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Finding old acquaintance thanks to old books and Hub Pages!

Updated on March 7, 2012
A relaxed John enjoys his boat in the Burgundy region in France.
A relaxed John enjoys his boat in the Burgundy region in France.
Gernot, Gisela, Christopher, Susie, Will  and Sylvia enjoy dinner in the company of John (second from left) in Burgundy, France.
Gernot, Gisela, Christopher, Susie, Will and Sylvia enjoy dinner in the company of John (second from left) in Burgundy, France.
My new Kindle
My new Kindle

A short while ago I wrote a hub which I entitled "Saying goodbye to all our beloved books" and this hub is a continuation of it. My books are still all around me, as I have been unable to do anything with them. My husband and I are avid readers, but so is my mother and my sister Sonia, who live in Australia, my sister Susie, whose place of residence is Madrid and my brother Will who calls New Yord City his home. At least Susie lives in an EU country, so the cost of sending books to her would not be as expensive as sending them half way round the world to Australia. The post office has increased its prices, so now it costs €3.40 to send a 220mm (maxi size) parcel within Europe, roughly the width of a normal paperback book and €6.80 (maxi plus size) if the width is 24 mm, which is the size of a very squeezed paperback!

I complain about the post office, but one has to understand that they are also having problems, as the Internet seems to be taking over their business! People prefer to send emails instead of writing letters and birthday, Easter and Christmas cards are now sent mostly electronically. That is like the end of an era in a way, as gone are the days when one was able to collect postage stamps, which is a pity!

A few days ago I rejoiced, as the Kindle I had ordered arrived and that was like the beginning of a new era for me! I do not need to have any more bookmarks, as the Kindle keeps track of the last page I read. I like to make notes as I read, and the Kindle, of course, keeps track of those notes for me! My dictionaries also do not need to be on my desk anymore, as the Kindle allows me to search a couple of English dictionaries!

I do not need to carry kilos of books with me when I travel, as the Kindle can carry my whole collection of books for me!

It was only after I got my Kindle that I discovered that Amazon is selling more books for the Kindle than traditional paper books! I guess the Kindle is also taking business away from the post office this way, as book sellers do not need to deliver as many books as they used to do before.

A few years ago my family rented a boat to go on a river cruise in Burgundy, France, but my son accidentally bumped our boat into the one in front. We apologized to the owner and ended up having many interesting talks with the friendly English man. We ended up inviting him to come to have dinner with us and we all enjoyed the evening! Both my sister Susie and myself have kept in contact with John and a few days ago I was surprised to get an email from him talking about the book hub I had written for Hub Pages!

He expressed interest in getting my books, but unfortunately we could not count with the post office to deliver them at a reasonable price. I have his address now, so as a sign of goodwill I will now send him one of the Michael Palin books he was eyeing!


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