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Real History of Motels

Updated on April 21, 2017

What is Motel ?

Motel is the best place to stay for the vehicle or say car be lovers. The person who loves their vehicles too much, the first choice of there is Motel. As in Motel you can get full accommodations like hotel and also you can get direct path to move to parking area.

Most of the traveller’s choice is now motels when they are having night tours. In night journey might you also want to be your vehicle near by you? Then your selection is motels only. Now motels are more in demand comparing to history of motels. Mostly in US and other countries you can find more amount of motels now. You can find even chain motels like chain hotels now.


Let us now know about the history of motels. In 1920 the first motels had been established in US Interstate Highway. These highways is much comfortable for the travellers to travel so most of traveller uses this highway but they were facing one problem while travel night journey as they didn’t found any hotels or lodging facilities near by highway so Motel sprang up. Travellers then always prefer to stay in Motel as motel provides the facilities for the overnight stay, parking facilities and lodging.

If talking on history of motels in 1925 the first motel is the Milestone Mo-Tel of San Luis Obispo which is now named as Motel Inn in the world constructed by Arthur Heineman at a cost of $80,000. You might be interested in knowing how the Motel name is provided isn’t it? It is the merged form of motor and hotel. At that time motels are not even costly though it provides various facilities to stay so most people uses motel to stay.

Now motels are been replaced by Holiday Inn chain but you can find now even some old motels which are providing facilities at low rates in US. In past or say in history of motels you can find difference and is that in old motels the facilities of parking and lodging was provided and now also the food and entertainment facilities with parking facilities are provided.

Delicious Facilities for the Travelers

But then motels are cheaper then hotels as now even it is available with affordable rates.
Now even chain motels are available with delicious facilities for the travellers.


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