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Holiday in Australia: Visit Australia Tourist Attractions and Australian Cities

Updated on May 31, 2011

Australia is a great country to go for a short or a longer holiday. Australia is known for its laid back attitude, the Outback, its native animals such as the kangaroo and the koala but also for its famous cities and landmarks, such as the Opera House in Sydney. Be sure to arrange a tourist visa as a visa is required to enter Australia.

In this article I'll share some well-known places in Australia that you could visit during your holiday in Australia. Simply pick a destination or travel around on a working holiday visa (this visa is specifically for young people). In the future I might also add more information about other Australian cities and destinations, such as Brisbane and Adelaide.

I've written quite a few articles about travelling around Australia and I'll share them with you in this broad article about this country.

Australia | Source


Australia is among the largest countries in the world and it's natural diversity provides many nice destinations for tourists. You can go to the red Outback, you can enter the water near the Great Barrier Reef not far from Cairns or you can go party in Sydney and Melbourne.

Have a look at the following articles for more information about Australia. I'll discuss some Australian cities later in this article.

Hostel dorm room.
Hostel dorm room. | Source

Backpacking around Australia

Among young people Australia is popular for backpacking: just take all your stuff with you and travel around by plane, bus, train and anything else that moves.

Many people also go to New Zealand because it's relatively nearby and for many it takes quite a while to travel to the land down under and the land of the kiwis. It all depends on your budget of course!

I've travelled around Australia and I've written down my experieces in the following articles. Have a look at these articles if you're going to travel around by backpacking!

Sydney Opera House
Sydney Opera House | Source


In Sydney you'll find the famous Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The Sydney Opera House is a symbol of the city but also the country as a whole. Indeed, for this reason Sydney is a popular tourist destination in Australia!

The city draws large crowds at the end of each year for its spectacular celebrations and fireworks. You can celebrate the New Year before the rest of the world here!

Other popular places in and around Sydney are the Blue Mountaints, Bondi Beach and Manly Beach.

Flinders Street Station, Melbourne.
Flinders Street Station, Melbourne. | Source


Melbourne is really one of my personal favorites. It has been ranked as one of the most liveable cities in the world (actually, many Australian cities are doing quite well in these rankings).

Melbourne is a big city but not as busy as Sydney. It has a European feel to it and you'll find a bit of everything there: many parks, culture and restaurants and other eating establishments.

Some of the attractions here are Flinders Street Station, the Great Ocean Road and visiting Phillip Island. You can also go to the rainforest in the Dandenong Ranges and you can feed kangaroos nearby in Ballarat, Victoria. The city Ballarat is also known for Sovereign Hill, a recreation of a gold mining town. This is a reference to the rich history of Ballarat as a gold mining town.

Another sight near Melbourne is The Grampians National Park with beautiful rock formations.

Have a look at the following articles for more information about Melbourne:

Great Barrier Reef, Australia.
Great Barrier Reef, Australia. | Source


Cairns has all the looks of a tourist holiday town: it has an esplanade, a large outdoor swimming pool, a hot climate and its close proximity to the Great Barrier Reef makes it an ideal starting point for snorkelers and divers.

There is also a rainforest, in the Daintree Rainforest National Park, which also draws large numbers of visitors.

In Cairns itself there is not much to do but it's a good place to relax in between your short and long day trips in the region. You can sail on luxurious boats and enjoy the sun, you can go into the water and you can, if you fancy, also do a bungee jump.

Habitat of termites in the Litchfield National Park.
Habitat of termites in the Litchfield National Park. | Source


Darwin is the capital of the Northern Territory of Australia. It is part of the outback and you'll find red sand here as well as a large Aboriginal population.

Darwin is really a destination for those interested in Australian nature because there is not much to do in the city itself. There are various national parks and sights nearby, such as Litchfield National Park, Kakadu National Park and the Katherine Gorge.

This region is also known for its crocodiles and you can see some live crocodiles in the Crocosaurus Cove right in the heart of Darwin City.

Uluru or Ayers Rock, Australia.
Uluru or Ayers Rock, Australia. | Source

Alice Springs and Uluru

Alice Springs and Uluru are often mentioned together because they are both right in the middle of Australia! Uluru is an interesting rock formation not that far from the town of Alice Springs. Uluru (also known as Ayers Rock) is a big red rock and it's a rather famous natural icon of Australia.

Many travellers visit this area of Australia to experience the true Outback region. From what I've heard there is not else to do besides exploring the nature and wildlife of the Outback, in particular a visit to Uluru, but that does not make the destination any less spectacular.

You can take a flight there and find yourself in the middle of the Australian Outback with typical red sand below you and the scorching sun above you.

Skyline of Perth, Australia.
Skyline of Perth, Australia. | Source


Although many tourists in Australia go to the cities and beaches along the east coast, the city of Perth along the west coast should not be ignored. It's far from all major cities in Australia so you'll have to make a decisive choice to go there, it's not "just a few hours drive" away.

In Perth you can see many aboriginal objects in museums and you can explore the country side (including outdoor activities such as hiking and mountain biking). Some well-known attractions in Perth are the Perth Zoo, the Bell Tower (Swan Bells) and the Aquarium of Western Australia (AQWA).

As a port city there are many water tours and nearby small paradises that you can visit. There are many secluded bays, beaches and canals to explore. You can also come across marine wildlife such as dolphins and seals.

Red crab on Christmas Island.
Red crab on Christmas Island. | Source

Christmas Island

Christmas Island is an Australian territory; it is rather far from mainland Australia but still a nice place for a holiday. Due to its name you can also have your Christmas dinner there! Christmas Island consists mostly of a National Park and you can participate in various water activities, such as scuba diving and snorkelling.

Christmas Island is also famous for its red crabs and the migration that takes place here every year.

Have a look at the following articles for more information about Christmas Island:

Map of Australia

A markerAustralia -
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      Sharon Douglas 7 years ago from GA, United States

      Wow very nice! Thanks for posting this article. Interesting country!

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      Australia is the best place to visit if you like surf and women in bikini, or diving to see the well known Great Barrier Reef!