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The 5 Best Restaurants in Whitehaven, Lake District for a Delicious Meal in Cumbria

Updated on July 11, 2017
Whitehaven Harbour
Whitehaven Harbour | Source

Whitehaven, Cumbria is a small town in the lake district by the sea, close to popular camping spots such as Kendal, Keswick, and St. Bees beach. It is the home of the yearly Whitehaven Festival, which attracts people from all over the country with cooking shows, boat shows, food stalls and more.

This article is about great restaurants in Whitehaven that are worth a visit during your stay in the town, including their locations, opening times, and types of cuisine. All the restaurants are within walking distance of each other.

Zest's bar is open until late
Zest's bar is open until late | Source

1. Zest

Zest is located right on the harbour, and is always a place for great food at an affordable price. The theme is traditional British food, with an emphasis on west Cumbrian cuisine, including fresh local seafood.

Similarly to a Spanish tapas restaurant, you can order half-portions and share them around, so that you can taste four or five dishes when only paying for two or three between you. The restaurant is clean, has a calm atmosphere and friendly staff. There is also a bar serving a range of drinks, and is open until 9:30pm on Wednesdays to Fridays, and until 10:00pm on Saturdays. However, the restaurant is closed Sunday-Tuesday.

Crosby's Fish and Chips
Crosby's Fish and Chips

2. Crosby's Fish and Chips

Some argue that you can't visit the seaside without having fish and chips. If this is the case for you, Crosby's Fish and Chip shop is the best place to go. It's located not far from Zest, only a few minutes' walk from the harbour. The fish is caught locally, guarenteeing a much fresher taste than most fish and chip shops. Averaging on a four-star rating on Trip Advisor, and voted the second best restaurant in Whitehaven, it's definitely worth a visit.

Anna's Cafe
Anna's Cafe | Source

3. Anna's

Anna's is a fairly new cafe/restaurant that has been expanding since it was opened. Their available dishes include savoury crepes, sweet crepes, and traditional English teas such as scones with jam and cream. It also sells fruit smoothies, coffees, teas and hot chocolate, as well as soft drinks.

It's advisable to visit Anna's for lunch or breakfast, unless you'd like to drink alcoholic beverages there, which are also available. Anna's is so popular that it is often busy, which is why the restaurant has expanded its chairs by almost twice the original amount since it opened.

Their hot chocolate is delicious, and their crepes are very filling (can be split between two people), and very enjoyable.

Casa Romana
Casa Romana | Source

4. Casa Romana

Casa Romana has been awarded an average of four stars from Trip Advisor, and been given several awards. It is an Italian cuisine restaurant located in the Whitehaven town centre.

It is a clean and friendly restaurant with good service and pleasant, homemade food. Their spaghetti carbonara, with smoked bacon, black pepper and parmesan cheese, was excellent. The prices are affordable, and it is in a convenient location just a ten minute walk from the harbour and a five minute walk from the high street shops.

Their desserts are really delicious, particularly their Baileys and Brandy snap basket. A decent restaurant at decent prices that is worth a visit in the evening.

Orchid Manor
Orchid Manor | Source

5. Orchid Manor

As Chinese restaurants go, Orchid Manor is the best in Whitehaven for real Chinese food. It is conveniently located, between the town centre and the harbour, and is a clean and friendly restaurant. There are other Chinese restaurants nearby but Orchid Manor is the best by far.

The food is authentic and a buffet is available for £12.50 per person. The glazed duck is recommended, as it is rich and tender. Orchid Manor remains a popular restaurant for both local visitors and tourists.

These suggestions are given from personal experience. There are many more restaurants in the harbour town of Whitehaven that have been voted as excellent by visitors. Whether you're in the mood for Chinese food, traditional British cuisine or Indian (there is a street parallel to the harbour that is home to a number of Indian restaurants), there is something for everyone in Whitehaven!


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