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Great Camping Gear Means a Great Time

Updated on July 31, 2019
kenneth avery profile image

I love food and I love to cook, but sometimes, the first love takes over my second love. But not in this case.

There Was The Time

of the Excited-Camping Family. This novel idea of the family piling inside the station-wagon and loading all of their necessary (so-called) camping equipment that would surely give them a fun weekend. But it was not long until this Excited-Camping Family realized that the camping equipment that they “thought” would serve them well, caused them a lot of pain, anguish, and depressed weekends.

Why did this family, who did love camping every weekend, get so burned-out due to their camping gear which was really a case of Get-By Camping Equipment. Even the youngsters who came with the Excited-Camping Family could easily see how tacky that their tent, (a bargain-basement purchase) could literally do everything but fall completely apart before this sad family’s eyes. What a shame. What a waste on the family’s wallet.

Turns out that the once-happy Excited-Camping Family made many mistakes before their train-wreck-of-a-few-camping-weekends came to be. The dad and mom did not take the necessary-time to sit down and choose the best places in order for them to purchase the best camping equipment—tent, stove, lanterns, blankets, sleeping bags as well as coffee cups (and coffee), soft drinks and water. So into the bargain-based camping store they went and spent all but a few dollars allocated for the family’s weekend camping extravaganza's.

Long Story Short

the tent, when it was put up, tore in several places due to shabby manufacturing, the sleeping bags were not only patched in places that the store-owner did not tell the family about as well as most of the rest of this so-called “Happy Camping Weekend” budget was spent. So what was this Excited-Camping Family to do?

With obstacles came wisdom and this family sat down and took a good long look to see what they had spent their hard-earned money on to purchase good camping equipment. Then this family, now a lot wiser, visited the best brands of camping equipment with reliable stores and employees who are able to answer any and all of their camping-related questions. Now the Excited-Camping Family was happy and anxious to take their trusted camping equipment with them and have a weekend of relaxation and peace.

I know that a young married couple (with a three-year old tyke), my wife and young daughter, did go camping with a limited budget. Sure, my family and I, had several challenges as you have read in my above camping trips when we depended on the Bargain-Priced camping equipment. It was just that we let our excitement override the fact that sometimes the money you spend on what you think is a good dollar invested, is really a dollar lost, but wisdom can replace that mistake.

In time and money increased with job raises, we still bought a lot of the Bargain-Priced camping equipment and I suppose that we did get a few sad looks from the campers with expensive camping supplies, but we were happy regardless.

F&J Outdoors Canvas Tarps Truck Tarp Water Resistant UV Resistant 10 OZ Heavy Duty Tarpaulin Cover for Car Boat Camping Firewood Woodpile, 10x12 Feet, Green
F&J Outdoors Canvas Tarps Truck Tarp Water Resistant UV Resistant 10 OZ Heavy Duty Tarpaulin Cover for Car Boat Camping Firewood Woodpile, 10x12 Feet, Green
Tarpaulin's have come a long way from being just a way for trucking companies to cover their products that are sent by trailer over the road. A modern tarp is so useful as a camping tent or floor due to the sturdy fabric that can prevent almost any troublesome pests from invading your space.

Have You Slept Underneath a Tarpaulin Lately

because if you haven’t, then you haven’t found-out what the New Tarpaulin can really do for you and the Family.Time was, “tarp’s” as they were called many years, and some do today, were green, thick, and came from those Army Surplus Stores. Not anymore. Manufacturers of this finely-constructed fabric is heavy-sewn in order to keep its sturdy make-up when storms should pass by when one is sleeping underneath thie Tarpaulin Tent, that is quite wide and when a comfy floor made from those colorful, thick Country Fabric quilts, you have in reality, a home away from home.

To be completely-honest, putting up a Tarpaulin is a certain amount of work. So no push-button technology with this set-up. The amount of tent stakes depends on the size of the Tarp Tent. A normal-size family of four can purchase a regular-size Tarp Tent that can even accommodate two extra persons and have ample sleeping room, so there will not be any squeezing in or out because there will be room enough to sleep comfortably.

In The Summertime is

the best feature is how cool a Tarp Tent can be. If your Tarp Tent can be opened at each end, then a comfy night-time breeze can flow through the tent and the family and friends can be cool and sleep in peace. There is the thing about insects, but money spent on Insecticide is a good investment especially when the insecticide is a non-chemical based guard for your Tarp Tent’s inside living and sleeping area.

When I was an adult, my family and I used a Tarp Tent and found it quite comfortable and cool because we had planned to go camping when the weather called for hot days and nights, and how we appreciated this plan because at night time, when we went to bed inside our Tarp Tent, we knew that we would sleep in a cool, comfortable area.

No. Camping today does NOT have to be a expensive event. Especially when you can camp happily in a Tarp Tent.

Dependable camping gear does make for a relaxed, comfortable camping get-away. If you are an outside-loving person who loves the thrill of going to sleep under the stars and fall asleep with the varied Sounds of Nature that serenade you. No other outing can compare to “this” type of adventure whether it be solitary or by family. Actually, family-camping is seen almost everywhere when families are out for relaxation and a peaceful camping area with superb surroundings, the time has never been better than to take your family out for a weekend of fun, relaxation, and simply getting to know each other in that priceless “Family Time” that is so rare in coming in this fast-pace lifestyle of 2019.

Take the camping pleasure of owning a travel trailer that today can sleep as high as eight people. And can take most of the comforts of home traveling from camping area to the other. Talk about a fun vacation and even a economic plus, that is the vacationer of the Travel Trailer.

There are a lot of Travel Trailer and RV lots that can accommodate your particular camping needs. Some camping equipment lots can even rent an RV for a low rental cost to be paid by week or month. How can you beat this deal?

I Can Attest to The Fact

that my family and I owned a travel trailer and we loved it. Even the time in unpacking our supplies and getting our dinners and breakfasts going—hardly anything beats the wonderful aroma of bacon frying in the summer sun in the morning. And add the delicious aroma of fresh coffee, then (in my case) I had my mornings made. Of course we had the times of our lives when we could walk from our travel trailer space with full-knowledge that the security of the camping area would keep our trailer and our goods secure. That feature was so appealing to us when we did camp on the weekend.

There is nothing that can compare to the sheer thrill of loading-up with the family, and maybe a few friends, and heading for the open road to pull into one of the many camping outlets that are sometimes country-wide with hosts that are trained to meet the needs of every camping family.

Economical, fun, and a great time awaits you and your family if you love to camp by using a travel trailer.

July 30, 2019_______________________________________________________

Personal Camping Information

about my time when my family and I did camp-out so much during the summer months. As you can read in the accounts (above) of how much we loved to go camping, and of course, we had to start on the bottom (no pun intended), but even underneath a tarpaulin and sleeping on a few quilts, my wife and I and our young daughter had some priceless times and memories that we would not trade for love or money.

As I get older, I wonder: was it the good times we shared because of the camping merchandise or was it being together when we used various camping ideas? Then I have to be honest. It was a little bit of both. And we are not the least sad for those many weekends that we spent camping-out.

© 2019 Kenneth Avery


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