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Healthy Lifestyle Parents Under Attack in Washington State

Updated on June 6, 2011

Washington State Has the Highest Rate of Vaccine Exemptions

In recent news reports, Washington state has been pegged as the state with the highest rate of vaccine exemptions from parents. Now while that's only 5% of the population who are choosing not to vaccinate their kids, officials are doing a good job of turning it into a very big deal.

Instead of simply taking the CDC report and publishing their pro-vaccine propaganda, they are taking it a step further and creating a new law against vaccine exemptions. They aren't going as far as outlawing the choice to vaccinate or not to vaccinate your kids, but they are going to require that you must get a doctors signature showing that you understand the risks of not vaccinating your child.

Many healthy living parents, including myself, have big issues with this new law. The biggest offense being that the CDC and Washington state legislators are claiming parents are choosing not to vaccinate because of convenience or ignorance, not through a conscious choice to help their kids live a healthier lifestyle.

Some Holes In Their Plans

There are some flaws in the states plans to stomp on parental choices. The first is the clear and blatant disrespect for the freedom of parents to chose how they raise their children. It's not just about educating the select few parents who might be exempting their children for convenience or ignorance. If it were, then the state would just take on an ad campaign to get parents "in the know", or they would just brain wash the kids in school.

The reason they aren't going with that method, is because they know that the small percentage of parents who are choosing to opt out of the herd vaccination programs, are doing so because they are well educated to the facts and chose not to give their children a chance to live naturally. So the state can't hope to convince those same parents through normal propaganda. The state also recognizes it can't corrupt the kids in this case, because most of them are currently in kindergarten. Their still learning to memorize their abc's, which puts a damper on having them memorize all the reasons their parents should think to vaccinate them...

So instead of just putting the news out to the world, and spinning the story in a bad light, they are overstepping the civil rights of parents all over Washington state, and specifically in the puget sound cities. They aren't even giving state residents and parents the right to vote on the issue, more than likely because they know it would never pass. They are just going to write in a rule or change a law, to require that parents get a doctors signature in order to get an exemption from vaccination rules at school.

Another problem with the states plan to cram allopathy on alternative-lifestyle parents, is that they are going to force every parent who doesn't want to take their kids to allopathic doctors, to do so. Which means that those parents will have to pay for that unnecessary visit to a doctor, with no reimbursement. No tax exemption. Nothing. If this new rule is to be put into place to avoid ignorance or lazy parenting, wouldn't it stand that parents who make the choice to exempt their children, should be reimbursed in some way? Why should they have to pay tax dollars for this legislation process to take place, then pay for an unnecessary doctors visit on top of it all?

It's clear that state legislators don't care about the minority, nor do they intend on making sure everyone is represented equally in this state. It's clear that the CDC and Big Pharma are unhappy about the missed profits from alternative lifestyle parents, that they are going to do everything they can to bully their way into your kids arm and your wallet.

Aside from eroding away your parental rights and charging you double for it, the state is also attacking healthy lifestyle parenting, by suggesting that the parents who choose to live that way are simply "avoiding sugar". How's that for adding insult to injury?


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