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Christmas sights in Dallas, Texas

Updated on August 30, 2016

Christmas in Dallas-Come See the Lights and Decorations!

Christmas in Dallas is wonderful. Stores make it a point to create magical displays that are fun, beautiful and memorable. Although in many cities in the US, taking a trip downtown to see the lights is a custom that is long gone, in Dallas, you can still make a trip downtown and be dazzled by the beautiful displays. A must see if you are down town is the Neiman Marcus windows. They are simply breathtaking, and seeing them will make you feel like a kid again.

Love for the lights causes newspaper articles to pop up, listing the best place to go and see the lights. Interlochen in Arlington is a housing development that has over 200 homes participating in the festivities. You will want to check the map this year for accurate directions and traffic flow as it changes from year to year.

Each of the Dallas area shopping malls will go all out with themed decorations to share in the bright and festive holiday spirit. Northpark Mall in Dallas has life sized reindeer composed entirely of Pecans!

The Gaylord is a must do event, with an indoor rink, exquisite design effects, and daily activities. Children will love going to see the colorful displays!

A check in the daily paper can give great ideas. Dallas is always changing, so what is here one year may not be here the next. Bring your camera and dress in bright, fun clothes and make memories together.

A markerSix Flags Arlington, Texas -
Six Flags Over Texas, 2201 Road to Six Flags St E, Arlington, TX 76011, USA
get directions

Six Flags Over Texas is where Holiday in the Park is held annually.

Richardson Civic Center

A markerRichardson Civic Center -
Civic Center Dr, Richardson, TX 75080, USA
get directions

Activities to Do in Dallas for the Holidays

Dallas is home to many places where you can paint your own pottery and they will fire it for you. A perfect place to take yourself and little ones if you need something to do, and need a gift as well. My sister and her children made painted tiles one year, with her children placing wee hands dipped in paint on tiles and writing the year. It is amazing to think that these teens were once so small that their little hands fit on a small ceramic tile. Even if you don't see yourself as artistic, you can simply paint one of the many designs they have and pick it up in a week.

Ice Skating and roller skating. Dallas is home to several indoor ice rinks, a quick check online will show you the closest one to you. Roller skating has never really lost its' popularity here, and either one is a fun way to spend together with your family and create some well earned time together. One of my dear cousins begged me to go with her roller skating and it is one of my favorite memories of her and I together.

Holiday in the Park. Six Flags, which is in Arlington does a feature every year called "Holiday in the Park". The park is decorated with Christmas themes and lights, and the rides are open. Sometimes, special concerts are available for an extra fee, and they sell hot chocolate to make sure that everyone stays warm on the inside as well!

See Santa! Santa goes to all of the area malls, and Dallas being what it is, everyone has their favorite place to go and meet Santa. Photos are generally very reasonably priced, and the visit can be a lot of fun. For the littlest of the little children, some preparation might be in order to make sure that your child is not scared. Another great photo idea is to have Santa stand behind the child and not interact if you have a shy little one. Those photos tend to be darling, anyway!

Look for carolers. Yes, Dallas has carolers. They are listed in the paper as to when and where, but generally, they are very good.

See the Richardson Civic Center Christmas display. For a very nominal fee, you and your family can walk through a Christmas Village, complete with lights. Photos are allowed and it is like a storybook village. Richardson is a suburb of Dallas, and very convenient access off the highway.

Sam Moon- Bargains in Purses and Accessories

Sam Moon is a real person. His shop used to be much smaller, but because of his successes, he is always expanding.
Sam Moon is the place to go for last minute gifts for men and women. They sell everything from watches and wallets to purses, costume jewelry, hair pieces, scarves, and sometimes, seasonal hats and gloves. If you want to indulge in a fad, but don't want to spend a lot of money, Sam Moon is the place to go. They always have a luggage store near them and are in a well stocked shopping center. A great place to go if you need inexpensive luggage to bring home some of your loot!

Holiday Dinners in Dallas

Dallas is blessed with a wealth of restaurants. From plain to fancy, gourmet to avant garde, there is something to please nearly every palate. Amazingly, hotels also do a wonderful dinner. If you are going to eat in a restaurant in Dallas, make reservations as soon as possible and do arrive slightly early or on time so that your reservation is not discarded.

Some restaurants now publish their menus online, in order to allow you to know price points and selections ahead of time. Others let the meal remain a mystery until you arrive. If you have dietary concerns, a quick call to the restaurant of your choice should allay all your concerns.

Some excellent restaurants in Dallas are The Mansion, The Old Warsaw, Perry's Steakhouse on McKinney, and even though it may be debated hotly, I love El Fenix, a Dallas tradition. Everything is wonderful at any of these establishments, and I am proud to say I have eaten at them all.

If you plan on having a holiday meal, call ahead and make reservations,and also learn if there is a special holiday meal.

Events in Dallas

There are so many events in Dallas that there are even free papers every week to show all of the things going on. Between cultural and city events to music events, there is always something happening. Every year, there is a presentation of the Nutcracker, and if you have small little ones, whether boy or girl, I suggest a visit to see this classical piece.

A check of your local library may feature story time readings of holiday favorites by a local librarian. The excellent part of this is that afterwards, you can read the story with your child, and if the book is a hit, you can purchase a copy if you are not local, or check it out and take it home if you are a local.

Churches have their fair share of events, these do change from year to year, and sometimes, there are even living nativity scenes being displayed. These are awesome to view for children and adults alike.

A favorite event of children is actually the Santa weather report. Santa and his reindeer will be shown on the radar Christmas Eve, so that children know to get into bed soon, so that Santa won't pass them over! Parents love the Santa NOAA weather report, too!

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