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Hen Night Ideas

Updated on December 19, 2012

Top 7 Hen Party Ideas...

A hen night is all about fun, dressing up in costumes and getting away with the girls! And whilst the guys are running around doing who know's what - let's make sure we out do them when it comes to the "fun stakes!".

So here's my top 7 ideas about what to do on a hen night!

Number 7 - Party Bus

Getting a "party bus" is a great way to get from bar to bar - especially as you'll more than likely be in a new city . So not only will you save on taxis and high heels you'll also get the luxury of your own private bus - full with drinks and tunes - to whisk you from venue to venue!

Now thats luxury!

Number 6 - Fire Engine Tour

Ever thought about being whisked away by a fireman with a giant hose? Then wish no longer!

A great day event is a tour with a group of hunky firemen (most of whom I think double as strippers). I'm not sure if they're more likely to start a few fires than put them out though! :)

Number 5 - Burlesque Dancing

Come on girls admit it, we all love to put on fish net tights and suspenders so an evening spent burlesque dancing kicking our legs head high is the perfect excuse!

This is also definitely something you'll want to bring your cameras for because once your dressed up, you'll really look a million dollars!

Burlesque organisers ususally provide excellent instructors who will show you some ultra sexy moves but also have you in fits of laughter.

Oh, and trust me, you'll definitely be trying some of the moves out later that night!

4 - Strip Show

Come on it would'nt be a hen night without a strip show, right? And whilst there's many to choose from theres always the top hitters like the ones pictured.

But be warned they dont come cheap - some tickets can be up to and above $100!... It's worth it though isn't it...

3 - Cocktail Making

Ok this is serious fun! Normally you'll get a private lesson from a leading mixologist - and of course you'll all get to try each others cocktails to see whos got the flair for mixing.

Also event organisers for this will ensure a special cocktail is created for the bride to be, so you'll all be able to "drink" to the memory for years to come...(as long as it tastes ok, that is!)

2 - Lap Dancing Lessons

Lap and Pole Dancing Lessons are rapidly becoming one of the most popular events for hen night activities. You'll be kitted out in some seriously sexy gear and shown how to writhe and pout like only us gals know how.

Not only is great exercise and hilarious to do as a group, but what a great gift for the groom on his wedding night!

1 - Day at the Spa

After all the firemen, strippers, cocktail making and pole dancing, a girls going to get a little tired, and what better way to relax than getting pampered at a luxurious spa.

And when you return home you'll look so refreshed everyone will think you just had a nice quiet weekend away....(just keep the photos somewhere safe!)

What event would you most like to do?

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Crazy Hen Parties!


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    • Docmo profile image

      Mohan Kumar 6 years ago from UK

      Great ideas- shame men may not be invited! ( even if they are the Brides close friends) is this still the vogue or am I out of touch- having said that I have been to a couple as they were close work colleagues. Scarily but fun!! ( and thankfully not a strip show)