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Haunted NC And SC

Updated on August 11, 2010

Haunted NC And SC

Visit my blogs at or for photographs of abandoned houses and haunted places.

One of the most important things I learned after having my blog for about a year is how interested people are in things that are haunted and/or abandoned.
There is certainly more information online now than a couple of years ago regarding haunted places but even still there is alot of information that is not out there.
Who knows how many places are haunted that are just abandoned? I've visited and photographed many abandoned houses and buildings. Even though I never felt anything doesn't mean there isn't any activity there.
Let me be clear I'm not a proponent of paranormal activity. I believe in it but I don't think it exists around every corner.

I was truly amazed by people's fascination with haunted, abandoned, vacant houses/buildings or places where terrible crimes have taken place. Not to mention cemeteries. It seems there are a number of cemeteries who have reported paranormal activity yet it is not so easy to find information on these cemeteries. Understandably, many are connected to churches and the church folks do not want people prowling around looking for ghosts disturbing their loved ones. There is another angle to this however. Many christians do not believe or want to believe in ghosts. They believe in demons but many dismiss ghosts as figments of people's over active imaginations. Yet this is far from the truth. While I have no proof ghosts exist(no ones does) there are many reports of ghostly sightings and paranormal activity not just at homes and buildings but places as well. While some of the reporters may just want attention and think it will garner admiration perhaps most do not want the attention that reporting supernatural activity will bring. For most intelligent people know that society as a whole will label them kooks, people who should locked away in asylums for their crazy language and behavior. This was most certainly the case several decades ago.
Parents instructed their children to turn away from entities if one was encountered. They were told they were not real and to banish them from their imaginations and children grew up believing what their parents and grand parents instructed them to believe. In time their minds became closed to apparitions and were therefore unable to see them as when they were children.
This doesn't mean they don't exist just because generations of parents lanquished their kids so called imaginations to the laundry hamper. It doesn't mean entities do not and have not tried to make contact.
Of course, there is another explanation that I am a fond proponent of and which makes more sense to me.
Scientists have studied underground water sources where there have been reports of paranormal activity and believe(there is no proof of course, proving the afterlife, the paranormal is impossible) the water has something to do with it. That it somehow causes the activities to replay themselves over and over again like on a projector reel or movie screen.
To me this makes sense and sounds more believable than entities being trapped for eternity in a never ending loop. I would hate to think of my loved ones being trapped in this kind of dimension if you will.

There are many alleged haunted places in NC ans SC. Whether they are I can't say for sure. The majority of the places I've visited that are supposed to be haunted I've felt nothing or very little.
One place I can say I do believe to be haunted is the Spencer Mtn House in Spencer Mtn NC which is out of Ranlo. It is listed online as Charlotte. Very spooky place. I felt nothing inside the house but outside in the woods behind the house is much more eerie and smells like death. Not a dead, decomposing animal but death like it's emanating from the ground. When I was in my car ready to leave I had the passenger window down talking to my husband while he smoked a cigarette and the wind blew and it blew the putrid odor of death right into my car. We promptly left.
There is Hell's Gate cemetery(Oakwood cemetery is it's real name) next to Converse college in Spartanburg SC and this place also is quite spooky. I did capture something on film there that I've yet to identify or understand.
There is a cemetery in Tigerville SC called Salem Baptist church(the church dates back to the early 1800's) that people swear is haunted and tell tales of such on their visits. Personally, I don't think it is. I've been there on numerous occasions and felt nothing although I could be wrong.
I've been to Lincoln Academy Rd where there used to be an all black school many decades ago and also where a girl from Atlanta was raped and disemboweled and died there. It is said she was tied to an old oak tree. There is a cemetery across the street. I didn't feel anything there either but my husband said he did.

I've visited a number of places in NC, SC and a few places in Tennessee that are allegedly haunted. They are all interesting and have alot of history tied to them whether haunted or not.

It is still amazing to me that so many people find hauntings and abandoned houses interesting. I certainly do but I also treasure them for their photographic quality and a way to hold something with history as a part of history even of only in a picture.


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