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Groove of life

Updated on January 4, 2015

For years I was the caregiver, sister, best friend, daughter you get the idea of my then but the life now is busy for Abuela Nana. Last year I was in Las Vegas and finished the year with being BAJA Malibu, Mexico. Traveling to the spot it the worst for me, love once I get there but going is a different thing, the pushing, rushing to get from place to place and some people can be rude. Okay about that now let’s get on to more interesting details.

Many of the shots that you will see in this article come from my families home in Mexico. My brother John and his wife Delores have redone the home in Mexico from 2 bedrooms to 5 five bedrooms and it has been a major construction. Walls have been knocked out and new shapes are reappearing everywhere you look. In Mexico skilled labor is hard to find, many say they can but few are really skilled. So, once you have one you must pay for them and keep that crew working until the project is complete. My family was blessed to have found one that they could trust and keep.

Construction is construction no matter where you go, THE DIRT is everywhere and I mean on everything even on things I just finished cleaning. The beautiful finish is what we are working for and waiting for too.

Now that things are being placed some what back into place we are now seeing things come together for today. When you have taken two empty lots and are turning them into an addition to the current house you are doing a major overhaul and cleaning project, just had to put that in again.

This picture is of the pile of construction materials that will be hauled away next week. This is the week of Christmas and moving into New Year’s so the rush is on to complete what we can get done until 2015. With many prayers and lots of showing over and over again what needs to be done before the crew can leave we are there for stoppage until next year.


Okay, 4 parties down and 4 to go until we are finished until next week. Let me say that I have been to painting parties, just because parties, dinner parties (3) of those but my most variety party in the Baja has been “The Hat Party,” this party was done the day after New Year’s and was scream. Once of my sister-in-laws friends (Rosemary) has a brother who caterer and does this party annual, it is “TO TIP YOUR HAT TO THE NEW YEAR.” Love the idea, he allows no one to bring anything he does all of the cooking, preparing of the decoration, (in his other life he produced plays) his house is loaded with all kinds of beautiful memorable and a wonderful seen from the balcony of the shoreline. We watched the sun set and get what they call the green light from the sun as it sets. I think I have a picture of it and will see if I caught it for you to see as well. Then we went to a great painting party down the lane and had a blast with this new set of friends. The party has partied me out and I need a long rest. Did I not come here to rest? Well, I’ll rest when I get back home. So my party GROOVE has grooved and grooved again. I need REST believe me I will sleep well tonight but my memories are floating around in my head of this great evening that I had before me. Retirement can be fun at times but at other times let’s have a break I know people like you both but my body came to rest before I get in the Grove of being a Abuela (Spanish for Grandmother).

Life is moving a good direction for me now in 2014 and 2015 now that I am losing weight and feeling better, so I would say that this GROVE is working me now. Now it is time to work on you my readers and just to let you know that I am here to help with removing the good from the bad in this world of many products.


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