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Packing Tips for Your Lake Norman North Carolina Vacation

Updated on July 6, 2011

Choose Carefully for Max Results!

There is no question as to why people continue to choose vacationing in North Carolina. With the wide variety of activities from which to select, there is no end to the combinations of pastimes you can include. Whether you choose to visit the beautiful coastal beaches or the rolling mountains, you can get as far back to nature as you wish. You can also select from many different parks including Carowinds, North Carolina’s premier theme park. One place you will want to check out while in North Carolina, however, is Lake Norman.

Lake Norman, North Carolina is an enormous inland sea that’s over 34 miles long and that includes a whopping 520 miles of shoreline. The small towns located along the lake all add a great deal of character to the atmosphere with each one featuring different attractions, parks and more. Needless to say, you will not lack for something to do or see while visiting.

Now that you have decided to stay though it’s important to make sure you pack to suit your Lake Norman vacation. The first deciding factor as to what you will want to pack will be the season during which you will be visiting. For example, if you are coming during the winter you will want to be sure to pack for cold weather. Temperatures can get downright frosty in the winter time here. Summertime however can get hot and humid so pack accordingly.

While Lake Norman doesn’t have an enormous pest population the mosquitoes can be quite pesky at times. If you are flying in you might not be able to carry repellent with you, but it is best to pick some up asap once you are in the area. A good mosquito repellent can go a long way toward keeping you bite free during warm weather.

Choose your footwear according to your plans. Will you be hiking any number of the trails around Lake Norman or will you be shopping in one of the many little stores? Will you be getting out on the lake for some skiing or any other water sport where you might need a pair of swim shoes? While it may seem a bit much to pack multiple pairs of shoes, you will be able to see the benefit once you start your Lake Norman vacation. No one likes to deal with sore feet from wearing the wrong shoes on vacation!

Another consideration you might want to make will be eyewear. The sun can be quite bright here in North Carolina. A good pair of sunglasses can go a long way toward protecting your eyes from the rays of the sun. Even during the winter, glare off the snow that we get occasionally around Lake Norman can be blinding. You don’t have to pick up the most expensive pair of shades on the market. Just make sure you get a pair that is comfortable and rated to control a decent UV level.

Will you be driving a rental while in North Carolina? Make sure you have all your pertinent IDs in order and on hand so that there are no issues in the event that you are asked to present them for whatever reason. Speaking of rentals, there are many fine marinas and places around Lake Norman where you can rent boats for the day or for extended periods. Having a valid driver’s license and credit card for the deposit is typically a must for many of these establishments.

There is only one difficulty surrounding a vacation on Lake Norman NC – going home. It’s no wonder so many people opt to purchase vacation homes around the area. They can come back and visit whenever the mood strikes! There are many outstanding Realty Groups around the area that would be more than happy to help you find the perfect vacation home.

No matter whether you come back each year or decide to put down roots Lake Norman is a beautiful and exciting place to vacation. Remember to pack appropriately when you come to visit and you will be much better prepared to enjoy your time on the lake!

Lake Norman North Carolina

Roto Lift brand boat lift with Boat

Thanks to Waterjack for the great install job and photo!
Thanks to Waterjack for the great install job and photo! | Source

Thanks Guys!

When vacationing on Lake Norman, look for a marina that features boat lifts installed by the guys at Waterjack.

This outstanding company knows how to get the job done! Boats that are kept on Waterjack lifts are protected from damage by aquatic life and from getting tossed into the docks by waves from other boats.


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    • PosseSocialMedia profile image

      PosseSocialMedia 6 years ago from Charlotte NC

      Only thing about it is that the heat is killer right now!

    • profile image

      Steve Ray 6 years ago

      LOL this is what happened with my family. We came for a visit and fell in love with the state. It has a lot to offer for families n individuals alike.