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Haunted Hotels In The United States

Updated on April 21, 2011

If you are looking for a scary good time on your next vacation or trip, why not try staying at a haunted hotel? Throughout the United States, you can find haunted hotels, haunted motels, haunted bed & breakfasts and other haunted lodging. While it is easy to find haunted hotels, it may not be so easy to last through the night at one! At some haunted hotels, there are guests that get so scared and freaked out that they actually get up and leave the hotel in the middle of the night. If going to sleep with ghosts sounds like something you might be interested in, your room is waiting for you at the end of the hall.

The Haunted Stanley Hotel - Room 217
The Haunted Stanley Hotel - Room 217 | Source


If you're looking for haunted hotels in Alabama, the most notable is the St. James Hotel. It opened back in the 1800s. After being closed for the better part of a century, it was reopened to the public in the late 1990s. One of the often seen ghosts on the hotel property is believed to be Jesse James. Of course, that isn't the only ghost on the property. You can encounters all sorts of ghostly happenings at this haunted hotel.

Look for other haunted hotels in Alabama, if you dare.


With the Gold Rush having happened in Alaska, you know there are going to be some haunted hotels there. And of course, there is. For a haunting experience, book a room at the Alaskan Hotel. It's located in the southeastern part of Alaska. And it's actually the oldest hotel in the region.

Oh, and it used to be a bordello. As you can imagine, a lot of stuff went on at this hotel - including murder. In fact, all rooms at the hotel are supposed to have paranormal activity.

Think you can handle one night in this hotel? If not, you can always look for other haunted hotels in Alaska.


As you may know, Arizona has a lot of land that was previously Native American land. If you've seen your share of horror movies, you know what happens when people build land that the Native Americans used. Yup - hauntings!

Guess what the Hotel San Carlos was built on? You guessed it - Native American land! Of course, guests that stay at the hotel report a variety of paranormal occurrences from hearing children that are not there to being haunted by the woman that committed suicide at the hotel.

If stay on haunted Native American land is just too freaky for you, look for other haunted hotels in Arizona.


Want to sleep with some ghosts in Arkansas? If so, you're in luck! The Crescent Hotel and Spa is widely known as a haunted hotel. It could be due to the fact that its been around since 1886.

Or that it was used as a mental hospital in the past.

If this hotel sounds familiar to you, it could be that you saw it on an episode of "Ghost Hunters.”

Still interested in haunted hotels in Arkansas, or are you too scared now?


No matter where you go in California, it seems like there are a lot of haunted hotels to choose from.

In Los Angeles, there are plenty of haunted hotels, including the Queen Mary. The Queen Mary is a ship that you can actually spend the night one. It's been featured on many ghost and haunted type TV shows. The ghosts seen at the Queen Mary are numerous.

You can also check out other haunted hotels in Los Angeles. Or look for haunted hotels in Northern California and haunted hotels in Southern California.


Does the photo of room 217 of The Stanley Hotel up above freak you out? It should. This haunted hotel is located in Colorado, but don't let it's picturesque mountain backdrop fool you.

You see, Stephen King's "The Shining" was written while he stayed in room 217 and based on this hotel. Scared yet?

If you dare, you can book a room in the hotel - but they don't give refunds if you leave in the middle of the night. You can always look for other haunted hotels in Colorado if you're too scared of this one.


You probably expect hotels in the Northeast to be super haunted, considering that hotels there are typically older than in the rest of the US. Well, Connecticut is no exception. How haunted do you think a hotel from 1754 might be?

You can always visit Captain Grant’s Inn and find out for yourself. And to add to the haunting factor - it was used as part of the Underground Railroad.

This isn't the only old haunted hotel in Connecticut. So, if this one seems too haunted, you can always try other haunted hotels in Connecticut.


Delaware is no exception to Northeastern states with haunted hotels.

If you want to see for yourself, just book a room at the The Addy Sea. It is a B&B that has been reported to be haunted.

Why not see if you experience anything paranormal at this haunted hotel in Delaware.


The country's oldest city is St. Augustine, Florida. You know that means there are a few haunted hotels in the area.

For a good night's scare, stay at the St. Francis Inn Bed & Breakfast. This 1791 hotel has had it's share of hauntings reported by guests. Some have even reported poltergeist style activity in their rooms.

If you're getting freaked out by this hotel, there are other haunted hotels in Florida.


Have you heard of the Ballastone Inn before? Located in Savannah, it has the title of the "most haunted inn in America."

A female ghost is often seen at this haunted hotel. It is believed that she is one of the former owners of this antebellum mansion.

You can check it out and the other haunted hotels in Georgia on your next vacation.


When you think of states with haunted hotels, Hawaii is likely not the first state to come to mind. However, Hawaii does have it's fair share of haunted hotels.

Take the Hilton Hawaiian Village hotel in Honolulu, on the island of Oahu. A woman was murdered in one of the tower rooms in the past. And hotel employees have reported a woman that vanishes before their eyes.

You will find haunted hotels in Hawaii on the other islands as well.


Western expansion has resulted in some haunted hotels in Idaho. If you find yourself needing a place to stay in Boise, get a room at the Owyhee Plaza Hotel for a ghostly night.

Apparently, hotel guests have seen ghosts all over the hotel and its grounds.

If you're not in Boise, you can find other haunted hotels in Idaho.


With the storied past of Chicago, you expect there to be haunted hotels in Illinois. But they are not restricted to just Chicago.

In Springfield, stay at The Inn at 835 for a bit of ghostly fun. At one time, the haunted hotel was used as a residential apartment building.

Or, look for other haunted hotels in Illinois.


For a haunted night in Indiana, get a room at The Story Inn. Opened in 1851, it is the oldest inn located in the state.

The haunted hotel even has a resident ghost, named the Blue Lady, that many guests report seeing.

Of course, there are other haunted hotels in Indiana as well.


Looking for haunted hotels in Iowa? If so, you will not be disappointed with a night's stay at the Mason House Inn.

The hotel was used as a hospital during the Civil War. Over the years, there have been several deaths at the hotel, adding to it's haunting past. Guests report all sorts of paranormal things.


Passing through Kansas and wanted to stay somewhere haunted? For haunted hotels in Kansas, look no further than The Eldridge Hotel.

This hotel has been burned down and rebuilt twice. It originally opened in 1855. For the most hauntings, ask for a room on the 5th floor.


It seems like there are always stories of haunted prisons and jails. But what about a hotel that used to be a jail? That's exactly what the Jailer’s Inn is. And it is purported to be haunted by previous inmates.

If the bars that are still on the windows scare you, there are other haunted hotels in Kentucky.


With New Orleans ghostly past, you surely aren't surprised to learn about haunted hotels in Louisiana. While there are a large number of haunted hotels in New Orleans, you can also find them throughout the state.

In St. Francisville, a stay at Myrtles Plantation may give you a scare. It's haunted reputation has led to it being on several TV shows and in newspapers.

Or, you can look for other haunted hotels in Louisiana.


Maine has several haunted hotels that date back around 200 years, or earlier.

The Carriage House Inn has a reputation for hauntings. This could be due to the many deaths that have happened at the hotel throughout history. Spend a night there and judge for yourself.

Or just look for other haunted hotels in Maine.


Visiting Maryland? Why not see if you can make it through the night at the Radisson Lord Baltimore hotel.

This haunted hotel is located in downtown Baltimore. And you just might see the resident ghost during your stay. Or at least hear it.

Other haunted hotels in Maryland are also available for your stay.


Possibly the most famous haunted hotel in Massachusetts is the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast. I think the name speaks for itself.

Guests report a lot of paranormal activity when staying here. Just the thought of it freaks me out. If you are of the same mind, I suggest trying other haunted hotels in Massachusetts.


Michigan may not be a state that comes to mind when you think about haunted hotels, but you can get a good scare there.

The Landmark Inn is where you want to go for a haunted stay in Michigan. Even the employees have experienced the paranormal at this haunted hotel in Michigan.


If you want to go ghost hunting in Minnesota, just book a room at a haunted hotel.

The Palmer House Hotel is one of the haunted hotels in Minnesota where you can go ghost hunting. You may hear, see and maybe even feel ghostly things in this hotel.


If you're in the south, you can do your ghost hunting at haunted hotels in Mississippi.

The Monmouth Plantation is a haunted hotel that has been restored. Rumor has it that some of the previous owners are still floating around the hotel.


Like ti's neighbor Kansas, Missouri also has it's share of haunted hotels.

The Lemp Mansion in St. Louis was once known as one of the most haunted places in the US. A stay at this haunted hotel could have you seeing all sorts of ghostly activity.

You'll also find other haunted hotels in Missouri.


Looking for haunted hotels in Montana? The Chico Hot Springs Resort is one of the haunted hotels you can stay at in the state.

You may see the Lady in White. Or the antique rocker that moves by itself. Stay the night if you think you can handle it.


Nevada is probably one of the states that you expect to have a lot of haunted hotels, thanks mostly to the past of Las Vegas. You wouldn't be wrong.

Take the past of the Circus Circus hotel in account (murder, suicide, etc) and it's no surprise that it is haunted. You may hear cries out in the night if you dare to stay here.

You also have other options for haunted hotels in Nevada.

New Hampshire

Need a scary place to stay in New Hampshire? Think you can handle one of the haunted hotels in New Hampshire?

If so, a stay at the Inn at Jackson may be just what you need. Water turns on by itself and other ghostly happenings can occur. There was also a suicide at the hotel.

Not scary enough? Do you date to check out other haunted hotels in New Hampshire?

New Jersey

In New Jersey, you can find haunted hotels throughout the state.

Try a night at the Flanders Hotel in Ocean City. Your door may lock and unlock on its own. Or you may be visited by the Lady in White.

Look for other haunted hotels in New Jersey if you're in other areas of the state.

New Mexico

If you're looking for hotels haunted by famous names in history, you need to go to New Mexico.

The St. James Hotel had guests such as Billy the Kid and Wyatt Earp. Rumor has it that some of those old ghosts still haunt the hotel.

You can find out for yourself or you can visit other haunted hotels in New Mexico.

New York

As you may suspect, there is no shortage of haunted hotels in New York - especially in New York City.

If you're looking specifically for haunted hotels in New York City, why not book a night at The Hotel Chelsea. It is the hotel where Sid Vicious killed his girlfriend and where poet Dylan Thomas died.

You can also look for other haunted hotels in New York state.


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