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How Life changes, living abroad

Updated on August 1, 2014

my London

Little Venice - Maida Vale (London)
Little Venice - Maida Vale (London)
Alexandra Palace - Wood Green (London)
Alexandra Palace - Wood Green (London)

Thousands of people from abroad are living in London, people from different part of the world.

Living in London seems better for some of foreigners because they can earn more money here, get a better job and build a future that in their country would be more difficult. Six months ago, me too I came to live in London, thinking the same.

But pratical reasons are just one side of living far from home.

The real truth is that for who does this experience, everything changes forever.

This is the main reason because we are here.

To get the experience.

In a country so far and so different from your, you have to confront with new places, new people, new food, new style of life, new language, new things, new problems. Even it is not easy the first time, you will feel excited of the experience.

I don’t know how I can explain the freedom feeling here, because I come from Italy, it is a open country compared to others, but I think the freedom that you can get and feel where you are abroad, you will never feel in your home country. Maybe because you try to carry out life projects without parents and friend helps in a country far from home and so you feel really that you have to do everything alone; maybe because you are riding out difficulties in a foreign country that let you feel more strong; because it is true that, in this city in particularly I guess, you don’t have any fear to be judged from others. At least you pretend to be like that or I can speak about what it's for me. In London I can put clothes that in my country I would never want to put; I can express myself without be afraid if someone can think I am strange; I notice I am also less shy to speak with people and to start something with my own initiative. I'm the same person but more complete.

You will be also used to speak, write and think in two different languages: in your mother tongue and in the same time in the language of where are you living. Sometimes I mix up English and Italian while I am speaking, sometimes I forget words in my native language because I started to think most of the time in English, or, it happened suddenly a Italian expression in my present speaking. I can’t think to live without any of the two languages now, they are part of me, even if using both are not always a easy way to communicate personal emotions and feelings, and of course for personal thought I prefere my mother language. But every day abroad you are putting steps to become almost bilingual in a good natural way.

You change when you decide to stay here, you grow up while time going so fast and I can see, I'm still learning every day something new.

In the other hand, you will love more then before your background, your people, your land, missing things from home that before were just expected and now, so far, they seem so special. But in the same time you will never regret to live far from home, you are proud of yourself, you are doing well, going on with your own life, building everything like you will stay: friends, flatmates, job, love, interests, hobbies, activities.

You are part of the city, your life is here, you are not maybe feeling like at home, but it's something similar.

When stress are too much, time is going too quickly, you are not in a good moment, you will think about your choice.

At the end, living in a foreign city it will change you

It will definitely change you, but I think, in a positive way.

So you will not wish to come back . You will be sure that you did right.

I’m proud of my origin, proud of my country, even if my heart is normally a gypsy and it's already several years that I'm changing place to live and I'm used to live far from home.

In this moment my life is in London and I would like to stay here for a long while, because London is like "a little world" for me, full of lot of nationalities, different countries living in the same city, different cultures and people. In my opinion, this is the best thing of London and this is the main reason because I'm happy to live here.

As I read in the webside "LifeMakeOver" (life coach) :

<<You will never be completely at home again, because part of your heart will always be elsewhere. That is the price you pay for the richness of loving and knowing people in more than one place>>.

© 2014 Simo


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    • Blanca82 profile image

      Simo 3 years ago from London

      Thanks a lot for your comment Lady E, I'm glad you like it and you agree. Yes it's not easy to integrate, I can understand,it's good there are people like you that help them to do it more easily.

    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 3 years ago from London, UK

      So true - There is no place like home. I teach a lot of people who come to this Country English (ESOL) help them integrate / get jobs. It is a culture shock for many of them and takes years for some to settle.

      Great hub.