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The Pros & Cons of Sites Like Groupon in Singapore

Updated on June 26, 2011

Singapore the Internet Savvy Asia Country

Singapore being a highly urbanized city state is a country with a high percentage of internet users, has an above average tech savvy population compare to most parts of Asia.

This is probably why internet retail companies have set up their site targeting these affluent net citizens of Singapore.

The latest trend in Singapore's cyberspace are internet sites offering seemingly unbelievable deals on coupons that give deep discounts when used to purchase select items or pay for services related to health and beauty care.

Learn How Groupon Work by Aggregating Internet Buys to Enable Fantastic Discounts

Internet Buyer Beware

Companies like Groupon and local players like by Singapore's media company is offering unique value. However as in all "great deals" especially online ones, there's always a good reason why its still profitable for the businesses to offer them to consumers.

These internet deals sites leverages on the ability of the internet to reach the 'long tail' of internet users wants to purchase a particular product or service at a deep discount. The aggregation of like minded buyers is one of the most positive effects of these sites.

However the downside is that nearly all of these deals come with fine print clauses like short expiry dates or multiple conditions that makes it difficult to actually for buyers to enjoy the value that they have paid for.

As an example the site offers coupons that give deep discounts of sometimes up to 70% on items. The problem is that they only offer them for limited durations of 1 day with only a few deals available each day. This actually negates one of the key benefits of customers visiting an internet retail site which is the ridiculously large range of product that can be bought online and delivered conveniently to their home, which is why Amazon.Com is so popular.

Singapore Deals from

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