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Hidden Things to Do in the Vernon New Jersey (NJ) area

Updated on May 17, 2015

I must admit, many people who come here to Vernon NJ, complain about how few things there to do here. And, in a way, they’re right. Because many of them come from suburban or city areas, Vernon is a huge letdown. There are no malls, no huge areas of entertainment, and if you happen to go for a walk, you most likely will see less than ten people, unless you live in Great Gorge, the condos. All in all, not much seems to go on in this little town. However, Vernon and the surrounding area do offer some unique activities that you won’t find in a city. These things just tend to be a little harder to find. Here are some things that people may not have thought of in and around this small (in population only) town.

Horseback Riding.

Horseback Riding.

Vernon offers not one, but four separate farms for riding horses. Oxbow farm on State route 94 offers lessons and boarding, that I know of. I have heard that the trails are suited for both the beginning or the advanced rider. Fox Ridge Farm, off of Route 515 not only offers lessons, but also a riding “camp” for children, where they learn not only how to ride, but to also care for the horses. Quiet Creek Stables offers pleasant trail rides through the valley, as does the Legends trails, also located off of Route 94, near Mountain Creek

Cherry Ridge Shooting Range.

I've been here several times, and enjoyed myself each time. The fact that there is little around this area is also slightly reassuring. They're open from 8:30am until sundown most of the year. They only take off for two weekends and Christmas Day. They have very knowledgeable employees, and have some different range options. Not only do you have access to a rifle range, but also a high power rifle range, and an archery range! It's a very open area, and I have not had any problems the few times that I've been here. I honestly wish that I could get out here more often! Cherry Ridge Shooting Range is located on Canistear Road, off of Route 23.

Crystal Springs Resort

This resort offers plenty to guests. This Resort is perfect for the people who don't necessarily want to enjoy the outdoors. There are not one, not two, but SEVEN different golf courses available through Vernon, all from this resort. There are three different Hotels, one on the grounds of Mountain Creek Skiing area and Water park. Two separate spas offer :Massages and body treatments, Facials, Skin care ,Manicures, Pedicures, Salon Services and,Waxing. If you need to escape the city, but don't enjoy the outdoors, this resort is perfect. This resort is also a great place to hold a wedding! It's right in the middle of town, in the valley. There are some amazing views!

Mountain Creek

Mountain Creek is right at the heart of Vernon. In the winter there is skiing, snowboarding and snow tubing available. There are many many, skiing trails to choose from, all starting at the tops of three mountains. There are three ski lifts, and tow parks for skiing/snowboarding. The Red Tail Lodge has rentals, a lovely restaurant, and for those on the go, a Starbucks! During the summer months, on the mountain is a medium size water park including a large wave pool. One of the more well known( As well as my favorite) rides is the Colorado River Rapids. When they say white water rapids, they mean it. I would not advise young children for this ride. H2-Oh No, and High Anxiety are also well known rides here, but there are many awesome, not as well known rides. Cannonball falls and the Tarzan Swing are just two examples.

Old Lafayette Village

Located in Lafayette, ten miles from Vernon, this village is comprised of small, quaint stores as well as outlets. It can almost be considered an outside mall of sorts, as none of the stores are connected. It’s a beautiful place, with plenty of trees and a duck pond in the center of the village. Not too far from here, is the town of Newton. It's a small city, and also offers excellent shopping venues.

These are the top five things that I’ve found to do around this small town. There are in fact, many more, too many to list here. The area itself is beautiful, and I have often taken long walks around Vernon just to photograph the scenery. I would recommend this soothing vacation spot for just about anyone.


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