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Have You Ever Gotten Yelled At To SLOW DOWN, While You Were Driving UNDER the Speed Limit?

Updated on April 13, 2010
Yellow means slow, red means stop, someone needs to educate our bus drivers
Yellow means slow, red means stop, someone needs to educate our bus drivers

Every morning I get agitated by the bus stops, and the buses.

The issues began back in October, before then I suppose I woke up early enough to miss the fiasco's that take place at bus stops all throughout town. However back in October, while riding my usual route to work, I noticed the big yellow rolling up the road. I continued driving at the normal speed of 30mph.

As I got closer to the bus, the driver popped on her yellow lights, which mean SLOW DOWN. I slowed up a bit, and began to proceed forward. The buses wheels were still in motion as she rode her devilish horn at me. As it turns out, a few feet ahead of her was a bus stop. However, she was still in motion, and her yellow lights still on as I rolled past slowly.

Why she felt the need to ride her horn is beyond me.

The following morning she did the exact same thing. The next morning when I saw her rolling up the road, with her yellow lights, I stopped before she was even stopped. I didn't get honked at by her, but I did get honked at by the guy behind me, who was curious as to why the hell I was stopping for a bus, that was still in motion. Haha, well the following morning he got a taste of her daily dose of psychotic. This round he was ahead of me, and rolled through while the bus was still in motion. She naturally beeped like a mother suckka.

This is no biggie though compared to the bus stop at the very end of my road.


There is 1 particular woman who I truly despise. Every other morning I get stuck behind a bus. This bus stops at the end of the road to pick up all of the kids. This is normal, usual, nothing offbeat about it. However there is 1 lady who lives up the road who is consistently late. While a line of cars piles up behind the bus, we are all sitting there for around 3 minutes. As it turns out, she is busily running up the road with her kid. They laugh, they think its funny to be fashionably late while a herd of cars sit and wait for her to make the run to the bus. Way to teach your kid about being responsible mom. Good work!

At any rate, this happens daily, and with each passing day I grow more and more agitated. Once I gave her the finger, I had, had enough. I figured maybe a flip of the bird would teach her to get up in time like the rest of the world. I grew tired of putting my life on halt for this irresponsible twit.

On one particular occasion while she was once again late, I noticed that she was talking to another person at the bus stop after the kids all got on. She then point at me.

I wanted to rip her finger off, but instead I shot her a dirty look, and went about my business.

At any rate, a few time a week I get lucky and beat the bus. I drive down my road at 25 in the morning because I know that we have potholes, and we have kids running about in the streets while the muffin crew (I call them the muffin crew because that is the shape their bodies took on), sit around gabbing about the next complaint.

This morning though, while doing my usual, I notice that the crazy bitch is at the bus stop in time! Wow, a miracle. I continue past and notice she is bouncing about and waving at me. I ignore her while at the stop sign, coming to a full stop, I hear her yell at me to 'SLOW DOWN'.

Now considering my car is not even in motion, I don't know how else I could possibly SLOW DOWN. I yelled out the window, 'I'm not speeding you F'in idiot'. And I drive on. I wanted to yell some more profanities, but the bus stop was full of other fat muffins who were onlooking her commotion.

It however has managed to stick with me, and piss me off. So here I am writing this. Of all people to yell slow down, it had to be Mrs. I hold up the world everyday because I'm late, lady.

What bugs me of course is the fact that this very same woman hold me up a few minutes every morning when she is late, what bugs me is that before coming to a stop at the stop sign, I was going 25, and subsiding into 10mph as the sign got closer. What bugs me is the conversation with others that likely took place after I drove off. What bugs me is that I'm close to hitting 30 years old, and this stupid bitch yelled at me like my mother would when I was 5. What bugs me is that this is the same woman who will fly down the road with her kid in the car. So long as her child is not in the road, she finds it is OK to speed like a demon past others. WTF?


Hey, you, crazy bitch---
Hey, you, crazy bitch---


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