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Haunted South Carolina

Updated on January 13, 2011

For pictures and more information go to

There are many places in SC that are supposedly adrift with ghosts. I've visited a few of them.
I visited one such place just yesterday. The Bivings House in Glendale SC. I didn't feel anything while there but there have been reports of paranormal activity at this location and the Upstate Paranormal Group investigated this place but their findings were never published. There have been posts online by people who say they've experienced the supernatural while there.
The house is next to what is left of the textile mill that burned in 2004. Glendale Shoals is behind that. There are several abandoned houses on Emma Cudd Rd close to the shoals.

I've visited the Spartanburg Tanning Yards in SC on more than one occasion. The first time I went there I had a terrible feeling of dread that lasted for a good 45 minutes and was with me long after I'd left the tan yards. On my second visit which was just that night I felt nothing.
I went back a few months ago to take pictures which I didn't do the first time. It was very cold. I started with the small graveyard in the area and proceeded from there. I took some nature pictures and then went to where the train trestle is and took more pictures. I walked up the path closer to the top of the trestle. I took many, many pictures of the area.
Oddly when I got home many of the pictures were unusable and blurry. It has been my past experience that in areas of reportedly high paranormal activity my pictures will turn out blurry. Rather than erase them I kept many of them to go back at a later time and examine them.

I've been to the New Salem Baptist church in Tigerville SC. I've been several times and have yet to see, hear or feel anything. I never see anything, occasionally hear something but have felt something at one or two locations I've been to. This graveyard may be haunted but I believe most of the stories are made up.

A couple of years I went to the Lydia Mill in Clinton SC. It took me a bit to find this place and asked a neighbor that was standing outside and he confirmed it was indeed the Lydia Mill. He said that the police were often called because kids would be caught going inside or trying to. The place in such disrepair that I wouldn't recommend anyone trying to get inside even one could climb over the barbed wire fence. Apparently there are openings in the fence that people have gotten through. This place is just dangerous. It's falling down and when I was there it looked like they were starting to demolish it.

I've been to Herdklotz Park which is the site of the old insane asylum. I was never there when it was a sanatorium. I've read accounts online and found a picture that someone posted that they took when the asylum was still standing.

I've been to the Rock Creek Baptist graveyard in Greenwood SC. I went once by myself and once with my husband. He said it felt very eerie to him but I really didn't feel anything.

There are a few places in SC I've visited that I don't even remember.

I've been to Cherokee Falls Bridge in Blacksburg SC where a woman supposedly killed her husband with jumper cables by hanging him from the bridge. I didn't feel anything there. I've also been to Rock House Rd in this area but didn't see anything interesting and didn't feel anything either. I looked for white wolf road and white wolf hollow that is said to be haunted but never could find these roads or any road that might be it. Either these roads never existed or the names have been changed. It is said to be near Kings Mountain NC near the battleground.

Cowpens Battleground: My husband and I went about a year a half ago and he said he thought it was eerie and thought he felt something but I didn't.

One of the eeriest places I've visited is the children's graveyard in Greenville SC behind the Hickory Point gas station. I've been to this location a few times. The graves are in the woods and are all overgrown. You can walk back to where the graves are but when it's hot the ticks are very bad. Across the road is the foundation of what probably once was a church.

There are also many, many abandoned houses, buildings, barns and old sheds in South Carolina. Most are not haunted but many are creepy and some probably are haunted which might explain why many are empty and stay empty for years. South Carolina tends to have more abandoned and empty houses than North Carolina and I wonder why this is. It may be due to zoning laws and regulations.

A good place to find many more haunted places is the shadowlands index of haunted places. This is where I've found many of the places I've visited but I've found places on other websites too. Unfortunately, I didn't take down the name of the website or I can't find the website now or it no longer exists. A little research can net quite a bit of information.


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    • profile image

      Heather 4 years ago

      I just came from Blacksburg and that's where my husband grew up. He has told me SO many stories about White Wolf. We have driven over the bridge at night and it's a bit creepy and have often temperature drops. I've never experienced anything during the day time though. Definitely a neat place though!

    • profile image

      sonya 6 years ago

      I lived on white wolf rd for 10 years. It's there. It runs alongside kings mtn state park. Hwy 55 in SC is the easiest access point.

    • profile image

      Mark 7 years ago

      I've seen crazy stuff at New Salem Baptist Church. There is a sinister entity there. I actually went today, in broad daylight, to show a friend and we both felt like we were going to throw up at the exact same time while walking around in the parking lot. When I was in college, we would take our friends there to freak them out- I actually submitted the info for the listing on the shadowlands archive.

    • profile image

      Steve 7 years ago

      Came out from Cali.We work in the film ind. interested in finding info for new ghost show on web running 2 to 3 eps. a week. please contact if you can help..... thanks

    • sassygrrl32 profile image

      sassygrrl32 7 years ago from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

      Yes I have. I've visited a few places in NC and not too long ago a place in Tenn. I will try to come back and do an article on some of the places I've visited. I have a blog at It has mostly pictures of abandoned houses but there are some pictures and information about some of the places I've visited.

    • CMHypno profile image

      CMHypno 7 years ago from Other Side of the Sun

      Sounds like you have had an interesting time visiting haiunted places in South Carolina. Would you be able to tell us more about these hauntings?