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Have the best vacation ever

Updated on April 10, 2015

Arriving at The Broadmoor is like entering another world. Everywhere you look, you see something exceptional as you walk through the doors of The Broadmoor resort center in Colorado Springs, Colo.
The staff are contagiously pleasant, helpful and sincere from the moment they meet their guest. Like many resort destinations, the grounds, the food and activities are exquisite by just about anyone's standards, of course. At The Broadmoor, however, it seems the amount of work put into the details that set it apart from other resorts that are frequented. This detail is demonstrated in just about everything from the customer service to one of the coziest hotel guest library's in the world.
Staying at The Broadmoor is around the average cost of other similar resorts that are worthy of comparison though, with a standard classic room for a weekend night this time of season costing about $270 a night.
While The Broadmoor has all the surrounding joys that come with being in the Colorado mountains, The Broadmoor can be thought of as a city in and of itself. It is the "luxury resort" with an unbelievable guest service staff that demonstrates their value in providing a great experience for the average person. The cultural heritage and history still resonates since its initial cultivation and official creation in 1918.
Considering The Broadmoor is considering the hotel of the west with the bowling alley, the movie theater, the largest western art collection on the planet, as well as all of the luxury services offered at all of the finest luxury resort destinations in the world.
Staying at The Broadmoor is about a truly one-of-a-kind experience that will be unique for each and every person that visits, leaving The Broadmoor guests with both enthusiasm and satisfaction with their experience.
Planning for a stay at The Broadmoor for that special family vacation or company work trip may just be the answer for motivation and rejuvenation for many. For more information on The Broadmoor, visit their website at


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