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5 Great Ghostly Places To Visit In Colorado

Updated on April 18, 2017

Colorado is a state with a rich and varied history that lends itself to haunted places and stories from the mining and boom towns and their violence and sadness, the early settlers crossing the Rocky Mountains, the struggle to grow a major city and the history that is woven in with Native American people.

There are ghost towns, abandoned mining camps and burial grounds that will give you the creepy feeling and sightings of unexplained activity in almost every corner of the state but here is a list of 10 of the most documented haunted places in the state that are worth a visit or an overnight stay if you dare.

1. The Stanley Hotel - Estes Park

No list would be complete without including the famous Stanley Hotel which is on many paranormal lists as the most haunted place in America.

The Stanley Hotel opened on July 4, 1909 as a luxury hotel built by Freelan O. Stanley and has been visited by royalty and presidents over the years. The hotel is still a beautiful fully operating hotel where you can stay for a visit. Or, you can take the haunted hotel tour instead.

As most people know, this is the hotel that inspired Stephen King to write The Shining after he had unusual stay and experienced the worst nightmare of his life!

Ghost hunters and paranormal investigators say that the Stanley is inhabited by a variety pf spirits including those of the original owner and his wife Flora. By most accounts the ghostly encounters here are not malicious and you can often hear children laughing, playing or crying and enjoy the spirit of Flora playing the piano.

This is a must see on any visit to Colorado, the scenery and hotel are breathtaking, but definitely a must see for any haunted vacation plans.

2. Hotel Jerome - Aspen

Aspen is known for its amazing beauty, ski resorts and shopping but it is also filled with haunted locations as well. The oldest building, and reportedly the most haunted, is the lovely Hotel Jerome. Like the Stanley Hotel you can still book and room and stay in this historic property but be prepared for possible ghostly encounters.

Guests have reported seeing and interacting with the ghost of a little boy who drowned at the hotel, strange things happening with heat controls, sinks of water and various sights and sounds of the guests who may have checked in but never checked out.

3. Molly Brown House - Denver

Molly Brown never seems to catch a break first she was on the Titanic and now her house is haunted! Molly Brown became famous as the "Unsinkable Molly Brown" as a survivor of the sinking of the Titanic and her outspoken personality.

The City of Denver has created a museum to the life of Molly Brown in her old home and the tour and home are great but many people report seeing dark shadows moving about in the rooms and piano keys being played. Another common encounter is the strong smell of cigar smoke and since Molly herself was known to love to smoke maybe she is just saying hello.

4. Cheesman Park - Denver

The Cheesman Park in downtown Denver is a large beautiful park in the middle of the city that has an amazing historic pavilion, flower gardens and is surrounded by historic homes but it also has a dark secret that the city would like to forget.

The grounds that are now Cheesman Park started as a city cemetery that was planned to be a final resting place for Denver's wealthy but the lower areas were used to bury the victims of violence and sickness, the poor and destitute and fell into a poorly maintained area. The wealthy of Denver, those making mining fortunes pressured the city to clean up the cemetery. A plan was established to move the remains out of downtown but there was such corruption involved that the project was never completed and an unknown number of unclaimed remains were left and new park built over the site.

As you can guess this would create an area ready for haunting and stories and there are many in the park and the buildings that are along its edges. Most people that visit the park have no idea of its dark history or haunted present and are content to enjoy the flowers, shade and scenery but once you know this story you won't look at the park the same way ever again.

5. St Elmo Ghost Town - Buena Vista

The old mining town of St. Elmo, and it's neighbor Tin Cup, are some of the best preserved ghost mining towns you will find. You can reach St. Elmo by car and then you can rent ATV's to get to in Cup and the cemetery as well.

These towns were examples of typical silver mining boom towns that existed in the 1880's and were the center of lawlessness, greed and ruthless behavior. The town of St Elmo seems like a miniature movie set and it is hard to imagine that as many as 2,000 people lived in this small space so it is no wonder there was chaos and violence!

There have been many paranormal sightings and encounters reported over the years and definitely get the creepy vibe when you are visiting and walk among the tombstones that tell the story of its past.

If you enjoy adding some stops to your vacation that might give you a chill or maybe a paranormal experience you can't go wrong with the sites listed here. At the very least you will enjoy gorgeous surroundings, historic buildings and learn a little about Colorado history and maybe you will experience something more?!


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