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Helmet Diving (Boracay, Philippines)

Updated on August 9, 2012
Dive Site
Dive Site
Hand Signals
Hand Signals
Hand Signals
Hand Signals
Helmet Diving Equipment
Helmet Diving Equipment

ONE OF the activities you will definitely enjoy while in Boracay, Philippines is “Helmet Diving” or “Reef Walking”. The activity entails descending for about ten (10) feet under seawater wearing a helmet with a hose attached to an oxygen tank. The helmet has transparent plate for the guests to see clearly and observe underwater life. The helmet is heavy but once underwater it is lightweight.

During off-peak season, helmet diving can be enjoyed in Boracay for only Php 400.00 or just less than $ 10.00 (US) inclusive of the boat ride to the site, souvenir pictures and video and use of the helmet dive equipment.

The dive site can be reached after less than thirty (30) minutes boat ride from White Beach in Boracay. The site boast of clear blue waters perfect for an underwater dive. Guests can choose from several establishments that offer helmet diving. It is therefor a good idea to take some effort inquiring which one gives the best service and value for money.

Before going underwater, a short briefing is conducted to acquaint guests on the basics of helmet diving. Trained scuba divers will accompany the guests and act as “guides” during the entire dive. Thus, it is essential for guests to familiarize themselves with the various hand signals for purposes of communicating with the accompanying scuba divers. A miscommunication between the guest and the scuba divers while underwater can compromise safety.

Guests will carefully climb down a ladder and before totally submerging into the water the helmet is put on their heads. There is an annoying pressure on the ears as you descend further to the sea floor. After a while, the pressure is relieved. For thirty (30) minutes, guests can enjoy the beauty of sea and have a close-up view of its colorful flora and fauna.

Helmet diving is relatively safe. The dive as said above is only about ten (10) feet deep. Moreover, the presence of scuba divers gives a further assurance of safety. This activity however is very dependent on the weather. A calm sea means there is less underwater current making it easier to walk on the seabed.

Helmet Diving can also be enjoyed by anyone in whatever age bracket. Children, adults and even senior citizens can experience this activity. In fact, knowing how to swim is not even required. The activity is simply walking on the seabed after slowly going down the ladder. After just a few minutes on the sea floor, guest can easily adjust and feel comfortable walking and breathing normally underwater.

There is also no need for specialized equipment. Guest can come to the dive site simply on their swimming attires. As the water is held off outside the helmet, even those who use glasses can experience helmet diving.

Guests can also forget their underwater cameras, souvenir photos and videos are taken by the scuba divers. The photos and videos are stored in a compact disc with a personalized cover documenting the entire activity. Immediately after concluding with the dive, the cd is given to the guest as part of the package.

Have your tried helmet diving? If you happen to be in Boracay, Philippines, it is surely one activity that should not be missed.


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    • theBAT profile image

      theBAT 5 years ago

      Thank you. Boracay is indeed a great place to visit.

    • blaiddgoch profile image

      blaiddgoch 5 years ago from Wales

      cool! great hub and great pics! makes me want to visit Boracay next time and try it out¬