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Hippest Hotel Bars in London that You Must Visit

Updated on August 8, 2013
London Bars
London Bars

Hotel Bars in London

If it's glamour and style you crave with your drinks, then look no further than hotel bars in London. Luxury hotels in London are not just perfect to stay in but also to drink in. The best part is that you do not have to be a hotel guest to sip a cocktail in these drinking heavens. And if you get to stay at these lodgings, then nothing is better than that. From rooftop bars to a cosy drinking dens, whatever is you pick, London has it all. Take a tour of some of the hotel bars that truly stand apart.

Vista Opening

Vista Bar
Vista Bar

Vista Bar- Best for Rooftop Views

If its rooftop views you are after, then Vista is the best place for you. Get your favourite concoction and find a cosy corner at this unique bar set in Trafalgar Hilton. Look around and you will see stunning views of the city's landmarks like Big Ben and London Eye. Lustrous and inspiring design features a sheer blend of black, white, and pink. Drinking outdoor may sound crazy in the freezing weather but the bar remains open in colder months too. To keep the cold at bay, it is full-covered and heated during winters for your comfort. Besides delighting your eyes, the bar offers a scrumptious menu to tantalise your taste buds. The cocktails, tapas, and sharing platters, all are as you would expect form a bar set in a luxury accommodation

Address: 2 Spring Gardens, Trafalgar Square, London

Celebrities at May Fair Bar
Celebrities at May Fair Bar

May Fair Bar Location

May Fair Bar-Best for Celeb-Spotting

Are you looking for some glitz and glamour of Hollywood? May Fair bar is the right choice for you. The Lilac inspired interior and painting of Tibetan monks might not appeal to everyone but its best for those who want to raise a drink with the stars. This swankiest place is become a hotspot for famous faces, so you might get a chance to hang out with your favourite superstar. Renowned as one of the best hotel bars in London, this drinking hole offers perfect blend of attractive décor and attentive service. Plus the extensive menu featuring over 40 signature drinks will leave you loose-lipped and satiated. Combining classic and the modern, the bar is an essential stop on your London visit.

Address: Stratton Street, W1J 8LL, London

Light Bar
Light Bar

Light Bar- Best for DJ Nights

Set inside St Martins Lane, A Morgans Original, this breath-taking bar offers a club-like ambience with its stunning use of ambient lighting. Taking the concept of mood lighting to new heights, this bar offers a perfect balance of elegance and casualness. The colourful lights give a bold feel while the pictures of people making funny expression unexpectedly create a light-hearted setting. Extensive and exquisite menu of drinks includes the now popular cocktails like Raspassion Martini and Lighten UP Champagne. Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays feature popular DJs which is why it has become a hotspot for London clubbers.

Address: 45 St. Martin's Lane, WC2N 4HX, London

Purple Bar
Purple Bar

Purple Bar- Best to Drink like Royals

If you want to bathe in luxury, this glitzy bar at Sanderson, A Morgans Hotel is perfect for you. With stunning lilac décor, royal interior, and sumptuous drinks menu, the bar takes extravagance to new heights. Featuring lavender silk curtains, mauve king size chairs, and purple engraved Venetian mirrors, it seems a purple crystal has fallen on the earth. It makes you feel as if you have entered into Alice’s Wonderland. Lush and elegant ambience will set your mood while the drinks menu will satiate your thirst for cocktails. Several martinis are on offer based on the original martinis belonging to 1860s.

Address: 50 Berners Street, W1T 3NG, London

K Lounge Bar
K Lounge Bar

K Lounge Bar- Best for Cocktails

Located in K West Hotel & Spa, this sumptuous bar offers a welcoming atmosphere and a perfect chance to enjoy the best of London’s nightlife. Stop by to have a drink and meet sophisticated crowd of the city. As the soft tunes turn into hard beats, you will not be able to resist stepping on the dance floor. Because of its top DJs, the bar is frequented by both locals and the tourists. The drink menu is as unique as the décor. Pick your favourite brew from a range of modern and classic drinks. Plus, the cushioned sofas and candlelit tables add to the overall drinking experience.

To get an overview of their cocktail menu, click here.

Address: Richmond Way, W14 0AX, London

If you happen to visit London soon, plan you stay at one of the hotels with bars to enjoy a best drinking experience ever.


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