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Harrah's Las Vegas Hotel Suite Review

Updated on March 22, 2011

An old hotel in an ideal location

Harrah's is located at one of the prime locations in Las Vegas. Right in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip, Harrah's is one of the stops on the Las Vegas monorail. In addition, in the back of Harrah's there is a shuttle bus service that will take you out to Rio off the Strip. You can get to just about any hotel and casino in Las Vegas from Harrah's in under 20 minutes and for less than $10. I don't think there's any other hotel that could make that claim.

Harrah's is run by Caesar's, which means an improved effort in service but a poor quality website. I really don't understand how multi-billion dollar corporations can't afford to spend more than a nickel for a quality website. Another thing that Caesars hotels have in common is that they don't have a resort fee, which means the price for a room you see listed on their website (if it works) is actually close to the price you end up paying, unlike some of the other Las Vegas resorts, which can tack on a fee as much as $15 a night just because they consider the pool to be an extra expense.

How are the rooms at Harrah's?

In general, when you're staying in Las Vegas you want to stay in the hotel that is newest, or at the very least the hotel that has been renovated recently. Harrah's was built in 1973, making it one of the older hotels on the Strip. Fortunately, the hotel was thoroughly renovated in 1997 and the theme was changed from showboat casino to Carnival. Unfortunately, Las Vegas already has a hotel with a Carnival theme. It's called the Rio and it's spectacular. It's located off the Strip, but you can take a free shuttle there from... you guessed it, Harrah's. Everything Harrah's tries to do with this theme Rio does better.

But you didn't come for the theme, did you? You want to know what your actual room would look like. The basic room is called the Classic, and it has a TV (of course), mini bar, internet access for a fee (not wireless. These rooms aren't great for the tech savvy), and a hair dryer. Thank god for the hair dryer. Rates start at around $145 a night.

Upgraded rooms at Harrah's go by the following names: Luxury, Deluxe, Mini Suite, Petite Suite, Classic Executive Suite, and Deluxe Executive Suite. I wonder if anyone has bothered telling management that Mini and Petite mean the same thing. Apparently Deluxe is better than being Classic. How very American.

For entertainment, Harrah's has Rita Rudner. She is billed as "Comedian of the Year". I can only assume that year was 1981. I believe the old saying is "if you've got a hour to burn watch 5 minutes of Rita Rudner". For dining, they've got Toby Keith's Bar & Grill. Toby Keith isn't actually there, because they're trying to attract customers. You'll hear some of his music while there, and for some reason they still make you pay for the meal.

Overall, you can do better than Harrah's. Sure, it's in a great location, but you can always make a 5-10 walk there from Paris or the Bellagio and then take advantage of the monorail or free shuttle service.


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