We requested the location but did not pay extra for it to be guaranteed. Luck was on our side! The room was clean and offered free wi-fi to guests.

Indoor Water Fun

The hotel does not limit children to age 10, but children over that age will quickly lose interest in the indoor water park. There is no indoor pool for swimming, but there is a huge play set on which children and adults can pump water, run under sprinklers, climb up rope ladders, and dump buckets of water from the top. The best part of the play set is the periodic waterfall. When you hear the bell ding, get ready! One thousand gallons of water pour out of a bucket at the top of the play-set, spilling hard onto the concrete below. Timid kids (and adults like myself) can stay on the set and simply feel a refreshing backsplash from the water fall. Brave ones hurry to the bottom to experience the brunt of the water fall.

On the back side of the play set, infants and toddlers can play in a sprinkler area and wading pool. Those areas even had lifeguards standing by! We saw plenty of adults enjoying the two indoor hot tubs while their kids played. The nice thing about Splash Country is that the indoor area is arranged so that it is easy to keep an eye on your kids as they play and plenty of lifeguard stations add to the security.

The feature my family enjoyed most at Splash Country was the Lazy River. Hop on a tube and let the gentle current push you around a leisurely loop of water. The outer area of the water park offers a zero entry pool area that isn’t deep enough for swimming, but is a fun area to lounge and cool off on a hot summer day.

For swimming, the Grand Country Inn has three swimming pools – two outdoor and one in. We visited the outdoor pool at our building. It was small but clean and gave us a chance to have some outdoor water fun. There is no lifeguard on duty at the pools, so parents must be responsible.


In addition to the indoor/outdoor water park, the Grand Country Inn also offers shows, an arcade, and restaurants. We did everything we wanted without having to leave the parking lot. The package we chose gave us a free round of indoor black light mini golf, a $10 game card to spend in the arcade, and family tickets for two shows.

We chose to spend more time in the water park, so we only saw one show. With a 9-year-old girl who loves animals, choosing the Amazing Pets show was a no-brainer. It was good family fun featuring lots of cute tricks performed by cats and dogs. Don’t be misled by the promotional posters you may see on site that include birds in the act. They may have been part of the show at one time, but we only saw cats and dogs. The show is interactive and offers children a chance to participate by telling jokes or volunteering to assist for magic tricks in between sets.

Our package included two large pizzas from Papa Grand’s. My very picky daughter approved of the pizza and enjoyed playing in the Fun Spot arcade afterward. On our last night, we stopped by the on-site fudge store for a treat.

No Weather Worries

The best thing about our visit to Grand Country Inn is that the facilities offered everything we needed despite the weather. A short stay at the beach could have easily been a wash if the weather was bad. At Grand Country, the indoor water park and arcade made it a safe choice.

Be sure to check Grand Country’s website for other specials. They offer plenty of packages year ‘round and also have optional tickets to off-site shows and nearby theme park Silver Dollar City.

Not a Paid Review

Just wanted everyone to know that I was not compensated by the hotel or the show or Branson tourism for writing this article. I'm all about frugal living and thought other parents might also appreciate knowing how to get a fun, cheap family vacation.

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    • moonlake profile image

      moonlake 4 years ago from America

      I've only been to Branson once just for a day trip. My family lives not far from there. This sounds like a great trip for a family. Voted up and shared.

    • aviannovice profile image

      Deb Hirt 5 years ago from Stillwater, OK

      Sounds like a lot of great fun for minimal cost. Thanks for the fabulous info!