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Hamilton – By the Banks of Waikato

Updated on February 16, 2014

Introduction to Hamilton

Along the banks of the New Zealand’s Longest River, the Waikato River, the fast pacing city of Hamilton is found. The history and the hospitable people of this unique city are part of the attraction the city offers to its tourists. It promotes some of the tourist spots that are visited annually by locals and from other countries around the globe.

Hamilton Gardens

The Hamilton Gardens are compilations of the gardens that follow the artistic views from the American Modernist, Italian Renaissance and the Indian Char Bagh are some of the famous eras that these came from. It is a must see wonderland especially for those who have a love and passion of plants.

Waikato Museum

To learn the regions Tainui Culture and the arts from their locals and foreign masterpieces then the Waikato Museum in the Waikato River is the place to be to watch exhibits and events. It is located at the center of the Hamilton which makes it easy to access and a jewel of the city.

Waikato River Explorer

A cruise through the beautiful Waikato River can be experienced by those who are enchanted by the river. The Waikato River Explorer offers this service to the visitors of the region who wants to cruise along the river.

Hamilton Zoo

Hamilton Zoo not only offers the usual wildlife experience but literally takes it to the next exciting level. The animals that see Hamilton Zoo as their home are at a headcount of almost 600 native animals and unusual exotic imported animals from all over the world. There are the famous chimpanzees, rhinos, red panda, giraffes and Sumatran tigers. Alongside these favorite safari animals is the famous Weka Walk that provides the biggest walk in aviary exhibit that showcases Australasia birds. There is also a garden that is dedicated for the New Zealand’s native plantation that is appropriate for lovely walks and romantic moments with picturesque scenes.


It is a center of entertainment for the city. It offers people that want to have fun in going out with others and having a fun night in the vast of selection of bars. There are also different restaurants that cater to different markets. There is a Bowling alley available for those who want to play. Casinos are also well known in the place where people can play with the odds.


The ArtsPost is a place where galleries are showcased and sold to the artistic enthusiasts that want to view or own uncommon masterpieces that is made by the locals. The galleries are different in every month to support the artists that are known in their city.


If an adventure is what you are looking for then Waterworld can provide you the adrenaline rush that you need by having different features of a water park that will awaken the child within you. The park is full of places where one can venture and have fun with the other visitors that are both local and foreign. There are indoor and outdoor pools, hydroslides, a splashpad, children's playground that will make your children remember this trip for his lifetime. For those who would like to cook their world famous barbeque recipes, the resort also provides picnic areas where families can rent gas barbecues. There is also a recreation area like the gym and cafés.

Gallagher Aquatic

If you want to have an exclusive and a more secluded boutique swimming pools, the Gallagher Aquatic is where you can experience it. This resort is very isolated and has indoor pools. There are also gas barbeques that are available for rent in the picnic areas and a children’s playground.

Kiwi Balloon Company

An aerial experience can also be found within the city bounds of Hamilton that is offered by the Kiwi Balloon Company that lets you float in tranquility in the vast never-ending sky. You can have a break up in the air by bringing light snacks through your trip.

Classic Car Museum

This Classic Car Museum from its name exhibits the classical cars that were well known from the past. There are almost 100 displays that are sure to satisfy your motor hunger and the vintage cars are really a sight that will bring you back to the past.

Zealong Tea

Not far from the Hamilton’s city, this Camellia Tea House is where you can indulge in a tea party with light cookies and muffins that will go well with the high class tea. The Zealong Tea can be found inside the Zealong's Gordonton Tea Estate where the only tea farm is located.

Taitua Arboretum

The trees are not only part of this park, but it is the center of attraction of this winding roads where families and lovers can stretch and explore the lakes and woodland that showcases the wildlife that are currently living in the open pastures and woodlands.

Woodlands Historic Homestead, Public Gardens, Function Center and Café

A notable famous homestead that pictures the old fashion of living in the country complete with cafes and gardens that are commonly used as meeting places and conference. There are also romantic and beautiful weddings that are held in this small walk-in unusual place. It is really travel of time. This can be reached from Hamilton easily and fast.

In Order to reach Hamilton City, tourists take a plane ride from Christchurch, Auckland or Wellington.

Sights & Sounds of Hamilton

Where is Hamilton?

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Hamilton, New Zealand
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Traveling to Hamilton

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      Ravish Khapra 3 years ago from India

      Thank you!

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      mecheshier 3 years ago

      What a beautiful city! A place I would love to visit. I love the fabulous information on your Hub and the great pictures. Voted up for beautiful and useful