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Haunted Places: Highway 666

Updated on July 2, 2013
The Four Corners
The Four Corners | Source
Satan's Sedan
Satan's Sedan
The Hounds of Hell
The Hounds of Hell
The Skin Walkers
The Skin Walkers
The Mad Trucker
The Mad Trucker

The Devil's Freeway

How would you like to take a drive on the Devil’s Freeway? No? What about the highway to hell, does that sound better? Well if you ever find yourself driving on Highway 666, you’re going to be on either one of them, so pick your choice. Believe it or not, this Highway is said to be haunted.

This road that is one of America’s most famous, expands over 200 miles. It starts in the city of Monticello in Utah and goes all the way to Gallup in New Mexico. It’s also possible to access this freeway of unexplained phenomena in the southwestern region of Colorado. Even though this highway is haunted, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t quite the scene. It’s got the desert atmosphere, the rocks, and the tall cactus plants to give it that ecstatic desert beauty. However, many people avoid this freeway of the supernatural. Let’s explore the paranormal on Highway 666.

Highway 666 is located in the region known as the four corners. That’s where the states of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona meet together. It’s been seen on Breaking Bad when Skylar White takes a drive over there and flips a coin. As many know, 666 is the number of the beast. On another note, something that most people don’t know is evil entities in the paranormal world like to do things in three to mock the holy trinity. Statistics showed that there were amazingly high fatalities and accidents on this freeway. Many people believed once you drove on this freeway, you’re cursed. Apparently in 2003 this freeway was renamed U.S. route 491. People believed that evil was all along the road. Interestingly, right when they made the change to the U.S. route 491, accidents and deaths reduced significantly.

One of the most talked about stories on this highway is Satan’s Sedan, a black car that pursues travelers on the road. The Sedan’s purpose is to ram it’s target. Individuals have reported when the sun sets, the fear hits them like a speeding bullet. As soon as the sun sets, people see headlights of a car coming, speeding from behind them. Reports of people say that they try to speed up and get away, but the sedan catches up anyway. Many just pull over and let this sedan pass, while others pull over and discover that there was no car coming after them. What’s the explanation here? Is this a ghost car?

Many people that have traveled on highway 666, have had car trouble. The next claim is the evil Spirit of the Semi Truck, or the Mad Trucker. This semi truck drives pass people at dangerously high speeds. Apparently, there have been people that have been hit by this speed demon, while others just came close. It’s said that this truck is out there to hit people intentionally. It hates humans or anything that’s alive. The demonic despises humans and living things. A man claimed that he was on this freeway alone one night, when suddenly this semi-truck that was on fire was speeding on the highway. He pulled over to get out of the way and said he also saw flames coming from the stacks. He waited for this truck to be gone and got back in his car and drove away.

The Hounds of Hell are also said to be on this highway. These hounds are a pack of dogs that chase you down when you’re driving on the highway. People say they’re able run as fast as your car and jump into your vehicle and maul you as you’re driving. These canines teeth are said to be so sharp, that they’re able to shred tires. These hounds are said to be responsible for numerous traffic accidents.

Skin Walkers are also something to be aware of when traveling on this highway. A Skin Walker is a Native American legend. They’re a group of people that are able to morph into various types of animals. They can shapeshift. The belief is that they transition into a pack of animals and show up in front of you on the freeway. Their purpose in this is that the result ends up in a fatal accident. Other tales indicate that if you sight the Skin Walkers, it’s a warning for you not to continue down the highway. If you fail to take notice, the legend curtails that the spirit of an evil shaman will show up in that car, to obtain the soul of the driver. The Shamans Intention is to kill the driver and have it’s soul in the afterlife.

There is one spirit on Highway 666, that is not threatening at all known as the Pale Spirit. This spirit is a girl in a white nightgown that walks on the freeway. She has not done anything harmful or dangerous, but just seems odd. Here facial expressions express sadness. People have stopped there cars and approached this spirit to see if the girl is okay. As they get closer though, the spirit slowly vanishes away.

There have been cases of unexplained time loss on this highway. Individuals have entered this freeway and suddenly disappear for a while. In some cases, there car and property are reported abandoned on the freeway, but other cases point that they were never on this road. They’d come back hours or days later, thinking that they haven’t been gone for that long with no explanation of their disappearance. Perhaps the entities on this road spared their lives.

There’s no doubt that Highway 666 is an extraordinary legend. The stories and unexplained things that have happened here leave the mind boggled wanting to know more about Satan’s Drag Strip. Would you dare to check it out in person?


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    • manofmystery24 profile image

      manofmystery24 4 years ago

      The Highway was renamed because of the number 666 and the fact that there were many fatal accidents on this Highway

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 4 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Well done. I am scared. That is a lonely road, mostly through nowhere. If you ski, and spend time driving back after a full day on this road, you will see the most amazing things. To me it is the amazing category and not so scary.

      491 -- we were actually happy to see this road coming out of UTAH or Colorado,, for it was much better than the roads leading to it.

    • ALUR profile image

      ALUR 4 years ago from USA

      Interesting and intriguing esp as I am fully aware of the dark side, but focusing as much as possible on the ray of light of hope when one feels bleak. I def would not venture on this highway" LORD knows I'm haunted enough with the living! I can see you start a really good story, so do it! LOL

      You're welcome to read/rate my versatile hubs as well..