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Helen Ga. Hotels - Hofbrau Riverfront

Updated on October 20, 2010
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If you love visiting Helen Ga., I have the perfect hotel for you. The Hotel is called Hofbrau Riverfront. This cozy little Inn has it all.

If your big on trout fishing, you will truly enjoy being right on the river. Behind the Hofbrau Riverfront Hotel is one of the best trout honey holes in all of Helen Ga. You can start at the bridge right behind the hotel, and wade downstream approximately a half-mile, and you will have covered some of the best hot spots for bringing in fresh rainbow trout anywhere in Helen Ga. The stretch from the back of the Hofbrau Hotel, downstream to the Riverbend Hotel is well shaded with good forest cover, and will almost always deliver your limit of trout.

After catching your dinner, Hofbrau Hotel has a shaded rear concrete deck that overlooks the Chattahoochee River equipped with picnic tables, and grills right behind the guest rooms, perfect for grilling out the fresh rainbow trout catch of the day. Their aint nuthin like fresh grilled rainbow trout, top that off with some fries, and some cole slaw from Betty’s Country Store, and you have a meal to never forget.

Like to jump out of bed, and grab a smoking hot sausage and gravy biscuit before you hit he fishin holes? Not too worry, you don’t even have to get in your car. The Hofbrau Hotel is directly across the street from Helen’s Country Café, which serves up a mean country breakfast, with some good ice-cold Southern Sweet tea to get your blood pumpin.

You don’t even have to worry about paying to park should you decide to jump out for a night on the town by walking the Helen Ga. shopping area. The Hofbrau Hotel is just a short walk right into the main shopping and tourist area of Helen Ga. Also just down the street from the Hofbrau Hotel is Hahn’s Restaurant, where you can enjoy live weekend entertainment, patio dining, and drink away because you won’t need a taxi to get you back to your room if you can walk just a bit.

And like I said, Hofbrau Hotels has it all, even a spotless clean, fresh clear water swimming pool to cool off in on those hot summer days. The prices are very fair; the location serves about any visitor’s interest well, and the hosts are always friendly. The interior and exterior décor are a bit dated, but everything is spotlessly clean, and the décor just adds to the feel of being an older Bavarian style ma and pop Inn. 

So if your aiming to go spend a few relaxing days in Helen Ga., definitely take a look at this little Hotel.

Helen Ga Hotels

Helen Ga.


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