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5 Surprises About Our Hawaii Honeymoon

Updated on June 29, 2011
Hawaii Beach
Hawaii Beach

5 Surprises About Our Hawaii Honeymoon

Earlier this year my husband and I took a two week, honeymoon vacation in Hawaii, first stopping in Maui then in Kauai. We chose Hawaii, because it’s one of the few vacation spots that everyone raves about.. the great weather, the great food, sightseeing, nice people etc.

Much of our experience did meet or exceed our expectations. The weather in Hawaii was sunny, beautiful and warm every day. There were many stunning, natural landscapes and picture opportunities. We ate some delicious food, including some Hawaii only seafood dishes. A great place to golf, great place to rent a motorcycle and we learned to surf! They even had excellent coffee.

There were a few things about Hawaii that we were not prepared for. Here are the 5 surprises about our Hawaii Honeymoon:

1) Hawaii, during the summer, is a kid’s paradise

We went on our Hawaii honeymoon in the middle of August. On both islands we stayed at 4 star hotels and were expecting a romantic, quiet honeymoon environment. What we found was that in both hotels and islands, about 70% of the visitors were families with kids, not honeymooners. This stayed true when we visited some of the other 5 star hotels, went on sight seeing trips or went out to dinner.

If you are looking for more of a couples only environment, you may want to look for a “couple’s only” hotel or visit at a time when school’s back in session.

2) Neither Maui or Kawaii had any night life

When we booked the trip, the travel agent who had been to Hawaii nine times, advised us that Maui was the most popular honeymoon island and Kawaii was the most beautiful and quiet of the islands. So, we expected that nightlife would be limited in Kawaii, but available in Maui.

What we found was, that in both places, everyone is in bed by 10PM. When hotels or bars have music, it tends to be the Hawaii instrumental variety. There is a Hard Rock Café in Maui, but it is more of a restaurant than a rock bar. We also investigated some local hang-outs, but were scared off as they were not tourist friendly.

So, remember to bring lots of reading material and your iPod.

3) Beaches Are Beautiful But Not Always Safe To Swim In

As this picture illustrates, the beaches in Hawaii are plentiful and beautiful, but many were not safe to swim in. The currents are incredibly strong and can pull you back and under. Even the small beaches by our hotels, had very strong currents and rocks abound. I expected to spend lots of time swimming in the Hawaii beaches, but instead, spend much more time in our hotel pools.

Watch Windy Day In Hawaii

4) We heard it was windy, but it was WINDY!

As this You Tube video illustrates, the wind in Hawaii can be VERY strong. This made some of the hotter days, much more enjoyable. And, knowing this you should bring some extra jackets or sweatshirts. Girls- Women- Expect some bad hair days. I spent much of the vacation with my hair in a ponytail.

5) Beware the Tourist Traps

We had heard that some areas of Hawaii had become too touristy or tourist traps. This is not unique to Hawaii- and exists in most vacation areas. But somehow, we still got pulled in.

For example, there are many promotions for Hawaiian Luaus and you feel motivated & intrigued to go to at least one while you’re on your honeymoon. What we learned was the quality of the Luaus varies drastically from location to location and that we should have done more research and booked our attendance in the best ones before we even arrived.

Some of the “free breakfasts” are actually sales pitches in disguise for the tour companies. They pressure you to “book now” without taking the time to explore on your own or ask the locals for their opinions.

Before you arrive, do some online or textbook research on the activities you are most interested in and consider booking ahead of the trip. Also, the locals or the hotel concierges often know the best places to go, so you may want to avoid tour company sales presentations.

Fodors Hawaii- The Award Winning Travel Guide

In closing... Should you take a vacation in Hawaii? Definitely!! It’s such a beautiful place with sights you will never see in the states. We had a fantastic time on our honeymoon with great pictures and memories.

I hope our Top 5 surprises help others better prepare for their upcoming Hawaii vacations. Aloha!

Copyright © 2008, M. Reynolds, All Rights Reserved

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    • profile image

      local girl 5 years ago

      I think you mean "Kauai" not "Kawaii". You spelled it right in the first paragraph, then changed the spelling under #2.

    • profile image

      Future Honeymooner 9 years ago

      This is good information. I didn't realize how windy it was there.