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Howard Johnson in Gardendale Alabama Hotel Review

Updated on July 30, 2011

I'm real funny about the hotels that I stay in. This time, I felt like being adventurous and staying at a motel... I have heard decent things about the HoJo, and felt it was the right price for the night. I needed something cheap to keep my expenses down.

I got cheap.

The people at the desk were great. I'll definitely start with that. Considering that we checked in around midnight on a Friday, the young men at the desk were very polite. They even joked around with us.

We were een able to park the truck and car dolly at the front of the motel, so that the cameras would be able to keep it in view in case anyone tried to steal the lightweight dolly.

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When walking into the room, my first thought was, "it may not be so bad." But the more that I walked around, the more leary I became.

I will admit that the air conditioning unit in the room worked very well. We froze all night. It got so cold that no one wanted to get up to turn down the A/C.

The overall room appeared clean, but it just gave me som sort of weird feel to it. I don't know if it was the stiff bed and sheets, or the dark carpet.

When it came to the free continental breakfast, things were laking. The only choices were two types of cereal, muffins, toast, or a banana. I guess, when you're paying very little for the hotel, one cannot expect a hot breakfast with choices of waffles.

Personally, this wasn't my favorite hotel, but I guess for the price, it wasn't all that bad. Would I stay there again? Maybe, but there are no promises.

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Water stain on ceilingHole in ceilingLarge crack in toilet
Water stain on ceiling
Water stain on ceiling
Hole in ceiling
Hole in ceiling
Large crack in toilet
Large crack in toilet

 Problems with the Howard Johnson motel in Birmingham:

  • Weird water stains in the bathroom.
  • Hole in the ceiling.
  • Crack in the toilet.
  • Overall stiff feel of a motel.

The room was not all that comforting. I felt like wearing my shoes while there was probably safe.

The shower was small, and if you're a tall or bigger sized person, you may find that when bending over to wash, you rump may touch the tile wall of the shower.

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