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Holidays in the Greek Islands- Ten Things to do in Rhodes

Updated on February 4, 2011

Holidays in the Greek Islands

Any traveller would enjoy a holiday in Greek Islands,and Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese Islands enjoying fantastic sunshine from spring through to autumn.

Rhodes like many of the Greek Islands is a great destination for exploring, especially the medieval- walled old town, and there are also the picturesque hills and beaches to keep you camera busy.

Rhodes is nicknamed the Island of Sun,but there are many more pleasantries on this Greek Island to ensure you have a relaxing and fun holiday.

Rhodes Harbour
Rhodes Harbour

Ten things to to in Rhodes

  1. Take a stroll around the historic Rhodes Old Town. This magnificent citadel is surrounded by over two miles of sandstone walls.Here you will marvel at the contrasting style of, Turkish, and Latin architecture with its lively squares.
  2. Visit the busy Rhodes harbour where you will find the large ferries and boats and choose a trip to many of the other splendid Islands. Kos is a two and a half hour journey.
  3. Enjoy the sunshine and relax on the superb sandy beaches on the eastern coast.Faliraki Beach is lively, but choose the quaint Tsambika Beach for families.
  4. Make sure you visit the Valley of the Butterflies.Stroll along the winding path that leads you to the beautiful valley, a nature reserve that i home to thousands of butterflies that flutter  before your eyes and admire the colourful Jersey Tiger Moths.

Valley of the Butterflies
Valley of the Butterflies | Source

 5.  Explore the south of Rhodes and visit Prasonisi, the most southerly point on the island.There is a lovely breeze which makes this an ideal spot for windsurfers.

 6. Visit Kalithies village near Faliraki and  meander along the narrow streets with restaurants and cafes.Visit the murals in the Eleousa Monastery and admire the cave of St. George  which is said to be Rhodes’s oldest-known Neol.

7. Take a day trip to the mountain village of Embona,the most important grape -producing village on the island. Embona is the centre of the Islands winemaking and there are many samples on offer.

Mountainous Embona
Mountainous Embona

8.Hire a car and drive to the Tsambika Monestary, and take in the breathtaking and awesome views of the Monastery.There are 300 steps to climb from the car park to the top.

9.Look in on Seven Springs.A valley flowing with clear springs and covered with enormous plane and pine trees . Here you can can experience the unique beauty and splendour of the interior regions of Rhodes.

10.Visit the quaint cobbled streets of Lindos.One of the most popular places on the island, arrive early to avoid the crowds to see the fortified ancient Acropolis, and take a donkey ride along the steps to the top.. Lindos also has some of the best sandy beaches on the island.




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