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Historical Places in Russia

Updated on December 26, 2011

As we think about Russia immediately, the face of the Russian Bolshevik Leader Lenin comes in our mind. The place is consisting of historical legendary place of Kremlin. We know the history of the October Revolution that started in November with the occupation of St. Petersburg by the groups of Bolsheviks. It is known as October Revolution because the Russian Calendar was a few weeks behind the calendar which most of the world uses.

Moscow-When we are in this land, we do have many historical as well as beautiful places to see. As far as it comes about the historical places at the very first, we have to visit Moscow. The most remarkable city started as a very little regional colony only that turn into one of the biggest epicenters of Russia. The amazing history of the place that might be fully incomplete without mentioning The Red Square, and your eyes will be starred with wonderful Cathedral of Basil, which is identified as one of the enduring representations of Russia. In fact, this is that historical place where you can pay your homage to the famous communist leader who died in 1924, and his body had been laid in a tomb of one and only Red Square in Moscow. Just be back you will find the golden arched square Kremlin, the source of power where the name of many legendary dictators had performed from their desk, and we can name one of them Stalin. Apart from this across the capital, you will find the malls, galleries, open market places with splendid boutiques. As far the transport information, you can choose metro the best presentation to Soviets from Stalin only.

Pskov-Next you can move towards the northwestern direction to visit another most important historical place near to Estania, and it is the ancient and chronological place Pskov. This place is crowded many pictures, churches magnificent architecture. Within a short time, you can reach to the landmark of Pechory. If you're fond of the monastery, this place should not be missed. The history of this splendid monastery is started in 1473.

St Petersburg – crowned city of Russia, the most charming one with full of magnificent buildings, monuments and rich in historical tales. Towards the close of the ninenth century Russsia was the largest country. The vast land the ruled by the Russian emperor from St Petersburg was called Tsar until the revolutionary period. You will find numbers of flamboyant city to entertain you.

You can obviously choose the place of Tsars to find the heritage of the Soviet country. You can see the city town the Hermitage collection. This is called as one best collections of the world. See Paul Fortess and Peter their interior designs. Do not miss to the prisoners place and Trotsky.

You can have a short more to see the cathedral of St Issac – it is also one of the world's best cathedrals, the church of Spilled. The history of this place is this was built on that place where Tsar Alesandar II was killed. Finally, you also visit the amazing place of Summer Garden. Besides this there is lot, many places of Russia to visit awaited to entertain you.


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  • Hello, hello, profile image

    Hello, hello, 5 years ago from London, UK

    Ialways would like to go there but never got round to it. I can imagine to be a great experience and unforgetable. Great hub.