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Grand Prix Travel Packages

Updated on September 10, 2013

If you are a motor racing fan you have quite possibly attended a Grand Prix event at some time or other. However, have you considered that you do not need to limit your Formula One experience to events held close to home but you can combine the excitement of viewing a Formula One race with a holiday? Because Formula One events are often held in very exciting locations such as Abu Dhabi and Monte Carlo, this type of holiday is not only attractive to Formula One enthusiasts but also other members of the family. A great way to travel to Formula One events abroad or indeed in the UK, is to order a package deal where everything is done for you. International Grand Prix packages can be booked online, or you can choose from British Grand Prix packages if you would like to holiday in the UK.


What Do You Get?

When you deal with a reputable Grand Prix package Company you will be able to customise your package to suit your individual needs and budget. Your travel, hotel and airport transfers will be included within all packages, but the method of travel can vary; for those who are not restricted by a tight budget there is the option to travel by Lear Jet, whereas families who have to look out for their expenses more can opt to travel on a commercial airline.

There is the possibility of Formula One yacht hospitality at many venues; this provides you with the opportunity to watch the Grand Prix action from a luxurious yacht berthed at the side of the track. Needless to say this is not available at all venues, but you may choose this option at both the Abu Dhabi and Monte Carlo meetings.

You can also choose to access the paddock where you will find champagne flowing freely and exceptional views of the track and race. A gourmet meal will be served by highly attentive staff to make sure the event is one that you enjoy to the fullest and remember for a very long time.

Grand Prix Packages in the UK

If you live in the UK and do not want to travel abroad you can still order a Grand Prix package for the Silverstone event. The Formula One Silverstone meeting generally takes place during the month of July every year, and UK racegoers can be sure of a great weekend of Grand Prix racing with hopefully a British racer finishing the event on the podium.

Although the Silverstone race does not afford the opportunity of watching the event from a luxurious yacht, a Grand Prix package in Britain comprises staying in one of several stately accommodations which provide VIP hospitality for all Formula One package guests. A complimentary bar is included in the package price and VIP padlock access is an optional extra.

Travel to Monaco to See the Grand Prix

The Monaco Grand Prix is the jewel in the crown of Formula One racing. Not only is it set round the streets of one of the most glamorous locations in the world, it is one of the oldest races, having first having been held in 1929.

If you can only travel to one GP event - it should be the Monaco Grand Prix, and ideally with a Grand Prix hospitality deal. Below are some interesting facts about this famous race that makes it a big hit with motor racing fans and also celebrities.

  • After racing round the narrow streets and through the famous tunnel, three-times Formula One champion Nelson Piquet said racing in the Monaco Grand Prix was "like trying to cycle round your living room."
  • Prior to 2004 there were no pit stops off the track, the teams had to push the cars to the paddock where temporary garages had been erected.
  • It is the shortest track in the Formula One calendar, of just 260,520 km, or 161,879 miles, but for this reason involves the most laps (78).
  • Two drivers have ended up in the harbour since the race began after going off course on the circuit.
  • Brazilian driver Ayrton Senna's record of six wins has never been beaten and McLaren holds the record for the most team victories, with fifteen. Their nearest rivals are Ferrari with nine.
  • The Monaco Grand Prix has the most luxurious hospitality packages in the world; offering exclusive luxury yachts as a base to watch the race.
  • The number of gear changes per lap is 62, meaning drivers change gear 4836 times during the entire race.
  • 13 may be considered unlucky for some but not in Monaco. That is the number of safety cars deployed for the Monaco Grand Prix since 2002.
  • It takes six weeks to construct the circuit and three weeks to dismantle it.
  • The Monaco Grand Prix is the only Formula One race where the winners do not stand on a podium. The presentation ceremony takes place on the steps of the Royal Box.
  • There has only been one fatality during the 84 year history of the race. In 1967 Lorenzo Bandini's car hit a hay bale, overturned and caught fire. Bandini was taken to hospital but died of his terrible burns three days later.
  • The practice session for the Monaco Grand Prix takes place on the Thursday prior to the race rather than the Friday which is the norm at the other Foruma One races. This is so the streets can be re-opened to the public on Fridays.
  • The citizens of Monaco love the excitement of the Grand Prix as they are not allowed to gamble if they are residents and they are banned from visiting any of the casinos.
  • The Monaco Grand Prix is the race all the top Formula One drivers want to win, it is considered to be the ultimate test in driving skills.

Monaco on the Map

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Monte Carlo, Monaco
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