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Holiday in Orlando-Fun for all the Family

Updated on April 4, 2011

Family Fun Orlando Style

Orlando, Florida is the major theme park capital of the world. It is always at the top of the list of family fun and entertainment. Anyone who visits Florida or has kids should visit Orlando’s attractions such as the Epcot Center, Disney MGM Studios, Universal Orlando, SeaWorldOrlando, and Magic Kingdom Park. Your kids will not be bored in Orlando because it has an abundance of hotels, resorts, and fun activities. All year round, the Florida climate stays warm which makes it a great place to visit.

Kennedy space centre
Kennedy space centre | Source

Not Just Disney

Universal Orlando features a HarryPotter theme park inside it. Other top draws are The Mardi Gras, Grad Bash, Halloween Horror Nights, and the Macy's Day parade. The Ripley’s Believe It or Not sinking Orlando Auditorium is sure to be great fun for the kids. Aside from the theme parks, here are other world-renowned attractions to visit in Orlando:

Kennedy Space Center is just a short drive away from Orlando’s theme parks. Here you can tour launch areas, view a space launch, or see giant rockets and astronauts. This popular site for millions of tourists has high technology interactive visuals that are not just entertaining but also educational.

Holy Land
Holy Land | Source

Family Theme Parks

Orlando brings a touch of the Middle East through the Holy Land Experience - a park that features biblical scenes from thousands of years ago. The modern performances here use songs and dances bring to life the culture and feel of both modern and ancient Israel. Learn about the wilderness tabernacle and the great temple, or catch a glimpse of an amazing miniature replica of ancient Jerusalem. This is a great place to relearn the ancient history of the bible and relive the holy land experience, in stunning detail, like you won’t believe.

Gatorland, one of central Florida’s oldest attractions, is a protected habitat for alligators, making it the world’s alligator capital. The creatures naturally conserved in this 110-acre site at the head of the famous Florida Everglades are themselves a wonder of the animal kingdom because of their tenacity and ability to adapt. Visitors can also enjoy the mini lagoon, mini train, mini water park, croc feeding, reptile shows, and petting zoo all at Gatorland.



If car racing at NASCAR speeds is your thing then RichardPetty’s driving experience will be a good choice. This venue for speed races is a long time favorite for car racing enthusiasts as well as genuine RichardPetty fans. Visitors here can learn to drive at fast speeds around various tracks in a NASCAR class vehicle that offers an exhilarating experience.

Explore Orlando

But, this is not all. There are many more places to see in Orlando because unbeknownst to others, it is surrounded by thousands of rivers, natural springs, and lakes that make it one of the top destinations for outdoor and water based activities. A trip to Orlando is bound to provide any visitor with something they would like to see or do


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    • ronaldoh profile image

      ronaldoh 6 years ago from England

      I agree, and really enjoyed November visits.

    • Cogerson profile image

      Cogerson 6 years ago from Virginia

      Great hub....Orlando is my favorite place to vacation.....I suggest going in the first of November....still tons of people but probably their least busy time of the year