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Haunted Places in NC

Updated on July 31, 2018
Brown Mountain Lights
Brown Mountain Lights

Historical Hauntings

North Carolina has even more to offer than the beach and mountains in one beautiful state, it also has ghosts. Please be advised that these places do require the landowner's permission to visit. A visit to any of these places make a great spooky vacation, especially when done around Halloween. North Carolina is also home to the mysterious Brown Mountain Lights .

Biltmore Estate

Biltmore Estate in Asheville, is home to many legendary ghosts, including George W. Vanderbilt, the home's original owner. His wife missed him terribly after George died from complications of an appendicitis. Late at night she would go into the estate's library and sit in front of the marble fireplace, talking to George. Although she was aware that he was not really there, she found comfort and calmness by talking to his spirit.

Many areas of the Biltmore Estate and its grounds are said to be haunted. Laughing and splashing noises have been heard in the pool area at night, along with voices of swimmers as they echo throughout the entire second floor of the mansion.

After having been to the Biltmore House on an evening tour, I can definitely say that I do remember this particular area of the estate. It was dimly lit, and a creepy feeling while passing through the noticeably cooler area. I did not hear any splashing or laughter.

Many other mysterious happenings have been reported about the Biltmore House, including a headless orange cat that roams the grounds. Biltmore Estate is still a great tourist spot for families from all walks of life. If you dare, visit America's largest home.

School Hauntings

Clyde Erwin High school was built during the 1970s, and part of the remaining Old Country Home Graveyard had to be dug up from the site and moved across the road before construction began. The remains were exhumed and placed in unmarked graves with only wooden crosses marking them. Those disturbed with the move are said to still haunt the school.

Clyde Erwin is not the only school in North Carolina that is said to have restless spirits. Inhabitants of the East Hall dormitories at Appalachian State University have reported sightings of a ghostly girl dressed in white, lights that come on and go off by themselves, and sounds of footsteps in the hallways when no one is there. Some have reported feeling something brush up against them as they walk in the hallways, even when they were alone in the hall.

In Charlotte, North Carolina, North West Middle School is said to be haunted by a little girl who was killed in front of the school by a drunk driver in the 1950's. The girl, who lived near the school, would run there to hide from her mean, drunk, abusive father. Her father began beating her one night in a drunken rage. She was running to the school to hide when a car struck and killed her. Students and staff have heard banging on pipes and desks, along with ghostly sightings of a young girl in the school auditorium.

Guildford College in Greensboro is said to be haunted by Mary Hobbs. Hobbs House, a dormitory house on the campus, used to be a home owned by Mary's parents. One night when she was a young girl, Mary threw a slumber party in the attic of the home. Neighborhood boys wrapped rocks in newspaper, set them on fire, and threw them through the window in the attic setting the house on fire. Mary perished in the fire and is now said to be heard roaming the dormitory hallways in search of her room.

Highway 21 North will drive you to the mountains of North Carolina and Sparta. Thurmond is a small community at the base of the mountain. Just upon entering the community of Thurmond, there is a road to the left just before you start up the mountain, this is known as Gravity Hill.

Many years ago a tragic event occurred on this small country road. A young mother was driving up the hill with her three sons when the car suddenly stalled. The three boys planned to push the car up over the hill so their Mom could "jump start" it as it rolled down the other side. Nearing the top of the hill, the oldest boy slipped and fell. His fall made the car too heavy for his two other brothers to support so the car rolled back down the hill, killing all of them.

Take a ride up Gravity Hill. When starting up this long hill, stop about half way up. Leave the car running, or turn it off. The car will roll uphill and stop near the top! Where it stops is said to be the spot in which the boys were killed.

Beaufort Waterfront
Beaufort Waterfront
Hammock House
Hammock House

Halloween Lover's Trivia

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Ghosts on the Coast

North Carolina has a history of numerous ghostly sightings reported at a variety of residences and areas across the state. These places can be found from the mountains to the ocean, and everywhere in between. People visit these places each year hoping to catch a glimpse of a ghostly vision. Beaufort, North Carolina is the home of a three hundred year old cemetery which is a part of the towns Beaufort Ghost Walk, A sixty minute tour along Beaufort's historic section of town. The tour takes you through the cemetery and past many beautiful historical homes, each restored to their original beauty.

Hammock House is the oldest building of the tour and is known for being the death place of Blackbeard's thirteenth wife. As the story goes, one night by full moonlight, Blackbeard hanged her from a live oak tree in the backyard. Photographs taken and developed of Hammock House by tourists have been found to have mysterious images appear as ghostly shadows on the pictures. Two of the most commonly found images by many of these tourists were of a wispy noose hanging from the old live oak, and images of soldiers standing on the porch.

Photos taken of the Old Burying Ground, the towns three hundred year old cemetery, have also been reported to have finding ghostly shadows in the pictures. The beautiful homes are a must see and the tour is a relaxing way to spend an evening in Beaufort, North Carolina.

Ocracoke Island in North Carolina is home to the Ocracoke Ghost Walk and Historic Tour an eerie, yet exciting way to spend an evening while enjoying a beach vacation. On Ocracoke, where unsettled spirits roam, tour along dark lanes lined with live oaks gnarled with age, walk among the beautiful historic homes and numerous old, dark, and creepy cemeteries. Two separate ninety minute tours are available for visitors, Down Point and Round Creek. Each tour takes about ninety minutes each.

USS North Carolina
USS North Carolina

USS North Carolina

Wilmington, home of the battleship USS North Carolina and the Wilmington Ghost Walk is a beautiful, quaint old coastal town in North Carolina. The Wilmington Ghost Walk takes tourists by St. James Graveyard, the site believed to be the place a man was buried alive in the early 1800s, and whose spirit still roams there today.

Asheville and the Blue Ridge Mountains in Western North Carolina is the home to many ghostly residents. Spend the night in Asheville and the Blue Ridge Mountains in a luxurious resort with great views of the mountains. Grove Park Inn has a history of many ghostly findings, and makes a great choice for a romantically spooky Halloween getaway.

Legend has it that a woman fell to her death in the 1920s from a balcony near room 545 at the Inn. Guests of room 545 have reported being locked out of their rooms and seeing a ghostly woman in a pink dress, as well as many other eerie encounters. Grove Park Inn remanins actively open to guests year round and is a magnificent luxurious Inn.

Devil's Tramping Ground
Devil's Tramping Ground

Devil's Tramping Ground

In a wooded section of Chatham County, North Carolina lies an area known as the Devil's Tramping Ground. A forty foot in diameter circle, completely barren can be found there. Any objects that appear in the circle will mysteriously disappear or get moved from within the circle.

No wildlife, vegetation, or inanimate objects can be found in the circle known as the Devil's Tramping Ground. This phenomenon was first discovered in the early 1800s and is believed that Satan paces around this circle and ponders about ways to undo mankind..

Brown Mountain Lights, Lake Lure Lodge, and Richmond Hill Inn are a few areas of paranormal activity that can be found in North Carolina. Even if there are no ghostly sightings, enjoy the beauty and history of some of North Carolina's most famous haunts.

Brown Mountain Lights


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    • sbuatte profile image

      Sarah Rhodes 

      5 years ago from Marissa, IL

      My family visited the Biltmore about a month ago. I had no idea it was haunted! Very interesting.

    • ghost1seeker profile image


      7 years ago

      I just love reading hubs like this one! Great hub !

    • scarlton profile imageAUTHOR

      Shana Hurt 

      8 years ago from Boonville

      I'll bet that was pretty eerie, cool story. Thanks for Sharing!

    • profile image

      g. thornton 

      8 years ago

      I lived in Rosewood, NC from Dec. 2008 until March 2011. One morning at dawn as I was walking my dog, I walked around the corner of the townshouse where I resided and came upon a surprise. I looked up to see 2 young men in uniform running through the yard and into the fence row. My dog started barking like she never had before and I was so shocked that I just stood there watching! The scene kept repeating itself and my dog started pulling me back to the font door. I gratefully followed her lead. From then on, I always felt a prescence on our early morning walks.

    • Efficient Admin profile image

      Michelle Dee 

      8 years ago from Charlotte, NC

      Interesting Hub. I have been to the USS North Carolina Battleship in Wilmington and toured that ship when I was a kid. I remember it felt stiffling and oppressive in there and I couldn't wait to get off that ship.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I have been to the uss nc, biltmore estate, blue ridge mountians and devils tramping grounds... None of wich did paranormal activity occur

    • htodd profile image


      9 years ago from United States

      Thanks for the post

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      New Hope to find a ghost hunt!!

      Join the Ferrymen Ghost Hunters as they investigate 3 haunted locations in New Hope, one of PA'S most haunted towns. March 26th. In Hopes to find a ghost or two!! Starts 10 Am. 

      Visit the Van Sant Bridge, 63 Ferry St & investigate and sleep in one the towns top haunted locations...Logan Inn. 

      Guests MUST book a room at the Logan Inn to participate in this hunt as they require it for us to investigate there.


      Guests may book online at their site if you are interested in attending.

      Also must RSVP by sending the name of attendees and contact information to

      HOPE to see you soon!!

    • msresearch profile image


      9 years ago from The Space Coast of Florida

      Very interesting. I must send this on to my grandson at ASU! Keep on writing...

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Been to the idea it was haunted.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      I went to Ghosts on the Coast years ago- this article brought back great memories.


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