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Hershey at Christmas

Updated on November 15, 2014

Hershey at Christmastime

Hershey at Christmas

Hershey park Candylane at Christmas time is a wonderful place for both the young and the old. The park has Christmas music playing throughout and you find yourself either humming or singing along to the music as you stroll through the park. There are rides that are operating in the park- kiddie rides and some for the adults also.

While strolling through the park, you can take your children to visit Santa's reindeer. There will will find Dasher and the rest of the reindeer who pull Santa's sleigh. There is a caretaker of the reindeer available to tell everyone about the reindeer from what they eat to how they prepare for the Christmas journey. There is even a set of antler's to be able to see and feel. Near the Reindeer stables is an added attraction this year of ice skating. There is a small fee for skate rentals.

  • There are rides open throughout the park. Roller coasters are not open since it is winter. Carrousel is open and while riding, they play a Christmas song. It was built in 1919 and installed in the park in 1944. It is the oldest ride in the park.
  • The train will take you around the park and you will be able to see more of the lights lit all along the route.
  • Skyview is another fun ride open. While sitting and relaxing you will get an aerial view of all the lights in the park.
  • Other rides available are the Busy Bees, ladybugs and helicopters for the children. You will find them so excited and lit up like a Christmas tree from the sights.

There are walking animated figures of the Hershey Bar, Hershey Kiss along with other famous candy bars that children enjoy seeing and getting their picture taken with. They enjoy hugging these figures and their smiles at the sight of the candy bars is priceless. Along the way are many shops open along with food stands for your enjoyment. During park operation hours you can enjoy A Music Box Christmas. Here you can see a show and laugh as the Jingle family puts on their idea of a 'normal' family Christmas.

You will also find Santa's candy cottage along your journey. Santa is available for pictures. They do have package deals for pictures and will allow you to take pictures of Santa and your children with your own camera. At the cottage there is a sign when Santa is available or taking a break. Yes, even Santa Claus needs to take a break periodically.

The lights in the park are seen everywhere. From the trees and bushes to manger scene as you enter the park. There is a kissing lane with beautiful decorated arches. On the roller coaster is usually a Santa with his sleigh all lit up.

Hours of operation for Hershey Candylane are available on This is a must to see anyone who loves Christmas. It is for the young and old alike. There is nothing like driving down to Hershey with Christmas music playing in the car. Then when you get into the park, yes there is fee which includes all the rides that are open, you will really get into the Christmas spirit. One finds even if it is cold, you do not mind it because of the fun you will have.

After you get done visiting the park, walk over to Hershey Chocolate world, which opened in 1973. You can take a free ride through the Great American Tour Ride. On this ride you will learn the history of how Hershey's came to be. They will show you and explain how they get the cocoa beans, and make the chocolate. Also you will smell the delicious aroma of chocolate along the ride. Toward the end of the ride there is a camera and it will snap of picture of your group in the car you are in. If you like to you can then purchase the picture after the tour is over. After the ride you will get a free sample of candy to enjoy.

While in Chocolate world there are little shops available with candy, cakes and cookies. The sweets here make you feel like you have gone to Chocolate heaven! There is also a food court available if you happen to be hungry, Available is food such as pizza, soup and sandwiches.

When you enter Chocolate world to your left, there is a huge decorated Christmas tree. This is a beautiful spot to get pictures taken of your children. We never fail to miss getting pictures taken at that spot.

If you could create your own candy bar what would you put in it? In Chocolate world there is a spot where you can create your own candy bar. You begin with Hershey's milk chocolate then add any ingredients that you would like. Children under 2 who are making their own candy bar are free, for 3 and over there is a fee.

Another creative area and a nice gift is the Hershey Photo Bar Wrapper. Here you will get to pose for a picture and then have it printed on a candy bar wrapper. You will also be able to put your own greeting on the candy bar wrapper. What a wonderful gift for any chocolate lover in the family.

Across the street from the park is an area called Hershey Sweet Lights. Here you stay safely in your warm car and drive through the lighted displays. There are many animated displays that will have you in awe. There is a fee to drive through the display. Hours of operation are Sunday through Saturday.

I would recommend a visit to Hershey at Christmas to anyone. Hershey is located in Central Pennsylvania. The park at Christmas, Chocolate World and Sweet Lights is something for the whole family to enjoy together. Remember to bring along your camera to be able to capture lots of pictures and memories.



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