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Haunted North Carolina

Updated on December 15, 2012

Haunted North Carolina

For more information on haunted and/or abandoned structures and photographs visit

There are a number of places in NC that are allegedly haunted. I've visited a couple of them. Unfortunately, some are too far away. North Carolina is an interesting state with many supposedly haunted structures and places such as lighthouses and of course houses.
There aren't so many abandoned houses as there are in other places such as South Carolina. Anyone who knows me knows I prefer SC over NC for my urban exploration ventures. Anyone who knows me also knows I love movies about hauntings and the paranormal.
There are many haunted places all over the place, most of which I cannot visit.

One of my favorite haunted places in NC is the Spencer Mountain Haunted Mansion in Charlotte North Carolina. It is actually not Charlotte as it is listed but rather is in the town of Spencer Mountain out of the Ranlo/Gastonia area.
I've visited this place several times. I find it fascinating but the drive is far enough that I don't do it too often.
My first visit I did at night. It was creepy to say the least. As I got out of my car to make my way up toward the house(there is a turnout almost directly in front of the house where one can park) I heard the most awful shrieking sounds. There is some type of animal up there in the woods behind the house but I have no idea what it could have been. I tried going online and even listening to wild animal noises that are indigenous to this area but couldn't find anything that sounded like what I heard.
I promptly left and vowed to return which I did a few days later. There are signs clearly posted in front of the house and all around warning of the dangers of trespassing and I ended up leaving as I was getting late. On my third visit my husband came with me and he was determined to not have driven all that way not to go inside. At the time all the doors stood wide open so access was easy. We just waited until there no cars coming and ran across the street(this time I parked across from the house where the old Pharr Yarns used to be) and inside the house. We explored both upstairs and downstairs of the house but while there didn't see or hear anything out of the ordinary. In fact it just seemed like any other old, abandoned house that had not been inhabited in a long time. The story goes on this house that it was built for the son of this woman(her name escapes me now) that owned Pharr Yarns but he died before ever being able to move in and the story goes that no one was ever able to live in it after that. That sounds kind of strange to me. I've also read reports that the house was built on an Indian burial ground.

It was not the inside of the house(although it was weird in the fact that there were chairs in front of every window in the house as if someone had been sitting in them. Perhaps someone had. Perhaps a vagrant found this place as shelter out of the weather and took up residence there without anyone ever knowing. One thing was clear there had been kids there partying.
It was the outside of the house in the back in the woods that was strange. As soon as we stepped into the edge of the woods we smelled a terrible smell, not that of a dead animal but just the smell of death. I found this strange as there was no animal corpse. The smell was so pungent that this odor couldn't have possibly been underneath the ground. Still there were no signs and we looked all around. We proceeded further into the woods until the howling screech came from the animal again and we decided it was best to leave.
I returned again about a year later but the house had been all boarded up. Every window in the house and the doors so there was no access. I did take some pictures which I didn't do the on the first couple of visits.
It's an interesting place to say the least. There are many reports online about how it's haunted and how it used to be used as a haunted house attraction until a fire official preparing for his day saw a ghost and refused to go back inside the house. After that it was closed down indefinitely and has remained closed.

I've also visited Lincoln Academy Road in Gastonia NC which was the former site of an all black school. Many say hauntings were occurring back when the school burned down. Others say the hauntings started occurring after a young girl was kidnapped from Atlanta and driven to Gastonia where the two Perpetrators raped, killed and disemboweled her. Many say the old oak tree she was tied to is still standing.

I've visited there a couple of times too. On my first visit I didn't really feel anything, certainly didn't see or hear anything but I went during the day as I was alone and decided it wasn't safe to be in such a secluded area at night. On the second visit my husband went and he said he felt something. He's somewhat more sensitive to these things. We did find the old foundation of the school in the woods. There is a cemetery across the street from the site of the old school. The creepiest thing about this site is not where the school used to be but an old building near the cemetery. It's to grown up to explore but on my first visit I know I heard something which was probably an animal. The building is very creepy and feels strange but nothing more. The night might bring more.

I've visited Helen's Bridge in Asheville NC. It too is quite creepy but nothing more. There are signs all over the place warning trespassers of arrest if caught bu the Buncombe County Sheriff's Dept. I went on ahead and trespassed anyway and explored the bridge where the woman hung herself. It's creepy and might be different at night. It took me awhile to find this place as the directions aren't very good. It's been awhile since I've been but I got there by turning onto the road next to the bus station on tunnel road and following it.
The Zealandia castle is still there. It's supposedly burned down a few years ago. It has since been rebuilt and the best I could see now has new owners.

All are very interesting places and there are many more but these are about the only ones in NC except for one I forgot about. That is Bell Mountain in Tuxedo NC. It too is said to be haunted. There are several abandoned houses on Bell Mtn Rd behind Lake Summit.


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    • Efficient Admin profile image

      Efficient Admin 

      5 years ago from Charlotte, NC

      Howling shrieks and a terrible smell? On my research of Bigfoots, these are two of their traits.......just saying. I live in Charlotte and have heard of the Spencer Mansion but have never visited there. Interesting hub, voted up.


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