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Hobbit Bar in New Zealand

Updated on December 9, 2014

The hobbit pub is located in the tourist village of Hobbiton near Matamata, New Zealand. The tourist village of Hobbiton is a little town that has already opened for the public in 2002. The location of the Hobbit pub is exactly same with the Lord of the Ring trilogy was filmed. The pub actually was made for exciting experiences because his pub was created like it's really for hobbit or little people. The hobbit pub is officially open by John Key, a New Zealand Prime Minister around November 2012.

The hobbit pub happens to be part of the arranged for Peter Jacksonā€™s Lord of The Ring trilogy, where they made the pub exactly same with the human size and was being constructed in New Zealand, even though it had been burned down on purpose, while filming part of the scene from Lord of The Ring Trilogy. But, on the other hand, the hobbit pub is also used even in short appearance on the scene where Bilbo Baggins complies with the dwarfs before they embark to make another movie called The Hobbit: An unexpected Journey. So, this mean they actually rebuilt the Pub for movie purpose. And now the film is out on the theatres and became successful worldwide. This time they didn't knock down the bar, and it can open for business. Brian Massey as the Art Director and project management led the hobbit pub construction and named it: The Greed Dragon Pub, he works along with 80 workers and teamed up to give addition to decorate the site of the Green Dragon Pub to be more attractive. The Green Dragon pub is designed carefully with precise details themed so that the visitor can feel the sensation like being in a real hobbit bar.


The pub is officially open for the public in December, 1st 2012. Since Hobbit figures are typically so small, the Hobbit pub ended up being created with a variety of small features such as tables and chairs but still preserving the space composition that is truly able to accommodate an average sized for adults. The location of the Hobbit pub is in a wonderful natural environment that has many natural furnishing and other fascinating items. There are four special sips of the brew that can be found here. The special sips are light English bitter ale, traditional English ale with 3.8% alcohol/volume, slightly stronger cider and non-alcoholic ginger beer.

Russell Alexander, manager of the Hobbit pub estimated that the launch of the Hobbit movie will provide at the very least 100,000 visitors in the subsequent year. It will become a good growth of visitor, because Hobbiton have been visited frequently and has brought a lot of visitors by 300, 000 people within the past decades. As for now, the Hobbit pub has been expanded by including 44 "Hobbit Holes" or houses for Hobbit, that attribute the characteristic feature of circle doors that are popular in the movie. Since the hobbit pub is successful to attract various visitors from around the world, George Hickton as Hobbiton board director and former Tourism New Zealand boss stated of that perhaps in future it will be potential to add the hobbit pub with other features such as place for overnight stays.


The picture above is the hobbit pub, known as the Green Dragon pub where you can enjoy the atmosphere just like in the Lord of the Rings film. The Hobbit pub is actually an authentic bar just like bar we use to watch the Lord of the Rings movie and not the replica because this bar was used for the movie sets.


You can see the interior which has a characteristic like in the Lord of the Rings movie. There is a round door and also and some furniture such as tables and small chairs that are made of wood.

Inside the bar
Inside the bar | Source

As you can see on the picture above which it is the inside of the pub, we can see many charming and awesome furniture and woodworking, there is also casks of ale, pillars that are made from wood and ample space for beer enthusiasts. On the right side, there is a bar near the entrance and we can see the round entrance door just like in the Lord of the Rings movie.


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    • ryanjhoe profile image

      ryanjhoe 4 years ago from Somewhere over the rainbow

      Wow! I envy that you already come over there haha. Would love to go there since I'm the fan of LOTR. The place seems so great even just seeing it from the picture. :)

    • ryanjhoe profile image

      ryanjhoe 4 years ago from Somewhere over the rainbow

      Thank you for stopping by and thank you for the compliment. I so much appreciate it and have a great day for you too :)

    • Iammattdoran profile image

      Matt Doran 4 years ago from Manchester, UK

      I visited Hobbiton in December just 3 days after the Green Dragon had opened. We didn't know about this so it was nice to get a beer in there at the end of the tour. I'm no big LOTR fan but it was pretty cool wondering around the movie set.

    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 4 years ago from Wales

      A brilliant hub which I thoroughly enjoyed and now look forward to so many more by you.

      This one voted up.

      Have a great day.