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Heading to Vegas? - 9 Unusual Things To Do

Updated on April 6, 2017

A trip to Las Vegas is always fun and you can get your fill of extravagant shows, all you can eat buffets, gambling and more gambling and some of the most interesting people watching ever on the Strip and Fremont Street. But if you want to make your trip a little more memorable you need to check out a few of the more unusual activities and destinations available.

Here is a list of 9 different activities and destinations that you can choose to partake in and make your trip a little different and more memorable on your visit to Sin City.

1. The Mob Museum

The Mob Museum is a great tribute and amazingly unique experience about the influence of the mob in America and the building of Las Vegas. Located in the Fremont Street area you will find this housed in an old Federal Building, so that feels really appropriate.

The museum itself is great and filled with cool exhibits. You should not miss having your picture taken sitting in the electric chair and if you feel a little love in the air you can have a really great mob wedding.

2. Pinball Museum & Hall of Fame

This is just a quirky and totally Las Vegas thing that is makes our list, The Pinball Hall of Fame. This has 10,000 square feet of pinball machines from very old and rare machines to newer styles and the coolest part is that you can PLAY them not just look at them. The older machines are just $0.25 a play and newer are still just $0.50. That is a much better return on your money than you will get playing the slots on the strip.

Another feature about the Pinball Museum and Hall of Fame is that it is a non-profit and all monies received are donated to area charities after their overhead is covered so you can feel good about those questers going to good use. This is a cool attraction to check out and spend a few hours.

3. Pioneer Saloon & Goodsprings, NV

This is just a short drive outside Las Vegas and you will find a the little ghost town of Goodsprings, NV and the world famous Pioneer Saloon. This saloon is the oldest in Nevada and has been featured in many movies and tv shows. However, it is probably most famous as being the bar that Clark Gable spent 3 days at waiting to hear about the fate of his wife, Carole Lombard, and his learning that she had in fact died in a plane crash.

The Pioneer Saloon and Goodsprings have been featured on several ghost hunting shows and a part of several documentaries. The rumor is that this is indeed a haunted location but it is also a great place for an unusual stop on your Vegas vacation where you can have a drink, sing a little karaoke and grab a few unique souvenirs.

4. Dig This Vegas & 5. Speed Vegas

Ready for some unique motorized experiences? Las Vegas has you covered with Dig This and Speed Vegas.

Dig This Vegas is an experience where you can drive and use a variety of heavy machinery whether you are 8 or a 108. If you feel the need to both dig and destroy they even offer a special deal where you drive the excavation equipment and shoot a machine gun. That's an experience you don't find very often.

Then there is Speed Vegas where you can drive a performance speed car such as a Ferrari 458 Italia or Lamborghini Huracan or Gallardo around a race track! This definitely qualifies as an unusual day in Vegas.

6. Atomic Testing Museum & 7. Neon Museum

You don't usually think of going to Las Vegas and going to museums but the interesting history in and around Las Vegas lends itself to a few unique museums to help visitors remember that this town is more than gambling and buffets.

The Atomic Testing Museum is all about the days when the Nevada desert was the atomic and early nuclear bomb testing area and is an interesting and eye opening experience that is definitely worth a visit.

The next museum on the list is the Neon Museum and Graveyard. This cool museum pays respect to the different versions of Las Vegas from its past. As the city has grown old hotels and signs have been destroyed or removed to make way for the newest and latest styles and the Neon Museum is a great trip that shows old Vegas and the early neon art that made it special.

8. KISS Monster Mini Golf & 9. Slotzilla

If a trip to Las Vegas is about over the top experiences then these 2 unique attractions fit the bill. First is the KISS themed Monster Mini Golf at the Hard Rock. This is exactly everything it sounds like it should be from KISS themed everything and fun way to play a little mini golf in the air conditioning. If you are feeling motivated by the rock-n-roll atmosphere, and since this is Las Vegas, you can get married at the mini golf in a KISS inspired wedding!

The next experience takes place at the Fremont Street experience and is a zipline from a slot machine inspired tower called Slotzilla. You can zip from two different heights and while you do you can see the Fremont Street from such a unique view that you won't soon forget riding on Slotzilla.

Wishing you good luck at the slot machines and gambling tables and hope you enjoy the shows, sights and shows when you visit Las Vegas. But I also hope you will take a little time to enjoy a few of these more unusual and uniquely Las Vegas experiences as well and add a few extra memories to your trip.

Be sure to check back again as I plan to add some Las Vegas area destinations that have nothing to do with neon and gambling that you won't want to miss! Just remember the saying that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas but you can keep these memories for a very long time.


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