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Haunted Houses in Texas

Updated on November 14, 2015

Haunted Houses seem to be sprouting up everywhere in Texas.

When I was growing up they were few and far between, and to be honest, they weren't very good.

Today's haunted houses are loaded with state-of-the-art equipment, props, and creative ingenuity.

Haunted Houses have become big business. Admission prices to some equal a day at a theme park.

Even if you don't have the nerve to venture into one yourself, at least visit some of the links below. Some of them have some incredibly good websites. Make sure you watch the volume on your speakers. Many of them have eerie noises and disturbing sounds. I was really impressed. I think you will be too. Enjoy!

Texas Haunted House Locations


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    • profile image

      Gate Keeper 6 years ago

      This year has been even bigger for the haunted house industry in Texas. We opened Moxley Manor Haunted House in Bedford two years ago.

    • profile image

      Jae 6 years ago

      pretty scary houses u got posted there! im the most girlyist in my family , but i love to read about ghost hauntings and actually believe in ghosts but totally don't believe in fairy tails!i'm the ghost lover of my family! my friend Emalie and me love to do ghost research and get stuff from books and then write stuff in note books. it's soooooooo cool to actually see a real haunted house! Thanks a bunch for that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!