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Holiday Villas in Cyprus

Updated on August 14, 2013

Beautiful Cyprus

Cyprus is an island of almost 1,000 kmĀ², that is located in the Mediterranean Sea, close to Europe, Asia, and also Africa. It is described by some as a stepping stone to these three major continents. Cyprus has a dramatic and rich history that spans over a period of 9,000 years. There are archaeological sites on Cyprus that date back to the Neolithic age, as well as many artifacts left behind by the ancient Greeks and Romans.

As well as being a country with many historical attractions, tourists flock every year to Cyprus to enjoy the beautiful beaches and almost perfect climate. Cyprus has a natural beauty that can be explored along the rugged coastlines and mountain ranges.

When on holiday in Cyprus, you can stay in one of the many hotels, or considerholiday villas in Cyprus that can be rented directly from the owner, or through agencies.

Renting Holiday Accommodation From the Owner

These days many people are opting to rent a holiday apartment or villa directly from the owner rather than staying in a hotel. This is a trend that is not only taking place in Cyprus, but in many holiday destinations all over the world. There are a number of reasons for this, and one reason is that it has become very easy for property owners to make contact with holidaymakers thanks to the Internet. All a holidaymaker has to do is visit a rental by owner portal or website, and browse through the available accommodation. Once she has found the type of property she is searching for, she can contact the owner via a link on the website.

Another reason could be due to the fact that most countries have experienced a slowdown in the property market during the last 3 to 5 years. This has led to more people willing to rent their properties as they are unable to sell them.

Cyprus has some beautiful hotels, but every year more people are opting to stay in a private rental
Cyprus has some beautiful hotels, but every year more people are opting to stay in a private rental

Benefits of Staying in Private Holiday Accommodation

Cyprus has some very beautiful and luxurious hotels, but there are benefits to staying in private accommodation. One of these is that you will have far more privacy in a villa than in a hotel. Very often you will have a swimming pool for your own use that you do not have to share with other villas in the area.

A holiday villa in Cyprus is a great choice if you have young children. Many kids do not adapt well to foreign foods, and trying to entice them to eat strange hotel food at set times of the day can be frustrating and stressful. It can also work out quite expensive if they refuse to eat, and you have to purchase additional meals at local restaurants. When staying in private rented accommodation you will not have this problem as you can simply prepare them foods that they are used to, at times that it suits you and them. This does not mean you will be a slave to the kitchen when you are on holiday, as you can always eat out if you prefer. You can also find luxury villas where there is full maid service and even a full private staff.

A further benefit of staying in a holiday villa is that you will have all mod cons available that you have on hand at home. Some hotel rooms do not even have a fridge, and this can be a nuisance when the weather is very hot as you will find yourself frequently going down to the hotel bar to purchase cold drinks.


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    • whatswhatnow profile image

      whatswhatnow 6 years ago from Spain

      Yes, it really is a beautiful place!

    • Bianu profile image

      Bianu 6 years ago from Africa

      Oh this is nice. Cyprus looks so inviting. Nice Hub.