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Gulmarg Travel Guide with Lodging and Major Attractions

Updated on December 7, 2013


The hill station town, Gulmarg locates in the Baramulla district of Jammu and Kashmir in India. Gulmarg means the 'place of roses' and therefore, known as the 'meadow of flowers.' Bestowing a cool, tranquil and peaceful atmosphere, it rests on the lap of the Himalayas encircled by forests. Christmas, Easter and the Snow festivals are the major festivals people celebrate here. Historically, it was once a favorite destination of the Mughal emperor, Jahangir. It is a major tourist spot in India.

How to get there

Gulmohar locates 55 Kilometers away from Srinagar and 125.8 Kilometers away from Sonamarg. Learn more about Sonamarg, its tourists attractions, and how to get there from the hub link capsule alongside. From Srinagar, State Transport buses and Taxi Association cars are available. It takes two hours to reach there. If one plans to travel by bus then it is important to find out the arrival and departure time to enjoy a hassle-free journey. Moreover, booking bus tickets before always helps.


Gulmarg has fewer hotels and resorts to accommodate its tourists. Besides, these hotels charge in excess. Booking a hotel before a better choice while touring to this place. However, one has the choice to travel Gulmarg early morning and return by the evening. Some of the hotels/resorts of Gulmarg along with the charges given:

  1. Hotel Alpine: This is under the Gulmarg state tourism department. It charges RS 4000 for a single bedroom and RS 7000 for a double bedroom. Three, four and eight bedrooms are also available for comfortable accommodation.
  2. Hotel Hilltop: This is a private hotel and the cost for the double bedroom ranges from RS 6,000 to RS 8,000.
  3. Hotel Welcome: The charge for a double bedroom ranges from RS 4,000 to RS 6,000.
  4. Hotel Highland Park: The charges for the double bedrooms range from RS 5,000 to RS 8,000.
  5. Hotel Royal Park: The cost of the double bedrooms range from RS 5,000 to RS 8000.



The prime attraction of Gulmarg is its natural beauty. After reaching there, one may walk around and visit the St. Mary's church, the Rani temple and the Maharaja palace. The Children's park provides the boating opportunity to tourists for a nominal entry fee. The Sufi saint's Baba Reshi Shrine lies within a walking distance from the park. Next, one may visit the highest 18 hole Golf club of the world. Golf an exciting sport in Gulmarg and people enjoy it. This club provides temporary memberships to tourists. Some of the other important attractions given below:

  • Gondola ride or Cable car: It is a major attraction for the tourists. One of the biggest cable car riding center in Asia and highest in the world. The rides categorize into two divisions. First, it travels 2.40 Kilometers from Gulmarg to Kongdori in eight minutes. Then, again it travels 2.65 kilometers from Kongdori to Apherwat in 20 minutes. Since, both the distances take the different amount of time, the fares also varies to a great extent. One may book before for this ride from the Srinagar tourist center.
  • Alpathar Lake: It locates two kilometers away from Apherwat and in the walking distance of the tourists. Alternately, one may reach the place from Kongdori either by walking or by horse riding. One may find frozen lakes with snow even in June. In summer, the cool and fresh water of the lake refreshes the surrounding. A sledge ride here would bring in a unique experience to the tourists. Moreover, this lake also famous for the adventurous trekking activity.
  • Drung Stream: It is a new attraction of Gulmarg and locates few kilometers away. An ideal place for picnic and tourists have many things to enjoy. One may gather information and stats about the ancient ruins of palaces and temples that locate here. Besides, people enjoy some absorbing activities like rock climbing, trekking, and trout fishing.
  • Baba Reshi Shrine: It is the holy mosque of saint Baba Reshi built-in 1940. It covers a vast area of green land. The mosque built-in the Persian and Mughal architectural style. A sacred place for the Muslims and they come here from far and wide to visit this religious place. Sledge ride is the local transport available here.
  • Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve: This reserve famous for breeding some of the rarest varieties of species like bear, leopard, deer, and foxes. Dense conifers forest covers the region. Different varieties of shrubs and herbs cover the ground of the reserve. Moreover, kinds of birds like the vultures, pigeons, and cocks migrate to this region.

Points to note

Gulmarg famous for winter sports like skiing. The first skiing club setup here in 1927. It is India's premier winter sports resort. Those who have the flair for skiing could come here in winter. One may carry the skiing gears or may buy better quality gears available from the regional shops.


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