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A Breath Of Fresh Air For Smokers Who Are Looking For Smoking Friendly Seaside Holiday Cottages

Updated on June 27, 2013

Smokers Can Have Holidays Too

Smokers Holidays
Smokers Holidays
Cottages For Smokers
Cottages For Smokers
Holidays For Smokers
Holidays For Smokers
Holiday Accommodation For Smokers
Holiday Accommodation For Smokers

Wanted: Holidays For People Who Smoke

If you are reading this article about Holidays For Smokers then I am going to assume one of 2 things.

Either you are a non smoker who likes to sieze upon every opportunity to adopt your usual evangelical, lecturing, posturing stance and you spend vast amounts of time scouring forums such as this in order to actively pursue your crusade, on behalf of the future safety and wellbeing ofsoceity as we know it.


Like me, you are a sad, revotling, disgusting creature who is responsible for most of the ills that have befallen mankind (oops, sorry PCs, I suppose I should have said 'peoplekind or personkind or something . .) because you SMOKE!

Yes, I admit it. I smoke.

AND . . . I love it.

Now, if you are in the second category, an evil, disgusting smoker, then what do you do when you go on holiday? Yes, like me, you find somewhere that has some form of outside area where you can smoke. No matter if it is wet, dry, hot or cold, you go outside to have a smoke!

Which brings me to the reason for this article.

I am thinking of starting a website for people who smoke but who, just like the remainder of society (you know, the 'normal' part), like to relax and enjoy your holiday. So, I would like to see if there are any people out there who would be interested in information about holidays for smokers. This could be Cottages For Smokers or maybe Hotels For Smokers. It could be that you are simply interested in all forms of Holiday Accommodation For Smokers.

If you are one of these sad, misguided, evil people, perhaps you would leave a comment or better still, take part in my vote.

A key piece of information would be if you are the owner or proprietor of a Holiday cottage, Hotel or resort where smoking is permitted or where, at the very least, there are facilities for smokers.

If you do have such a property and would like a website where you could advertise your property, I could be your salvation.

If you are a holiday proprietor, have you considered the economic mileage to be gained from providing holidays for the high number of people who actually do smoke? It seems to me that we cater for just about every other minority group known to mankind (oops, there I go again). You can advertise yourself as being gay friendly, child friendly, dog friendly, vegetarian friendly or any type of friendly that you like.

So, why not smoker friendly?

I will probably receive loads of replies and comments from all of the above mentioned 'friendly' groups (yes, even the odd one from some gay, vegetarian, child friendly cocker spaniel) but the question is, are there any smokers out there who are willing to stand up and be counted.

Are you willing to 'come out' from under your smoker's shelter?

We are entitled to enjoy our holidays just the same as the next person. My wife and I don't drink and we both find the drunken antics of people on holiday to be offensive, yet no one denies THEM their holiday pleasures, do they?

In the same way, I object to the number of road traffic accidents caused by people who drink and drive (yes, yes, I am sure you can find some isolated, remote example of someone who crashed while smoking a cigarette but isolated will be the key word).

I guess I am fed up with smokers being pilloried and denied the same basic rights as others.

And don't even start on passive smoking before seriously considering all the battered and abused wives, girlfriends, children and others who are victims of 'passive drinking'. However, they rarely have a choice.

I am advocating that people should have a choice.

If someone advertises a holiday accommodation where smoking is permitted then everyone, smokers and non smokers would know in advance. Perhaps you have a holiday cottage where you would be willing to install an outside shelter or gazebo type of structure with a patio heater where smokers could indulge themselves without discomfort and without upsetting the non smokers who will occupy the place the following week?

Maybe you are a smoker who has previously tried to give up and failed or, on the other hand, you might be an ex smoker who has managed to successfully quit. In either case, perhaps you would like to take part in my survey about Quitting Smoking.

I would be genuinely interested in your experience

So - Holiday Accommodation For Smokers, Cottages For Smokers, Hotels For Smokers, Smoking Holidays - Any Offers or Information?

Holidays For Smokers - Have Your Say

Should There Be Holiday Accommodations For Smokers

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    • profile image

      Ems 4 months ago

      I’m still looking for a smoking holiday. There must be smokers out there that own holiday accommodation?

    • samyorks profile image

      samyorks 20 months ago

      My husband and I both smoke, so we bought a secondhand caravan and enjoy our holidays wherever we want to go!

      Others who want a smoke friendly holiday - I am buying a beach chalet near Cleethorpes (Lincolnshire) which will be available for hire and you can smoke yourself dizzy as far as I am concerned!

      I havnt set up the website yet, but when it goes live search for ERA Beach chalet Humberston Fitties and you will find it. It is an original 1930's chalet right next to the beach and I will be furnishing it in completely vintage style, including ashtrays!

    • profile image

      john rumens 21 months ago

      this makes a change people talking about smokers not being able to go on holiday,i have been looking for days and cant find anywhere to go in the highlands ,looks like it will have to be camping but under current laws am i allowed to smoke outside the tent!!!!

    • profile image

      Pattie Holman 2 years ago

      It was refreshing to find this and to read the comments posted. I am so fed up of being vilified for my habit. Going to the dr's surgery is something else - being lectured by an obese practice nurse - (the NHS must be the biggest employer of obese staff in the UK) on my dangerous lifestyle choice, I want to say have you looked in a mirror lately? But being a smoker we know our place and it's about time we stood together and voiced that we are a section of society that should be catered for, instead of having to adopt the current furtive attempts of satisfying an urge.

    • profile image

      Sam 2 years ago

      As a hardened smoker of forty years, I too, am finding a smokers welcome holiday let nigh on impossible to find, surely some entrepreneur out there can see there is a niche market just waiting to be tapped into. I smoke unashamedly but alas there is a growing number of people, all adults, most middle aged, that smoke undercover and out of sight, we went Italy 3 years ago, not one person wanted to be seen as smokers in public yet as I looked down on each balcony below, ashtrays over spilled from there illicit habit! The mind boggles. The land of the free is no more, we are lectured to and made to feel like outcasts. My parents are the greatest example of this, they are nearing their 80's, they USED to be outgoing gregarious people who would meet a cluster of friends at their local most nights and then came along the grim reaper smoking ban, no thought to the owners who probably sank their life's savings into running a pub, no thought to offer a snug, as in olden days, no thought to the flat capped gent who's only outlet was a pint and ciggie and back home to an empty house.... But hurrah! At last the non smokers can breathe, although the likes of which used to frequent my parents local, stopped going because it lacked company!? Someone, somewhere, please, please take note. We pay our taxes, we abide by the rules and most have few pleasures as we are not all monied people........ Please gives us something to look forward to, so that we aren't made to feel like we are polluting the atmosphere with pillonium!

    • maharg1956 profile image

      maharg1956 3 years ago from UK

      Hello AJB

      I am sure most people would have to agree with the sensible and fair points you make.

      Thank you for your reply


    • profile image

      AJB 3 years ago

      There should definitely be accommodation for smokers, but as a non-smoker I would like to find the exact opposite and go on a holiday where I can breathe in nothing but fresh air - it isn't even about the health risks of second hand smoke, it is simply that when others smoke it permeates a good portion of the air around - especially in a light breeze and I cannot stand the smell and it makes my nose and throat hurt breathing it in. Of course smokers have every right to enjoy their pastime, but you need to realise that it does directly impact on others around you, not just you. Someone else having a drink doesn't raise my alcohol level (or affect me in any way), nor does someone overeating affect me directly. Smoking sadly does and it is difficult to find space round the pool in a hotel where you are free from the smoke, so either separate areas, or even separate smoking vs non smoking hotels would be great for all of us to live and let live !

    • profile image

      Chris 3 years ago

      What use is a holiday when my wife and I can't visit the pub whilst there. Sitting outside of a pub does not work for us and nor does popping outside for a smoke. Without pubs we have no quality time together No holidays- No days out. What's the point of anything without leisure. Separate bars for smokers would be great but in a democracy where 80% + do not smoke - such modifications to the ban are unlikely. Our lives have been utterly destroyed by the ban. And the legislation has been voted for and enforced by people who rarely use pubs.

    • profile image

      ME UK 3 years ago

      Dogs smell, I don't.

    • profile image

      Anna UK 4 years ago

      I WANT to go to Las Vegas!! Is it STILL smoker friendly, Kevin? I was planning later this year or early next year.

    • profile image

      Kevin 4 years ago

      Totally agree with everything you say

      Best place I found for smoking the way it used to be here is Las Vegas

      You can smoke almost anywhere apart from eating places

      Good luck with your site

    • profile image

      gill 4 years ago

      have been looking for holiday cottage in scotland for the last two weeks afraid plenty of cottages but none for smokers .Refuse to stand in pouring rain and get bitten to death by midgies ,looks like staying put.

    • profile image

      maggie 4 years ago

      Well, at last I have found people who think like me. I've spent hours looking for a holiday where we can smoke. It's ludicrous, I am totally fed up to the teeth JUST BECAUSE WE SMOKE, WE CAN'T HAVE A HOLIDAY. Please let me know if you find somewhere.

    • profile image

      Joy 4 years ago

      I love smoking, I have never wanted to quit, although I've tried different medications under pressure of course it never worked, because I LOVE SMOKING. I totally agree with somebody, anybody, who would open a smoking only hotel, in the places we too would like to visit but are made to feel like outcasts, shunned to the outdoors because we're "blowing smoke in someones face", we should all just die now because of the pressure. I have two great pleasures in life, SMOKING and my pets. It seems neither one are compatible to going on a pleasurable vacation!!! So if someone ever comes up with this "idea" please let me know. I wish I could be the first.

    • profile image

      stevebn2 5 years ago

      the secondhand smoke argument has no science whatsoever behind it- not even stats- don't let them dupe you. I live in Berlin where the people don't stand for any crap- yes, you can still smoke in certain bars here! I fully support your campaign but sadly, I can't see them letting up. They say obesity is to be the next 'smoking' (they've even come up with 'passive obesity') so maybe the heat on us smokers will lessen a bit.

    • maharg1956 profile image

      maharg1956 5 years ago from UK

      Hi Jenny. I think that there are now so few properties where smoking is tolerated, even in the garden!

    • profile image

      jenny 5 years ago

      i have spent nights on end trying to find a holiday in the u.k where we can smoke i wish there was a siteust for us.

    • maharg1956 profile image

      maharg1956 5 years ago from UK

      I totally agree with you. I know the secondhand smoke issue is a serious one, but what about the secondhand drinking issue? I wonder how many of the people who rant on about smokers ever give a thought to all those people killed or injured by drunk drivers? How many of the anti smoking brigade even stop to consider how many wives are battered by drunken husbands or how many cities and towns are badly affected by drunks every week. How much does it cost the NHS in drink related problems and what is the cost to our A&E departments when they have to treat those who have drunk to excess?

      I don't drink and I resent the costs and health implications of those who drink excessively. But I don't lecture them about it (except on here!)

      I would love someone to produce the costs to society of drink related problems compared to smoking related problems!

    • profile image

      Nicola Crellin-Bansal 5 years ago

      How dare people make a judgement on whether I smoke, I should not have to apologise, I enjoy smoking, when I can, which is now usually in the comfort of my own home or car, (no I do not have children to blow smoke into their little faces) I am just so fed-up of being dictated to, it is my choice, I like to have a drink and a cigarette, but the whole social scene in pubs are now dying a death, so much for government policies helping the local businesses. If anybody has any good ideas for good hotels with smoking rooms, keep us all up-dated. By the way my partner is a non-smoker and agrees people should have a choice, as his life is a living hell if somebody tells me you cannot smoke hear!!!

    • profile image

      Alex 6 years ago

      I agree with this. I am just about to book self-catering accommodation tomorrow and it says non-smoking I am going to have to check if I'm ok going outside to smoke as I know people can be funny about this. I don't mind smoking outside as I don't smoke in my own house but so many places are so strict over it its untrue!!

    • profile image

      Dormousey 6 years ago

      I say go for the website - I'll support it. If anyone's interested in holidaying by the sea in Cornwall, the trick is to look for those places which don't mention smoking. I have stayed at three in the past 18 months with no problems and even found ashtrays in one! I've also stayed at one with superb views which is definitely for smokers.

      If you track me down on Youtube and message me there, I will give you the info if you can prove you're a smoker and not just some anti-smoker trying to catch me out!

      All properties sleep around 4 and are in the £400 ish mark in spring and autumn. 3 as good as on the beach; all south Cornwall between Cremyl and Mevagissey.

      And I'm still searching in the Gorran area if anyone wants to return the favour.

    • maharg1956 profile image

      maharg1956 6 years ago from UK

      Thank you, Medelieine . . . I will try!

    • profile image

      Madeleine 6 years ago

      Brilliant! Keep up the good work.

    • profile image

      Judy 6 years ago

      Well I'm certainly interested, if anyone knows a nice place for us smokers to holiday please post it on here. It's getting to the stage where I worry about going anywhere new because of this stupid law. God only knows how much this has cost society I bet it's a darn sight more than treating smoking related illnesses. We pay for health care, we pay tax (heavily) on cigarettes and end up by being treated as scum. Well at least the smoke comes out of our mouths with our voice and not out of our backsides as these so-called do-gooders. How do we let them treat us like this, it should have been ridiculed right from the start. I'm going to light up now in the privacy of my own home, I expect another pub will be shutting down tomorrow.

    • profile image

      Mike 6 years ago

      I bought a timeshare for $19000 that I no longer visit due to the enactment of the Maine smoking law. I was lied to at the closing saying that I would be allowed to smoke there. No, I don't want to go outside! They are doing their best to keep that from happening as well. They tout a timeshare as something you own and yet I can't smoke in it. So every year I rent it out and I, personally, have never stayed since the first skirmish 8 years ago.

    • profile image

      Kat 7 years ago

      Getting hard to enjoy a smoke on vacation in the USA also. Usually can find a place outside where you won't be persecuted, although some want to chase you completely off the grounds to smoke. Some provide nice areas for smoking. The New England Inn in Stowe, Vermont was quite comfortable. No smoking in the rooms, but there was a nice covered area by the bar where yes, you had to put up with the drunks, but at least they were happy drunks.

    • profile image

      Jenny Sordy 7 years ago

      Hi there,

      I run a B&B and two self-cating holiday cottages set in the beautiful countryside of the Northumberland National Park (not far from Scotland at all!) and can say with all honestly, we absolutely welcome smokers - and pets to boot!

    • profile image

      phill 7 years ago

      spotted your hub ages ago, and i must admit i am getting increasingly angry about being a smoker without vacation, i have stayed in various hotels that 'allow' smoking, and its usually the one room that needs renovating, so i thought to myself, Scotland!! the land of the brave, the free, i contacted various hotels, caravan sites, and such, i got very few replies, apart from those who either cant read or chose to ignore the 'i am a smoker' cry within my e-mail, but i did get a couple of replies who tried to educate me with the 'law. as though i had picked up my first cigarette yesterday and hadn't had a holiday in that time!! i decided to reply to one of these from the 'catering manager' (why would a waiter be replying to e-mails i wonder) of a hotel that had a few caravans in their grounds on the isle of Arran, i explained that the law dictates that public areas must remain smoke free, but rooms, caravans etc could be used for smokers, i got a reply, quoting in full the law, asking me to pay special attention to the last paragraph, i wont bore you with the whole paragraph but it basically states that rooms can accept smokers IF they have sufficient ventilation!! talk about shooting yourself in the foot! i replied pointing this out and suggested that if they cant afford a fan and a notice requesting a window is to be open when smoking they don't deserve my money and the loss is theirs and unfortunately the loss is also the isle of Arran's, which i know needs tourism, don't you just hate it when these people spout the law incorrectly just because they don't want their properties to smell a little!!

    • profile image

      Sarah and Chris 7 years ago

      What a great idea to find somewhere for us sinners to go. We have been looking for weeks for a smoking holiday to no avail. What's the point of a holiday if you can't enjoy it. We to don't like drinkers but as you rightly say they get there holiday. You should call yourself sad (smokers against drinkers).

    • profile image

      Andy 7 years ago

      I've found it!! I haven't had a look at any UK hotel listings...

      Smokers unite indeed!

    • profile image

      Andy 7 years ago

      We have the same problem here in Australia. As the non-smoking policy is legislated and all hotels are non-smoking, it seems obsolete to state on their websites that they have non-smoking rooms - I can only assume that this means they have smoking rooms too. But do they have an online facility for requesting such a room where I can indulge my secret shame? Nope.

      I found this blog by searching "Facilities for smokers" no avail. Start your website, go global. You are not alone!!

    • profile image

      Margaret 7 years ago

      Do holiday accommodation owners not realise that about 22% of the adult population of Britain smoke? Each of these smokers could have a non-smoking partner, which brings the total of adults needing holiday accommodation where smoking is allowed to about 44% - then you have to add in the children!!! This must equal a sizable portion of the total holiday market looking for smoking accommodation. Yet these accommodation owners keep banging on about the decline of the British holiday, can't they see that they are shutting out nearly half of the holiday makers.

    • profile image

      Bob 7 years ago

      You could try the Friendly Places web site, It has a section for smoker friendly accommodation. (It also has sections for gay, dog, veggie etc friendly).

    • profile image

      Lawrence 7 years ago

      Yvonne, you could try Venns Views in Cheddar. One small twin bedded studio apartment is set aside for smokers at rates of between £195 and £340 per week depending on season. It will stay that way as long as the thought police allow.

    • maharg1956 profile image

      maharg1956 8 years ago from UK

      Thank you Isobel for your comment. Much appreciated

    • profile image

      isobel coombe 8 years ago


    • maharg1956 profile image

      maharg1956 8 years ago from UK

      Well said, Yvonne. Many of them are happy for you to take your dog though (do I really want to sit on a settee after a dog has sat on it?)and I happen to be a dog owner! The last place I used, a cottage in padstow last month, stank of the milk someone had spilled somewhere by the fridge. The place reeked. Bet THEY were non-smokers too!

    • profile image

      yvonne 8 years ago

      I am also a very bad person who smokes. Can I find anywhere to go on a self catering holiday where I can smoke indoors. The answer to that is no unless I want to pay an very high price for my sins. I am 63 years old and have never damaged my own property because of my bad habit.

    • maharg1956 profile image

      maharg1956 8 years ago from UK

      Thank you for your support. Maybe you could pass the article on. Two of us makes a conspiracy. More would make it a movement!

    • profile image

      j.hargreaves 8 years ago

      thank you. am fed up with being looked at like i'am a freak just because i like to smoke,about time someone took a stand.smokers like to go on holiday as well.


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