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Help Us to Plant a Forest?

Updated on April 12, 2017

Tree Planting Holidays Fund Raising has Begun!

Tree Planting Holidays is an organisation set up by Caroline Nettle to go and plant One Million Trees to help to mitigate climate change.

For the best part of Caroline's life she has been completely passionate about the forests, wet or dry, and has travelled extensively due to a wanderlust for our beautiful planet.

When pondering what to do in the face of climate change, she decided to set up this project, and plant a million trees, build sustainable housing so that she could offer holidays for those that wanted to come and plant the forest with her, and provide jobs and micro industries for the local communities.

So Tree Planting Holidays was born!


Can you Help Us Plant A Forest?

There is a lot of information on the website about what we are trying to achieve and this will change over time as projects do!

The first aim is to raise the funds to start to build the sustainable housing...we love the Vahalla Movement and what they have done in the desert in the USA...and we have been looking at other natural builds whilst we raise the funds.

We think it would be fun to make 10 different style houses out of natural materials. The main cafe and restaurant will be styled on the house made by two British people living in France....

One of the designs we are considering...


Of course, we are still researching but the building of this home was featured in the Grand Design programme on Channel 4 and you can find it on Youtube if you are interested in watching how it was built.

We love the spaciousness and the light in this home, and we think we will make this the mainstay for the longer term guests. Naturally, this may change as the project develops, but for now this is where we are going.

Once the buildings are up- one main building with restaurant and some accommodation, and ten naturally built guest houses - we will start the planting. The orchard and vegetable patch will be first and then we will start to prepare the land for the tree planting.

Fund- raising

We are just now launching the fund raising activities and we have a fully fledged sponsorship package that you are welcome to look at if that is of interest to you. Go here for details - Sponsor Tree Planting Holidays.

Can you help us to raise some of the funds? Are you good at selling? Get in touch as we have some ideas that we need some assistance with and would love to hear from you!

If you love the planet and would like to be part of a movement that is trying to help her, and you feel that you have something to offer, please get in touch. This is very much a labour of love and we know that we need a lot of help to make it happen!

Thank you for reading this and please share it with your network- the more of us that are trying to help mother nature, the better!

Written by Caroline Nettle

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