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Helen Ga Hiking - Raven Cliffs Waterfalls

Updated on October 15, 2010

I have just started hiking within the last few months. After having open heart surgery, and a pacemaker put in, I decided that hiking is a great sport for fairly low aerobic exercise, and great relaxation.

I have hiked a few of the beginner trails such as Anna Ruby Falls, and Dukes Creek Falls, but just this week I tackled the Raven Cliffs falls.

The Raven Cliffs falls turned out to be a perfect hiking trail for a beginning hiker to get their teeth into a trail that’s a bit more challenging. Unlike Anna Ruby falls which is a half mile paved trail, or Dukes Creek falls which is a mile long trail that very clean, cleared, and well maintained, Raven Cliffs is 2-1/2 miles in, and somewhat rugged.

There is a lot of root growth protruding up that can be treacherous if you don’t watch your step, and a few points of jumping across small logs and boulders to get across some wet area and small streams.

There are several what look to be hand built footbridges along the way lending to a real wilderness look and feel. The trail winds along up and down along a mountain stream, which hosts a few spots of small cascading waterfalls. For the most part the trail follows the mountain stream the entire distance allowing for some cooler temperatures, and nice scenery.

Along the Raven Cliffs trail is one section of trail that to the side is a almost 70’ straight drop-off down into a mountain stream that looking over is quite exhilarating. Approximately two hundred yards from the parking area along side the trail is a neat rope swing with a nice ice-cold mountain pool that has been formed by the mountain stream.

Upon approaching the end of the trail, you are expecting some grand finale of a waterfall, you will most likely leave disappointed, however, there is a small waterfall at the top of the trail that’s is maybe 20’ high and not a lot of water. There are sheer rock faces extending probably 70’ high that are nice for photographing, and there are a few nice large rocks where hikers can sit and be right next to the cascading water of the waterfalls making for a nice spot to rest or have a picnic.

If you choose to tackle this hike, good hiking boots are recommended, you do need to be in decent health. The trail winds up and down hill the entire way with minimal steep inclines and or declines. There’s really only a couple of spots that I would consider somewhat steep, but as I mentioned before, I’ve had heart surgery, and a pacemaker put in just months before this hike, and I did just fine.

So if you live in or are visiting Georgia, and you enjoy hiking, and are looking for a mildly challenging hike that is long enough and rugged enough to make you feel like you have met and conqured a challenge, then try this one out.

You can see a lot of the scenery by watching the short high quality HD video. The HD video also has aa few still shots, as well as some fairly enjoyable music to it.

See a growing collection of high quality pictures and HD video of all the unique attractions in and around Helen Georgia

Helen Ga

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    • starstream profile image

      Dreamer at heart 5 years ago from Northern California

      Beautiful hub. I felt like hiking the trail. Your pictures are fabulous. Unfortunately California is such a long way from there. Thanks for bringing this scenic beauty to all of us!