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Have the Gates of Hell in Mali Opened for France?

Updated on June 18, 2013

The dilemma for France in Mali now is time. France recently committed nearly 600 troops to help the 4000 man Mali army fight the al-Qaeda Mahgreb affiliated group. The al-Qaeda group has taken northern Mali, built military bases and now intend on bringing the war to the capital city, Bamako, in the south where 6000 French citizens live.

French Rafale\Mirage jets from Chad or Algeria heavily bombed the terrorist bases they built, dispersed and halted the frontal assault aimed at Konna and Mopti, forcing them to disperse into the desert bush as the Mali army battled them on the ground. In Gao, far to the north, French warplanes shattered much of the infrastructure used by the rebels. Local citizens praised the French. Oumar Ould Hamaha, an insurgent leader, told Europe 1 radio that the French have fallen into a quagmire that will be worse than Afghanistan or Irag.

This may be true. As the French Defense Minister was speaking about how successful the French intervention was, the al-Qaeda group struck from a side flank, seizing the Diabaly, a town within 150 miles of the capital. This was the furthest south and well behind Mopti. The town was undefended when the Mali army unit there fled and the rebels simply walked in and declared it was theirs. So far, 30,000 have been displaced.

France has enlisted the help from various NATO countries, including the US, but as logistical support not combat related. Originally, France stated the operation would last "weeks" citing objectives of stopping the advance and ousting the rebels from North Mali, which is twice the size of Germany. West African nations have promised 3,300 soldiers to bolster the Mali army, yet they are far off in coming because of difficulties. In the meantime. the al-Qaeda group and France are digging in.

This type of war burned France once before in Vietnam between 1946-1954 and in Algeria.


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    • perrya profile image

      perrya 5 years ago

      I have no idea why your responses are so off topic.

    • profile image

      Mary 5 years ago

      Why would the cameras all be mounted inside the space station looking out of windows? Isn't that a bit silly in these days? Why are there no cameras mounted outside the space station remotely operated? I know in the past we have been told that is the case... that the cameras are on the outside, not only inside the ISS looking out their windows. So if it's a camera mounted on the outside it is illogical to say the photos are reflections out the window. More to the point... why would professionals of this magnitude on the ISS be ruining their view and camera shots by going out the window like amateurs? The whole thing window reflection excuse sounds pretty lame.

    • profile image

      Carol 5 years ago

      People donated money to Livestrong instead of other cancer charities because they believed Lance Armstrong and what he portrayed himself to be. We now know that he benefitted financially to the tune of millions of dollars based upon that lie. He cheated other athletes who weren't breaking the rules or the law. He fraudulently sued for libel and won over a million dollars. He destroyed other athletes careers defending that lie. For over 12 years he has betrayed the sport of cycling and the spirit of honest athletic competition. He lied to the US government during official investigations. He involved other people in his lie causing them to commit criminal acts. These are only the crimes we know about. .And now that he's confessed, likely blaming the 'overwhelming competitiveness of professional sports' or team management pressure he'll use the confession loophole to get back into racing or triathalons. When you condone his actions because he raised money as a cancer survivor ask yourself if you want your children to poison their bodies, commit crimes, coerce others into committing crimes, benefit financially from these lies and crimes and get away with it because he cried on Oprah.