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Education in Spain

Updated on February 12, 2012

Spain has been getting hammered in the news yet despite all the negativity in the media Spain still remains one of the top 10 destinations for tourist and expats. Spain also has one of the best educational systems in all of Europe and this has helped with the influx of students.

The current world market condition has affected every country in one way or another. This has put Spain at a disadvantage while its government has struggled to keep the money flowing and a high standard of education in which Spain is known for. The government has not scrimped on the higher education cost which is why foreign students are still flocking to this country.

Spain Public University
Spain Public University

Spain Public University

The development of any country is strictly tied to the level of education that the country is giving to its populace. With the higher standards of education in Spain, it has produced a high level of skilled labor for the workforce. This has also allowed Spain to start their recovery faster than in most other countries. The cost of high skilled labor in Spain is quite high, but it will even out and make the investment in this workforce a wise investment.

Some, of you may be thinking what’s the defiance in Spain? Most developed countries have all kinds of higher education why is Spain different? Well it’s not just about book work in the larger universities of Spain. Students are required to get a certain number of hours in their professions. They have to learn the craft from vocational technology schools to the medical degrees given out every year. Since not everyone can handle a white-collar job, the blue-collar is the backbone of any economy. So the technical and vocational schools put considerable effort in getting the maximum of any hands on experience they can provide students.

These are some of the reasons that many students around the world have made Spain there home for higher education. Many students apply from many parts of the world not just to the high class schools but also for the vocational and technical schools. Used and learning together all the schools in Spain provide the necessary workforce needed to get the local and world economies going again.

This has also opened the doors for another profession that is directly related to Spain, and that is teaching. The teaching profession in Spain is highly respected around the world and has some of the highest paid educators of all levels of education. If, you have the credentials and work experience to teach, in Spain it is highly recommended you apply.

Now, if you do not have the proper qualifications to teach in Spain or are an expat looking for work. There are opportunities to teach English as a foreign language or to teach Spanish if you are fluent in the language. Now they may not be as highly paid, but they are still just as respected since education is of utmost importance to most people in Spain. So, having the proper credentials for the job is an added benefit but the requirement of the university will always remain high since they now have a world standard to live up to.


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  • expats profile image

    expats 7 years ago from UK

    I don't see a lot being written about education in Spain, so this was a pleasant read. I would imagine that the teaching profession is still one of those areas where British expats can still find work. Having said that, as public workers they have suffered the recent 5% wage cut by the Spanish government in its austerity package.