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Hiking or Driving the Mohawk Trail

Updated on November 1, 2015

New York, Massachusetts and Vermont - The Mohawk Trail

The Mohawk Trail
The Mohawk Trail | Source

Mohawk Trail Massachusetts

Mass. | Source

The Mohawk Trail

The original Mohawk Trail in the United States was made by the Mohawk tribe. They could use it to travel north and south. They were a large tribe and they would use it to travel and go to their different destinations. The Mohawk tribe is in northern New York state now and Canada. In the old days their land would stretch a long way. The trail runs from Maine down to Georgia in the United States. The Mohawk Trail is also called the Appalachian Trail sometimes.

The Mohawks would go down to where New York City is now even and collect taxes from the natives there. They must have not liked it when that tribe decided to sell the land there.

My mother was partly Mohawk and she showed me the trail in Connecticut. It was just down the road. I could see the blue paint marks on the trees. There would be a blue mark and then you would look for the next blue mark in order to follow the trail.

Now I am finding that the regular main trail has white paint marks. The blue marks are supposed to be trails that are going off the main trail. There are also different combinations of the marks to tell you what is happening. There is an explanation about it on the links about the Mohawk trail. There are also stone piles called cairns that mark the trail in some areas where there are not enough trees.

Many people go hiking on the Mohawk trail each year. It is a beautiful area. It is something that a lot of people know about. It is supposed to be safe but you still need to take care. It is out in the country but still you need to be careful. The advice is to go with more than just one person. Some people do go alone. It is much safer to travel on it in a group.

It is not something that is really easy to do to just go and hike on the trail. It does take a lot of planning. You need to plan about where you will stay. It is a really long trail. One of the best things to do might be just to go to the trail and just hike a little bit of it. If you are used to hiking it could be easier.

It would take you a really long time to hike the whole trail. Most people don't really hike the whole thing. They usually pick out some part that they decide to do. There is the Massachusetts part that is famous. Then there is something like the Smokey Mountains if someone wants to see the southern part of it.

The idea for this, as in many hiking trips, is so that they will have a feeling of accomplishment after having completed the hike. They like going out and seeing some nice views.

Mohawk Trading Post on The Mohawk Trail


The Appalachian Trail

US map with the Appalachian or Mohawk Trail
US map with the Appalachian or Mohawk Trail | Source

Hiking on the Appalachian Trail

Where to Stay

There are several bed and breakfasts and other hotels in the Massachusetts area and other locations. That is where many of the people will stay that go up and hike on vacation there from New York City,etc. They want to have all the comforts from home. But there are not always hotels available on the trail. There could be hostels in the area.

If someone really wants to travel a long distance on the trail to gain the whole experience they need to go hiking and bring a tent.

There are shelters that are placed on the trail. They are called lean-tos in the North and huts in other places. The shelters are places where anyone can stay. It may be too crowded if a lot of people are there. It would be up to the individual if they want to stay there or not. On the one hand that could be good if they wanted to meet people. But it could also not work out that well. It could be better to look for an alternative. They can be placed near camping sites along the way.

If the shelters are too crowded you need to be able to go and hike on your own and put up a tent.

Mohawk Trail View


Black Bear on the Appalachian Trail

Dangers of the Trail

The Mohawk Trail could be a dangerous place. If you are not careful you could get lost. It is not really a good idea to go alone.

There was a girl I heard of that was going to go travel on it alone. She was going to take a knife with her. I don't think it would be a good idea. It is not recommended.

To someone that is not used to being alone in the woods at all it could be frightening. To city people it could turn into something that is not fun just being out there. There is not really too much trouble there. Most people know what they are doing. There are other people there on the trail. The thing is that you might not always see other people depending on where you are.

So one thing to watch out for is other people. There could be someone around that could cause trouble. People around there could be used to bringing guns with them especially the guys.

When it is hunting season you need to be careful you don't get shot at. It is better not to wear white to get taken for a deer. It is better to wear a bright color. The website is stating not to even go there in hunting season as it may be dangerous.

The big danger you might face in Connecticut going through it would be poison ivy. The threat at night in the woods is mosquitoes. You do need repellent for them. There are not really many dangerous animals there. But there was a bear seen there in a small town where I am from. You do need to watch out. There are bears when you get down South in the parks. There are also some poisonous snakes and also snakes that are harmless.

If you do need to call for danger or an emergency, you are supposed to yell three times in order to get attention.

Massachusetts by the Trail

Massachusets | Source

Cornwall, Connecticut

Yellow Lady's Slipper - These are not supposed to be picked or dug up.
Yellow Lady's Slipper - These are not supposed to be picked or dug up. | Source

Final Word

There are no fees to go on the trail but it has been noted that there are national parks that it goes through that do charge a fee. There could be a fee if you want to camp there. They also have different rules and regulations in the national parks of the United States. Some of them do not allow dogs.

The hills are not that high in Massachusetts. It is not Switzerland or Colorado. But that is okay with me. I like it the way it is. New England is known for having beautiful foliage in the fall. There are a lot of people that want to take vacations in New England.

There are different trailfests and get togethers that they have on the trail along the way.


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Mohawk Trail Sign


Hiking the Appalachian Trail

Smokey Mountains

Smokey Mountains
Smokey Mountains | Source

Raven Rocks, West Virginia


Mohawk Trail Bridge


Hiking Gear to Take




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