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Holidays in America-The San Antonio Riverwalk

Updated on March 13, 2011

San Antonio

Even just a picture of a stone bridge evokes memories of romantic nostalgia or happy childhood images. How much more when you see it for yourself, you are surely bound to have an unforgettable memory of that trip. This is probably why the Riverwalk in San Antonio Texas has captivated many bridge lovers for years. San Antonio River's stone bridges have been around for quite some time but folks can't seem to get enough of it as they keep coming back year after year from different parts of Texas and other states. You can find the occasional couple enjoying the romantic setting or the ardent tourist admiring the rich and colorful history of San Antonio's scenic edifices.

East Market Street
East Market Street | Source

Riverwalk Entertainment

The reason for tourists to keep flocking to the San Antonio Riverwalk has to do with the improvements to the tourist spot for some years now. It is open all year with its individual restaurants, establishments, and other businesses for the tourist's enjoyment. One of the best ways to enjoy the Riverwalk is to listen to a narrated history while doing the tour. Wildlife watching is one of the enjoyable things to do there just be careful not to feed the birds and other animals with human specific foods because this might harm the animals. The Riverwalk has its own chain of establishments that offer food and bar items. 

Night Life

A sampling of these delectable favorites include Mexican cuisine, lobster dishes, and other freshly cooked recipes derived from exotic specialties originating from such places as Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Argentine, and Chile. Top chefs preparing European cuisine also offer their dishes in some of the riverwalk's many restaurants. You may even bring home some of the Texan flavored Preserved sauces, spices and rubs from the excellent dining spots that dot the riverwalk. Music in its many genres are for your ears' liking as you visit the riverwalk's various night spots and bars. 

Plenty to admire on the San Antonio riverwalk
Plenty to admire on the San Antonio riverwalk

More than A Walk

Exploring other Texan attractions other than the Riverwalk is also available. Tour packages that include the riverwalk also visit other spots such as the North Cavern Tour that includes a tour of a half-mile long spectacular show cavern in San Antonio. Take a time machine trip to the age of the dinosaurs in DINOSAUR-QUEST's exhibition of life-sized dinosaur skeletons, completed with captivating lights, high-end animation, and sound effects. The experience of most visitors here is filled with family oriented, entertaining, and educational fun. These and riverwalk's many other attractions are something for kids and adults of all ages to enjoy.

Enjoy San Antonio Riverwalk

A few tips to help you enjoy the riverwalk experience especially if you are bringing kids along include coming early in the day so the kids have plenty of room to roam around while the Riverwalk areas are still uncrowded. There are parts of the tour that may not be too friendly for strollers so you might want to use other carriages. Taking a counter-clockwise path may also save the kids from getting wet. Snacks and edibles are available at the nearby premises as well. Also, book your tour ahead of time as long lines at the ticket booth may await the latecomers. As the tour progresses, keep your eyes peeled for historical markers, buildings, and gardens. But most of all, keep your group under the spirit of fun, and you will have an unforgettably enjoyable time.



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      ronaldoh 7 years ago from England

      Thanks for looking in Cogerson

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      Cogerson 7 years ago from Virginia

      Very nice hub....the East Market Street area looks very appealing......voted up