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Updated on January 23, 2017

Back in 2002, I experienced my first villa holiday. My grandmother had passed away and left a small inheritance. My family and I realising that it wasn’t ‘life changing money’ decided to honour my grandmother with a family holiday.

Previously I and my 2 sisters had always taken separate package holidays and then passed on our individual experience with photos and videos. As much as this made for an enjoyable evening – lets be truthful it is slightly boring for those that didn’t go and however much you try to re-create it for family and friends it just isn’t the same as being there yourself.

So with a little money in our hands we decided to take what was then ‘our family holiday of a lifetime’. With 3 weeks available to us Florida was the destination choice, and with a 6 bedroom private villa we could all share the same experience.

Following a long flight with an elderly mother and young children, we started to doubt our choice; however arriving at the villa was a massive boost to what had been an extremely tiring day. The joy of walking into a luxurious property, loving decorated by the owners with every amenity that you can imagine was something that has and will live with me always.

With each couple and my mother having our own bedroom, the kids splitting between the other two it was heaven, each of us having our own sanctuary, for those times when you just want ‘5 minutes’ to yourself.

When I recall that holiday to Florida, it is not the theme parks that I remember, it was the villa and the family all being together. When I asked my children who are now 19 and 21, they remember swimming with their grandmother, aunts, uncles and cousins in the pool, they remember that in the bedrooms there was a Mickey and Minnie Mouse cuddly toy. This is the impact that the villa had on us all. As a family we still laugh about things that happened, sometimes the strops that were thrown, but it is an experience that we all jointly share.

During the past ten years, we have been on the odd package holiday, we even tried a cruise, but nothing lived up to our expectations of that villa holiday and although we would one day like to re-create the holiday in Florida, money and work commitments cause us all problems.

Generally with only 1 week available at any given time, what we needed was to look a bit closer to home, we still wanted to fly far enough away that it felt like a holiday but we couldn’t afford to lose a whole day at each end of the holiday travelling.

With many flights now from all over the UK and the increase in flights from the budget airline operators, and only half the flight time of travelling to Florida, Cyprus became our choice of destination.

We have now had many holidays to Cyprus, sometimes with the whole family, sometimes just the kids and a few times with friends.

For each holiday we choose a different spot in Cyprus, the kids are older now and they want the nightlife of Ayia Napa, my mother loves the harbour at Latchi. My sisters and their husbands like to select a villa on the seafront, close to the tourist areas where we can have a decent meal and then party a bit in the many bars, and our friends join us when we just want to spend time together, the girls on the beach with a good book and the boys on the golf course.

Therefore our desire to experience the villa holiday experience in Cyprus suits each of us, the cost of renting a high end villa between a few of you often works out cheaper that a package holiday. You are with people that you want to spend your time with, there are no time restrains on when you eat or use the pool. It is a totally relaxing holiday and one that even when you get home it is an experience that you continue to share with your loved ones.


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